Andro Blade Reviews

Blade Name Speed Control Material Overall Price No. of Ratings
Andro Blax ALL+8.57.0Wood7.7$ 45.004
Andro Blax OFF9.46.5Wood7.6$ 43.004
Andro Carbon Compact OFF-8.29.0Composite9.0$ 0.002
Andro Core 7 OFF+9.39.3Wood10.0$ 45.001
Andro CS5 ALL+--Wood-$ 40.000
Andro CS5 OFF---Wood-$ 40.000
Andro CS7 Pro7.09.0Wood-$ 59.002
Andro CS7 Tour8.99.5Wood9.5$ 59.003
Andro CS7 Velocity9.27.6Wood7.7$ 55.006
Andro CSV ALL+8.59.5Wood9.2$ 39.002
Andro CSV Carbon OFF++9.16.3Composite8.1$ 77.002
Andro CSV OFF8.59.5Wood9.2$ 49.002
Andro CSV OFF+9.19.0Wood9.3$ 60.004
Andro CSV OFF-8.39.6Wood9.5$ 49.004
Andro Defcon DEF--Composite-$ 66.000
Andro Fibercomp DEF7.29.0Composite8.9$ 46.0015
Andro Flaxonite Cruiser ALL--Wood-$ 61.000
Andro Flaxonite Driver OFF8.99.5Wood9.5$ 61.003
Andro HiLoom8.88.2Composite8.5$ 134.001
Andro J. M. Saive Kinetic OFF7.57.5Wood8.3$ 45.002
Andro J. M. Saive Kinetic OFF-8.08.5Wood9.3$ 45.002
Andro Kanter ALL+7.28.8Wood8.5$ 56.002
Andro Kanter Explorer OFF--Wood-$ 55.000
Andro Kanter OFF+8.58.0Wood9.3$ 45.001
Andro Kinetic ALL--Wood-$ 47.000
Andro Kinetic ALL+8.39.4Wood9.4$ 43.002
Andro Kinetic CF Carbo-Aramid OFF9.08.6Composite9.0$ 100.004
Andro Kinetic CF Carbon OFF+9.37.8Composite8.5$ 90.004
Andro Kinetic CF Carbon OFF---Composite-$ 85.000
Andro Kinetic CF Kevlar-Carbon OFF8.88.0Composite9.4$ 70.007
Andro Kinetic CF Light ALL+7.510.0Composite-$ 79.001
Andro Kinetic CF Light OFF8.89.5Composite8.9$ 79.003
Andro Kinetic CF Light OFF+9.48.5Composite9.5$ 79.007
Andro Kinetic CF Light OFF---Composite-$ 65.000
Andro Kinetic CF Titanium ALL+8.09.0Composite9.3$ 100.004
Andro Kinetic Christian Suss Hinoki ALL+8.28.8Wood8.3$ 47.003
Andro Kinetic Christian Suss Hinoki OFF8.48.0Wood8.9$ 47.004
Andro Kinetic Explorer OFF+8.76.3Wood6.6$ 45.003
Andro Kinetic OFF--Wood-$ 45.000
Andro Kinetic OFF+--Wood-$ 45.000
Andro Kinetic Record ALL+8.39.6Wood8.5$ 59.001
Andro Kinetic Record OFF9.09.0Wood9.6$ 59.002
Andro Kinetic Record OFF+9.59.0Wood9.0$ 59.001
Andro Kinetic Record OFF-8.09.1Wood9.3$ 59.002
Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL7.58.3Composite8.7$ 54.009
Andro Kinetic Supreme ALL+8.39.2Composite9.0$ 58.005
Andro Kinetic Supreme Carbon OFF9.07.7Composite8.0$ 100.003
Andro Kinetic Supreme Carbon OFF+9.37.3Composite7.0$ 86.002
Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF8.29.0Composite8.7$ 58.007
Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF-8.58.8Composite8.9$ 55.0013
Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF- Kiso Hinoki Zylon8.89.5Composite9.3$ 135.005
Andro Kinetic Supreme Zylon/Kiso-Hinoki OFF-8.28.8Composite9.0$ 135.008
Andro Ligna ALL+8.19.5Wood8.8$ 102.003
Andro Ligna FR OFF9.59.8Wood9.8$ 130.002
Andro Ligna OFF9.39.8Composite9.7$ 150.006
Andro Ligna OFF+9.79.9Wood9.8$ 121.001
Andro Ligna Tour OFF9.69.5Wood9.5$ 123.001
Andro Nightmare ALL+--Wood-$ 30.000
Andro Nightmare OFF8.58.5Wood8.8$ 50.001
Andro Parade DEF7.08.5Wood8.8$ 69.001
Andro Performance OFF10.08.0Wood9.0$ 45.001
Andro ProLoom8.89.9Composite9.6$ 134.002
Andro Super Core ALL--Wood-$ 58.000
Andro Super Core ALL+--Wood-$ 25.000
Andro Super Core Carbon Light (CL) ALL+6.88.7Composite8.7$ 60.006
Andro Super Core Carbon Light (CL) OFF8.78.3Composite8.7$ 50.007
Andro Super Core Carbon Light (CL) OFF+9.58.0Composite9.1$ 60.008
Andro Super Core Carbon OFF--Composite-$ 60.000
Andro Super Core Cell ALL7.29.3Wood9.4$ 54.001
Andro Super Core Cell ALL+7.39.0Wood8.8$ 54.007
Andro Super Core Cell Carbon OFF8.39.1Composite9.0$ 87.009
Andro Super Core Cell OFF9.08.9Wood9.1$ 65.0015
Andro Super Core Cell OFF+9.28.6Wood9.2$ 65.009
Andro Super Core Cell OFF-7.78.0Wood7.8$ 54.007
Andro Super Core OFF--Wood-$ 40.000
Andro Super Core OFF-8.17.6Wood8.3$ 58.002
Andro Temper Tech ALL+8.09.5Wood9.3$ 51.0035
Andro Temper Tech OFF8.78.9Wood9.0$ 70.0010
Andro Temper Tech OFF+9.59.2Wood9.5$ 62.0026
Andro Temper Tech OFF-8.59.3Wood9.1$ 45.0031
Andro Treiber G8.98.1Wood8.5$ 75.004
Andro Treiber H8.48.7Wood8.7$ 88.008
Andro Treiber K8.89.6Composite9.6$ 74.0016
Andro Treiber Q9.59.1Composite9.6$ 99.005
Andro Treiber Z9.59.5Composite9.5$ 125.0038
Andro Tronum Aratox OFF+9.49.3Composite9.3$ 71.005
Andro Tronum Carbotox OFF8.79.1Composite9.1$ 71.004
Andro Wanokiwami AO OFF--Wood-$ 145.000
Andro Wanokiwami Midori DEF--Wood-$ 145.000
Andro Wanokiwami Ren OFF--Wood-$ 225.000
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