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Butterfly Boll TriCarbon

Butterfly Boll TriCarbon ping pong blade
Approx. $ 115 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 37 times)

There are 2 users using the Butterfly Boll TriCarbon.
From community:
Speed   9.7
Control   7.1
Stiffness   8.1 - Very stiff
Hardness   9.0 - Very hard
Consistency   8.3 - Always identical
Overall   9.0 10
Plies   9
Materials   6 plies of wood (outer plies are Paduk wood); 3 plies of carbon
Head Thickness   6.9mm
Head Dimensions   156mm wide x 157mm high
From manufacturer:
Speed 11.0 / 12
Control 6.8 / 12
Weight 95g

Reviews of the Butterfly Boll TriCarbon

Review pongcrazy said this on May 17, 2008:

Great blade for smashing and killing. Plenty of power to loop, but you must get your dwell from soft rubbers, as the blade won't give you much. If you plan on looping with this, a 38* sponge is about the hardest I'd go. Weight must vary quite a bit, as I got a light one compared to the 95g manufacturers spec.
Review cegouveia said this on September 15, 2008:

I have never had a blade that is as fast as this and I found that butterfly has consitantly made the highest quality for the lowest price. I would never buy anything but butterfly. I reccomend a softer sponge though or you will not be able to generate much spin. This actually was one of the first blades i bought as i was inexperienced and did not realize the tremendous speed it had. I actually had to store it and work my way up to it by going through cheaper and slower blades. However, now that i have grown used to it, it is the only one i play with and is lightning fast. I reccomend this as a more advanced blade, not for those starting n proline, but as about a fourth or fifth blade.
Review Dzierzhanowski said this on November 23, 2008:

This is fastest blade from Butterfly.
This subject have great power, speed and quality.
But this blade is only for professional players with long experrience, i think.
Handle have a little problem with comfort, but its now so much.
So, its great choice for the off+ players with ideal game-technic.
Review JonathanJ said this on December 11, 2008:

I've used many blades, and this one is by far my favorite. There are some who would say that the rubbers are what matter and not the blade. Well, let me tell you... this blade DOES make a huge difference. The Boll TriCarbon is rated to be the fastest of all Butterfly blades, and I must agree. Because of the three carbon layers and inner Balsa layers along with the hard outer Paduk layers, this blade really is very fast, but it also has amazing control for its speed. This comes from the super enlarged sweet spot due to the multiple carbon layers and the great feel provided by the balsa wood. The control itself isn't all that great in and of itself but, considering how fast the blade is, you can't really ask for better. The control it does have already FAR exceeds what can be expected of so fast a blade.

I would say that allroud (control-based) or speed-based rubbers would work best with this blade. Any soft rubber would also work well. The control rubbers would greatly compensate for any lack in control you feel this blade might have. I personally use Yasaka Mark V with this blade, which I find to be a great combination. Speed-based rubbers like those from Butterfly's High Tension rubber class would bring out the best in the speed quality of this blade. Soft rubbers will automatically work to increase the control of this rubber no matter how fast. I do not imagine that this blade would work particularly well with spin-based rubbers unless they are soft. Medium to hard spin-based rubbers would not catch the ball optimally to make the fullest use of a rubber's spin quality because the blade is so fast that the ball will leave the racket all to quickly. With that said, I think it is also important to say that things may work differently for you. You may find that hard spinny rubbers work well for you, or you may not like TriCarbon at all. But one thing's for sure: For my game style Butterfly Boll TriCarbon is AMAZING, and I have not found anything better for me yet! Unless you do a lot of slow looping or are a defensive player, I STRONGLY recommend you try this blade :)

One more thing: it's really not as heavy as it is advertised to be by Butterfly. The weight is fairly evenly distributed so that it is a manageable weight. Either that or they just gave me a slightly lighter one for some reason.
Review tb_zlc said this on February 18, 2009:

Man,what a blade!! Very good blade in terms of speed,but has a relative good control,the blade is very forgiving for me because the very large sweet spot from the 3 layers of carbon.And you've got a crisp feeling from the outer plies because of the paduk wood.I use it with coppa jo silver fh and jo platin bh,they work amazingly for me.I'll very recommend this blade.Just buy it
Review chadr7 said this on November 23, 2009:

killer blade smooth as butter a big step up from what i had joola k5 got me hooked again
Review alvarezjd6 said this on January 29, 2010:

i love this blade its very fast and the feeling is great, talking about the control im having any problem performing the strokes i can put the ball wherever i want to, im using it with tenergy 05 on my fh and fh i love the combination, the topspin are crazy fast and spinny, pushesh are ok serves are ok the only thing is performing loops from long distance its very bouncy and you have to be carefull but with this blade i feel that i can do wathever crazy shot i want. about the weigth with the tenergys its a bit heavy but manageble but you wont care about a bit of weight i will be a great paddle
Review bambilics said this on February 5, 2010:

excelent blade super killer
Review Anonymous said this on February 12, 2010:

Best blade I have owed, ever. Was playing with an old, stiff, hard DHS brick that was on the verge of falling apart...tried several others (DHS carbon, 729 Bomb, Juic, etc.) trying to find a replacement - and now I have found it!

