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Butterfly Senkoh 85

Butterfly Senkoh 85 ping pong blade
Approx. $ 55 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 3 times)

From community:
Speed   7.8
Control   8.3
Stiffness   8.5 - Very stiff
Hardness   4.5 - Medium soft
Consistency   10.0 - Always identical
Overall   8.0 10
Plies   1
Materials   hinoki
Head Thickness   8.5mm
Head Dimensions   154mm x 148mm
Handle Dimensions   100mm x 25mm
From manufacturer:
Weight 90


killerbee  on 9/22/2013

Fast and stiff blade. The stiffness is very unusual, as is the thickness of the blade. I played with it for about 10 minutes and it was absolutely no fun for me. But this is just my opinion. One ply woods really have a unique feeling, but it was not for me.
J35  on 4/9/2011

Very likable blade, good in almoast every department with the right rubbers. Very fast but controlable with tensors, slower with high control and still with some power with other rubbers. Weights around 88 grams and got a large sweet spot. Handle is a bit short; almoast vibration free. It´s a keeper!
AndySmith  on 10/1/2010

I tried this out as a cheap first 1-ply hinoki experiment, and I was very surprised. It's really well-made, very easy to use, and suits all sort of different rubbers. It's not massively quick, but doesn't vibrate, and plays really well in all areas. If you like to loop over the table, and punch stuff from short range, it's a great choice. Has a great, consistent feel when hitting. Perhaps doesn't have the beans from distance, especially if you don't middle it.


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