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Tibhar Basic

Tibhar Basic ping pong balls
Approx. $21 for 72
Price $

Ratings  (rated 4 times)

From community:
Hardness   6.7 - Medium hard
Roundness   8.5 - Rarely find an unround ball
Speed   8.1
Durability   6.5 - Last a long time
Consistency   8.3
Overall   8.7
Size   40mm
Stars   1-Star

Description of Tibhar Basic

Selected ball for the training in clubs. Absolutely good ratio between price and quality.

Reviews of the Tibhar Basic

Review guifre said this on November 7, 2010:

cheap and good for intense training.
Review Jeremy said this on August 7, 2011:

Really good for the price. Good balls for training and amateurs matches.
Review Gloriana72 said this on April 8, 2014:

great value of money because of the low cost and the nice quality. Ideal for daily training.

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