It's stiff and hard but smooth. Great ball sensation popping off the racket, and doesn't have that "pingy" carbon sound that a lot of the others that I have tried.

Strokes are smooth - I agree with others, weight is a little lighter than advertised -- but since I like a heavy blade, I put heavy rubbers on and all is well.

Be warned! My first go-round with this blade i had hard rubber on the fh -- bit mistake. Switched last week to a softer rubber (Yasaka Xtend) and it is sweet! Ball control is significantly improved without loss of much speed.

All-in-all, THANK YOU BUTTERFLY. I'm hooked.
Review slamdally said this on April 4, 2010:

I gave an 8 because the blade is so hard that the slightest touch on the table or ground the blade will start to flake apart very good when paired with big slam just not durable.
Review Raymundo said this on April 16, 2010:

Hmmm... I use it with Tenergy 64 FH and a Sriver G3 Fx BH.. Spins and Drives in my Forehand is definitely tremendous!! My Backhand Services are so heavy.. BUT TAKE NOTE.. Its not good for beginners.. in my first time of using it.. all my shots is very high but when i practice using it.. I CAN TELL YOU.. DIS IS A KILLER RACKET! MWAAHAHHAHA
Review otakujo said this on April 19, 2010:

This is the fastest, hardest, stiffess and heaviest blade I've ever used. I personally prefer stiff blades over blades that are soft or hallow and provide feedback so for me the control was a dream. After the end of the speed glue era I switched to the fastest equipment i could find to make up for the lack of speed and touch. This blade was the answer! 10/10
Review jayesh Ajwani said this on August 13, 2010:

Man It is a very good blade with bryce speed rubbers.
Review oosa sports said this on August 15, 2010:

I like this blade but want to try the newer version of it to see if there is any difference. Weights vary, head size is large but you can always cut them down if you want to.
Most people use softer rubbers with this type of blade but i use a very hard sponge rubber from donic, coppa speed. Because of the speed of rubber and blade you get some reward for attacking first. Not too many better blades around for attacking.
Try one and find out for yourself.
Review BOOKWORM said this on January 31, 2011:

Perfect blade for a off+ player my mistake was that I started using with Tenergy 05 FX, FH and Bryce Hard, BH and itwas a disaster it was good to play but sometimes I was out of control my shots were going off the table but when I attacked close to the table no one could take my shots they were to hard.
So I got CERMET 1.3mm for my BH and now I am doing much better more control with CERMET and killing with my Tenergy 05 Fx.
Over all the raquet helps a lot faster than anything else and the sound it makes is a winnwer for my ears.
Review spiral said this on September 16, 2011:

It is good for type of play that it is made for, thus the overall rating of 9. No control at all, but incredible speed.
Review powerlefty said this on October 10, 2011:

This blade is terrible. Only for a lazy person who wants the paddle to do the work for them and never intends on learning on how to spin the ball.
Review Yuri said this on December 15, 2011:

This blade is very fast and it cause a control not to be good enough. To use this blade you should have a very good technique, if your level of tennis is not high it will be to faster for you.
I tried many blades and this one is the fastest I played with.
Review hall said this on January 18, 2012:

its not nice blade.. to fast with no control and u can brake it very easy by hiting the ball :D
200-300 strong smashes and it will brake
Review Dan said this on March 18, 2012:

Many of my opponents sed:" Man, that ball passed through the net?! Where is the hole?" Yes, I can tell you, you can combine a very fast looping with a precise stop-ball, but with some cosequences to knees and ankles... Butterfly should again putting this blade in production.
Review burt said this on May 5, 2012:

I have to agree with most of the above comments, very fast, heavy, try avoiding using this with tenergy though, the sponge will make it so you have no feeling, try with joola energy xtra for all out attack but still with good feeling
Review Vihito said this on July 2, 2012:

Comparing to other brand's TriCarbon blades, the Butterfly one gives good control with extreme speed. Really good looping blade.
Review mobedji said this on September 28, 2012:

i have used his blade its is made for my type of game ply.its speed,spin,control is amazing if u put the right rubbers it will be a monster.i ply with tibhar aurus on both sides for me it is amazing i should shoud say the right choice for an offenser
Review roshvisual said this on January 19, 2013:

This is my coach's blade
Review jackspeed said this on September 2, 2013:

don't use that with fast rubbers because it has speed enogh
Review killerbee said this on September 22, 2013:

I dont like the design of the handle at all. Had a newer version with the green plastic sticker and it felt bad.

Cheap material, very uncomfortable in the hand, resold it asap.

Played with it a little while; it is OK, but not "special".
Review moddefensor said this on April 20, 2014:

Tha hardest, quickest, stiffness blade I have ever played. I thought it would be good idea to play with lp on backhand in prder to in crease the offensive capacitiy and it did. Any hit was a kill,but fc with inverse rubber I did not to manage this problem besides the idea of having the table 2 meters longer than it is. As I see it right now maybe with slow anti spin rubber on fc and lp on bc but I see no reason for making such experiment.


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