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The Table Tennis Database has a wide reach of North American and International users that are looking to make their next equipment purchase. Because of the main functions of the site (to provide ratings and reviews of equipment), our traffic is very targeted to people searching for product information and comparisons to help them decide on what equipment to buy.

Some current statistics (as of October 2016):

  • Over 100,400 Unique Visitors come to this site every month.
  • Over 240,500 Visits are made to this site each month.
  • Over 961,000 Page Views per month.
  • Our traffic is targeted to users looking for reviews/ratings on equipment to make better purchases. Users often arrive at this site from searching "productname reviews" in Google, so we know their intentions are often to make a purchase soon, and the purpose of the website is to help users to compare products and make more educated buying decisions.

Advertising Methods

There are several ways to advertise on the Table Tennis Database:

  • "Buy from Retailer" Links
    • On the detailed page of a product, there is often a link directly to a retailer's product page for that specific product, putting them 1 step away from clicking "Add to Cart" in your shop.
      See how the Butterfly Tenergy 05 Product Page links to's page for the Tenergy 05.
  • Retailer Profile
    • Get a Retailer Profile on the Table Tennis Retailers (Where to Buy) page, with a listing in your specific region. Thousands of people view this page every month, looking for a place to buy equipment.
  • Banner Ads
    • You can also get graphical banner ads on the side or in the body of some select pages.
  • Newsletter
    • Advertise in our newsletter that goes to our subscribed users (7857 subscribers and growing)

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To advertise, contact Arthur at or call 416-460-9773 in Toronto, Canada.