Animus Blade Reviews

Blade Name Speed Control Material Overall Price No. of Ratings
Animus Diana Rosewood--Wood-$ 100.000
Animus Iupiter 5--Wood-$ 100.000
Animus Iupiter Serie 2--Composite-$ 71.000
Animus Mars 7--Wood-$ 100.000
Animus Vantaggio--Composite-$ 155.000
Animus Venus 7--Wood-$ 125.000
Animus Victoria6.59.0Wood9.0$ 133.002
Animus Victoria 27.58.5Wood8.5$ 133.001
Animus Virtus 59.09.0Composite9.0$ 95.001
Animus Vulcanus 5--Composite-$ 100.000
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