Butterfly Sardius

Butterfly Sardius Blade
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User Ratings (46)

Speed 9.3
Control 6.9
Stiffness 8.3   
Hardness 8.9   
Consistency 8.7   
Always identical
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 12
Control 6.5 / 12
Weight 90g
Plies 5
Materials 3 plies of wood; 2 plies of Carbon
There are 21 users using the Butterfly Sardius.

Reviews (30)

ucokpinank  2 weeks ago

Crazy speed.. Use soft rubber for help on the control... Best quality... Not for beginner...
Teguh  4 months ago

Just bought TBS. My rubber are Sriver EL on FH dan Flextra on BH. Bought it for increasing my level of game. Played 10 games, only lost the first three. This blade is awesome, good speed on smash but still have a good control. My backhand control level also slightly increase, I was able to return smash and place it in the intended spot. Excellent.
ssmc  on 4/10/2015

I play this blade with Hurricane 8 and rasant powergrip. Obviously there are less "feeling" when it is making contact with the ball. But it doesn't mean is over stiff. Issue is you cant tell whether the spin you generate is great or bad even using Hurricane 8 . But again, is doesn't mean there is no spin. You really need to be self -confidence with your skills to master this blade. i dont suggest this blade to any beginners or who need to judge you skills from the blade. I recommend this blade to hard hitters, mid level players who have good judgement on serve and spin and those who want to finish the game in short.
goce1303  on 3/28/2015

Playing with this blade since 2000 year and played a lot of tournaments at my country and this blade give me soul. This is so good blade and it's too expensive for me to buy it again. If someone know some great blade like this please contact me at FB i will be glad to you. I broke it twice and twice i paste it and still play with "broken" blade :(. This blade make a fast loops and make hard block with destructive shoots. Prefer to play it with T05 best rubber for this blade you can do what you want.
Frogger  on 11/11/2014

Played with this blade decades ago. High quality blade from BTY. Speed and stiffness is outdated with the advent of tensor and glue effect rubber technology/ new blade compositions materiels This blade is simply to hard and fast for the mass of players. BTY has discontinued many blades over the years that were far superior to Sardius so it is a puzzle to me this model is still being produced. Save your money unless you are a blade collector. Very fast blocking at the table or looping from 100ft away are it's attributes. Play with 1QHD max and you can loop from Hawaii. Old school Tamca Carbon layers makes this blade a weapon and your opponents need body armour. All kidding aside I do not recommend this one even for pure power players.

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