Butterfly Primorac Carbon

Butterfly Primorac Carbon Blade
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User Ratings (48)

Speed 9.3
Control 7.4
Stiffness 7.1   
Hardness 8.1   
Consistency 9.1   
Always identical
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.5 / 12
Control 6.7 / 12
Weight 92g
Plies 5
Materials 3 plies of wood (Kiri center and Cypress/Hinoki outer plies), 2 plies of Tamca 5000 Carbon
Thickness 6.9mm
There are 12 users using the Butterfly Primorac Carbon.

Reviews (31)

AlanGP  6 days ago

Despite being a little hard, and having high speed, It also has some decent control, because of it's outer hinoki layers. Average dwell time, medium throw angle, It is good for hitting, placing the ball with velocity. Pair It with good spinny rubbers, train your movements, and you'll have a great racket.
ALLIGATOR  4 months ago

Powerful blade, not for spin only for power. Put slower rubbers to tame the beast. May be not the best but for sure it is a real pleasure to play with this blade.
W3R  8 months ago

Great blade for offensive game, but requires the appropriate training as with all the fast blades! Control is higher in my opinion than 7.3 which is the average here. Shots are super powerful from any distance, either top spins or smashes and it's really enjoyable from big distance! You can make super fast strokes from 3+ meters away from the table and feel like a pro :) So many players used this blade all these years for a reason!
markisa68  on 2/27/2016

This blade is fast and made for blocking. Omega tour V on forehand and Fastarc G1 on the BH makes a splendid combination. Shorter time to react but only need to adjust on the trajectory of blade angle and all is a piece of cake. Hard and stiffer than gergerly carbon.. A formidable and must try blade.
blueflicker  on 11/21/2015

First blade that I have used , one thing about this blade is fast and yet too fast for flicks and I have been using I for 2 years , flick shots often miss in my backhand and drive shot also inaccurate sometimes you need to do something about the angle . I recommend slow to medium speed rubbers and do not even think about placing high tension rubber or you just regret it later . Block is fine however placement shot is poor .

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