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Butterfly Jun Mizutani

Butterfly Jun Mizutani ping pong blade
Approx. $ 200 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 36 times)

There are 8 users using the Butterfly Jun Mizutani.
From community:
Speed   9.5
Control   8.8
Stiffness   6.1 - Stiff
Hardness   7.0 - Medium hard
Consistency   8.8 - Always identical
Overall   9.3 10
Plies   5
Materials   2 plies of ZL Carbon, 3 plies of wood (Limba and Kiri)
From manufacturer:
Speed 99.9
Control 77.0

Description of Butterfly Jun Mizutani

Mizutani Jun, Japan's rising star, along with Butterfly's technical staff, has designed the ultimate attacking weapon for his modern topspin game. Harnessing the power and control of Butterfly's ZL Carbon Fiber, the Jun Mizutani Jun blade offers great speed and more dwell time for the ball on the blade than traditional carbon rackets. The racket matches his dynamic style of play and could enhance your game as well.

Feel: Hard


semiambidextrous  on 7/7/2014

True, it takes a few sessions/hours to get used to handling the short game. But first of all, EVERYTHING else will compensate you for those adaptation practices, and once you have tamed this monster, it is better then Innerforce ZLC, has more energy (and perhaps even faster) than ZJ Super ZLC, and feels greater than any other carbon blades out there. And I have tried a few. Smashes are perfect. Opening loops require your most delicate touch, but what doesn't, frankly? This is not a sport of crazy straight hitters, and never been. So, if you want to improve your skills in a way that you do not have to fear to reach the limits of the equipment, just put some Tenergies on this blade, and enjoy life.
JoeMarioZ  11 months ago

Changed from Innerforce ULC, I've also used the DHS HK III, and the TB T5000 before those, control wise, its almost right up there with the HK, but a bit to stiff to feel safe enough. FAST, almost as fast but more consistent and forgiving than the T5000. I'd come from a medium blade and went into a medium hard one, I like being in between, but I'm still getting used to the feel, the feedback is good enough, but I'd like to get a bit more vibration from it, its a good balance between speed and control, med distance and defensive play is the best I've had, it just lacks on backhand consistency for my gameplay, I'll swap my current rubber to a slower one to see how it fares...
albert_metro  on 4/24/2013

Speed and control is amazing, it can handle play close and away from the table. Spin ,Loop is incredible very spiny , Blocking,pushing,driving is perfectly great even in smashing, its suits my playing style and level-up & improve my playing performance.
silva  on 7/16/2012

this blade is really nice but expensive. i do not find this blade as fast as the ratings here though which is good. i really like the ST handle version of this blade.
Anonymous  on 4/15/2012

Very disappointed on its feel. Very stiff and hard. When attached with medium rubbers, you can get the feeling at all and no clicking sound when you loop. Even pair with soft rubbers, I still don't like it...


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