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Butterfly Innerforce ZLC

Butterfly Innerforce ZLC ping pong blade
Approx. $ 182 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 48 times)

There are 17 users using the Butterfly Innerforce ZLC.
From community:
Speed   9.3
Control   9.0
Stiffness   4.7 - Average
Hardness   5.6 - Medium
Consistency   9.4 - Always identical
Overall   9.6 10
Plies   7
Materials   ZL Fiber and Carbon
From manufacturer:
Speed 92.0 / 100
Control 75.0 / 100

Description of Butterfly Innerforce ZLC

The most recent innovation from Butterfly. ZL Carbon provides a totally new feeling of ‘Holding the Ball’. Speed, spin and control unite in this blade to provide superb balance.


ivamaistru  on 7/9/2014

i played with TIMO BOLL SPIRIT (TBS) - 1 year, INNERFORCE ALC - 1,3 year and INNERFORCE ZLC 1/2 year. INNERFORCE ZLC for me is almost perfect 10, (maybe it is a blade in the world for me perfect 10 :)), ok speed i think 9,6 maybe timo boll tamca 5000 is 10, INNERFORCE ALC 8 and TBS 7,5, feel 10 for INNERFORCE ZLC, INNERFORCE ALC 9,5 and TBS 8, no comparative innerforce blades than TBS, (with same rubber tenergy 05 2,1 FH and BH), control INNERFORCE ZLC 10 INNERFORCE ALC 9,5 and TBS 7,5, POWER INNERFORCE ZLC 9,5 INNERFORCE ALC 8 and TBS 7.5. I think INNERFORCE ZLC is a BEST BUY. I played table tennis for 30 years, sorry for my poor english.
ktz  7 months ago

Perfect blade! Fast when using full stroke and steady when blocking. Monstrous spin as well!
hain  11 months ago

I really love this blade. It's fast and spinny. This is favorite one so far and though I try to use others but then I go back to Innerforce ZLC. However, The blade face is a bit bigger than normal blade. Therefore, it consumes more rubber and that makes the blade head heavy. I found out that the perfect weights for this blade to avoid head-heavy problem are: 84g, 85g 86g.
guusvansoer  on 12/15/2014

The best blade ever. I recommend this blade for intermediate player who want to improve their games. The control is awesome with medium speed. Don't forget to put extra cover on the grip because it's become dirty very fast. And you need more patient if you want to clean this blade from water based glue every time you change the rubber. Make sure it's very very clean. I use it already for 2 years and i feel that this blade can make my game better than before.
yyyyyikes  on 6/7/2014

I've used this database for much good advice in the past - but i'm only now tempted to review myself after buying an Innerforce zlc. Because it is awesome. Immediately i loved it - i've tried a few other blades just recently with similar Tenergy rubbers (80fx 2.1 on mine both sides) and although good, they didn't quite have it. Only reason i tried it is cos i checked TeeSport for chinese penhold blades and only a couple came up. Checked the reviews and thought just go for it. Best bat i've ever picked up. Like the guys say above - very high price BUT you won't need to be buying again. Have tried others - flimsy, uncomfortable, or just something not quite right. Obviously this is the penhold tested, but playing it shakehand you can tell a straight handle would be just the same - equally excellent. Only played for a short time so far so can't really judge the speed - it certainly does not feel too fast, control, well...the ball goes where you're trying to put it so what more do you want, blocking/counter-attacking is good. Defending seems good too. Like i said not tested it too much so far but after one session i was playing the style i wanted to play. How much of all this is the rubbers and how much the blade well.....hard to tell but it just feels right and that's what you need to want to play more and enjoy the game. Not saying it's the best blade in the world - but it's easily the best i've played with. 9.99/10.


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