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Butterfly Photino

Butterfly Photino ping pong blade
Approx. $ 184 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 23 times)

There are 7 users using the Butterfly Photino.
From community:
Speed   9.4
Control   8.3
Stiffness   5.5 - Average
Hardness   5.6 - Medium
Consistency   9.7 - Always identical
Overall   9.5 10
Materials   ZLF (Zylon Fiber), Hinoki/Cypress, Kiri
Head Thickness   7.0mm
Head Dimensions   157 x 150 mm
Handle Dimensions   100 x 24 mm
From manufacturer:
Speed 94.0
Control 80.0

Description of Butterfly Photino

The Photino is a blade designed for the highest standards of play.

It has been extensively tested by many of our contract professionals and features Butterfly's newest technical innovation, the use of ZL Fiber. ZL Fiber is lighter in weight and harder than even Carbon.

At the same time ZL Fiber is more flexible than Carbon and holds the ball a little longer, allowing for maximum spin to be created. The ITTF has banned all glues with VOC's as of September 1, 2008. Butterfly has created the Photino for the modern topspin player looking for more power in a future without fresh gluing.

Feel: Medium


mtg6792  on 3/12/2014

First just let me say I'm not much of an EJ. After over a year of playing with the ALC I switched to this blade because I wanted more speed/power. I've used this blade for over a year now, and I'm switching. Here's why: The Photino is thick. So thick that every hit feels reinforced, and unless you're 6-10 back, it's hard to use full strokes. I tried various rubbers on the blade, and didn't find it particularly suited to any: all of them work well for looping mid-distance, and blocking when they're on the Photino. The problem I have with this blade is that it sucks close to the table unless you block or use really short strokes. It's not really an aggressive blade. The short game is okay with most rubbers, so I won't complain, but this blade takes away most of your power away close to and over the table. In sum: If you're an older player looking for control, you'll like this blade. If you're someone who only likes mid-distance play, you'll like this blade. If you want power and control at the table... you probably won't like it that much unless you use slower rubbers.
Anonymous  on 4/19/2012

Love it!!! Ultimate Speed, High throw, highest catapult effect of all blades I think, Not To Hard-> nice Feeling and aGood Touch because of vibrations. Suitable for a fast and spinny Game in all Distances with the best Balance in catapult, Ball Feeling and Control. -> Ultimate Blade Its Not Suitable for Players who want a Hard and Stiff blades and Powershots near the table because its just Medium Hard. But for the Allround Off+ attacking style its One of the best blades ever...(Of Course the best ZLF Blade available and much better than a Boll ZLF!)
blackhole  on 8/14/2011

I just played a photino and i was surprised with the consistency on blocks and drives. At first, i thought i'll have a hard time looping, but i was able to adjust in just a couple of hours! I'm playing with xiom vega pro on FH and Tenergy 64 on BH. I'm very pleased with this setup!
MrLoveU2Baby  on 5/28/2011

This blade is AWESOME!! Looping is easy. I am using Butterfly Photino with Hurricane 3 Neo both side and it's really good. Control, loop, counter loop, Push, and Chop are very stable and controlable. Very high recomemended. Try using Tenergy 25 fx i think it would go great with this blade
Anonymous  on 4/28/2011

a fast blade from butterfly using with ZL fiber layers which makes the blade very flexible. it makes your shots fast and spinny at the same time. goes well with a variety of rubbers. very comfortable ST or FL handle. a bit on the expensive but its very well made. highly recommended


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