Butterfly G40+ 3-Star

Butterfly G40+ 3-Star Ball
Approx. $ 35 USD
Price $

User Ratings (7)

Hardness 9.6   
Roundness 10.0   
Perfect roundness every time!
Speed 9.3
Durability 4.9   
Last a long time
Consistency 8.9
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Stars 3
Size 40+
The G40+ 3-Star Ball is the new plastic ITTF Approved Ball from Butterfly

- Very round as the ball has the same thickness at all points
- The bounce more closely resembles that of a celluloid ball
- New material - New feel - New sound - New ball
- Play the best, Play Butterfly
- Made in Germany

Reviews (5)

TTDB15  1 months ago

Butterfly G40+ balls have just become my favourites, ahead of nittaku premium 40+. Things to like: speed, bounce, consistency, roundness, sound, weight and colour does not fade as much as other balls. Just wish they are a bit more durable but worth every cents.
regmonta  7 months ago

The ball is supposed to weigh 2.7g (according to ITTF). G40+ is heavier than ideal. However, it is very round and it leaves no residue on the rubber when new unlike Nittaku Premium 40+. Weight: 2.76 +/- 0.03g (ITTF requires: 2.67-2.77g).
waterboyd  on 5/10/2016

this ball surface is some glossy which anti to get wet, many other ball surface is rough so water stick to surfaces easy. compare to Donic 40+poly, Buttlefly 40+poly longer bouncing time and some sound tick pitch which Donic doesn't, but when playing Buttlefly's ball feel heavier. Haven't try Nittaku 40+poly yet, it's hard to find seller in my nearly local area. Buttlefly 40+poly always my first choice.
DangerChan  on 5/3/2016

I wanted to start by saying many have already observed in most poly balls, they left groves on the balls easily after say a couple hours of playing. If yours last days, like mines lasted for over 2 weeks (that's close to 10 days and 2+ hours of playing each day), by now the groves becomes finer and more worn in. And the logo faded too. Air still tight and bounce good. Hardness still the same. That being said, I've had one ball literally cracked in half mid way through the air after hitting off my paddle/rubber sweet spot. It wasn't from a bad smash or contact. But I considered that as an abnormally. My other balls (like 4 of them now) last fine and a long time. I gave the consistency only a 7 out of 10. Because 1 of the 12 ball carton I got has an unsmooth extra piece of plastic around the seem, as if it's not sanded or trimmed off properly during the manufacturing process. But all my other 11 balls are good. Yes, so I'm kind of a tough grader, well I better be, when paying $3.33/ball! My friend's older G40+ did not crack or got soft or anything, but interestingly enough, it lost air! So it didn't bounce right anymore. He said he used that same ball for close to a month. Again, he's not much of a smasher or dead hitter either. So go figure! Not bad if $3.33 can last for 3+ weeks to 1 month from my average observation.
blackbird74  on 1/11/2016

Only tried 3 of these so far (Jan 2016), but very good so far in terms of playability, but not durability. Bounce drop test was almost identical and then bounced for a bit longer than celluloid ball. Very hard and perfect roundness. Sound is the most distinctive from other balls. Very high-pitched compared to others, including poly. In-play does seem to "float" a bit more than celluloid balls but otherwise very consistent to play with. Durability seems low though. I had one break in my bag (indentation) which while my have been accidental, never happened with any celluloid balls. The second ball broke after 20 minutes knock-up. For now, rating durability as "they break often" and will update as testing continues. Rating Consistency as 7 due to durability inconsistency. My ratings: Hardness: very hard; Roundness: perfect; Speed: 9.0; Durability: they break often; Consistency: 7.0; Overall: 8.0

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