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Andro PX Training Ball

Andro PX Training Ball ping pong balls. See details and specifications of this table tennis ball below.

Andro PX Training Ball ping pong balls
Approx. $58 for 100
Price $

Ratings  (rated 3 times)

From community:
Hardness   5.7 - Medium
Roundness   7.0 - Rarely find an unround ball
Speed   7.2
Durability   6.3 - Last a long time
Consistency   8.3
Overall   7.3
Size   40mm
Stars   1-Star

Description of Andro PX Training Ball

The Perfect training ball, feels just like a 3 star ball - bright, round and hard.

Quote affordablett.com.au

Reviews of the Andro PX Training Ball

Review Anonymous said this on September 7, 2010:

it's a very good ball for training and a very good price.
Review guifre said this on September 18, 2010:

good for the price but for me is soft and flexible.

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