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JOOLA Training

JOOLA Training ping pong balls
Approx. $30 for 120
Price $

Ratings  (rated 3 times)

From community:
Hardness   7.3 - Medium hard
Roundness   3.3 - Occasionally find a wobbly ball
Speed   7.7
Durability   5.3 - Average
Consistency   6.7
Overall   4.7
Size   40mm
Stars   1-Star

Description of JOOLA Training

Ball for universal club use.


outlaw  on 3/21/2014

they break easy after 40 min-1 hour if u play with them,i'd use thin only for serve practice,not for strike practice
qvoliszz  on 12/31/2013

Bought 2 packs (14 balls). I am an allround player with loops and chops accasional smashes. During a training session 1 ball lasted for 1-2 hours of play. They break after 2-3 smashes or edge hits. Out of the box (7 pcs) you only find 2 perfectly round balls, if your standard is at least DHS 3 star. The other balls: 3-4 wobby, 1 egg shaped. The balls do feel very light and very grippy but the grip fades in 30 min. The ball also leaves many white spots on the rubber. I think these balls are good to practice how not to buy bad balls. Try Magic training instead.
spiral  on 9/19/2011

Hardest balls I've ever tried after legendary Ideal from Czechoslovakia. It will never break, but it is just too hard to play nice. It is only good for practicing serve or for a robot. Btty youth and double fish are much better value.

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