Butterfly Gergely Alpha

Butterfly Gergely Alpha Blade
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User Ratings (11)

Speed 9.4
Control 8.4
Stiffness 6.5   
Hardness 7.9   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Materials Carbon
There are 4 users using the Butterfly Gergely Alpha.
Feeling: Hard

Reviews (7)

xuananhcsct  6 months ago

I have played 4 blades which are AMAZUNOV OFF+, Butterfly Sardius, Butterfly Amultart ZL Carbon and Butterfly Gergely Alpha. In my point of view, the Amultart ZL Carbon is OK and it is easy to play with different kind of Ruber but Butterfly Gergely Alpha is the best if you play with Butterfly Tenergy 05 Ruber in both side. It is good if use Butterfly Tenergy 05 in forehand, backhand should use Butterfly Tenergy 05, Xiom Omega V Tour, Stiga Calibra LT Sound or Stiga Calibra LT Spin
vladan00  on 1/21/2015

This blade with T05 both sides for me is BINGO. Fast enough , block and spin goes easy. Very accurate and reliable setup . Not for novice player,but for every attack player my reccomendatinos
themoon28  on 9/5/2014

A very nice and hard Tamca 5000 blade. Speed is really amazing, spin is ok but it's quite difficult to control the ball in short game. Well, for those who are in beginning or intermediate level should consider before buying this blade due to its lack of control and feeling
triplek  on 10/6/2013

i use rubber stiga neos sound, & butterfly tackfire D i got this blade weight = 86gram no vibration when hit hard nice sound when hit ball, (with stiga calibra sound or neos) speed like canon, surprise attack on the enemy with powerfull TOPSPIN head more compat, swing more faster
killerbee  on 9/22/2013

It looks very nice, and is well manufactured. Very stiff feeling; almost no vibration. I would not rate it as "Off+", a Iolite Neo is definitely faster. Due to its stiffness, the control is good, but I prefer a little softer feeling. The size of the blade is also a little smaller than average.

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