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Butterfly Timo Boll OFF-

Butterfly Timo Boll OFF- ping pong blade
Approx. $ 65 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 19 times)

There are 2 users using the Butterfly Timo Boll OFF-.
From community:
Speed   7.9
Control   8.6
Stiffness   5.3 - Average
Hardness   5.1 - Medium
Consistency   9.2 - Always identical
Overall   8.8 10
Plies   5
Head Thickness   5.9mm
From manufacturer:
Weight 85g

Description of Butterfly Timo Boll OFF-

- Medium hard, spin orientated blade with particular bonding technology
- High precision at all strokes

Reviews of the Butterfly Timo Boll OFF-

Review TsE said this on September 1, 2009:

Predictable result of all the strokes.
With T05/2.1 - very good control, with energy reserve for forehand.
With Sh-G3FX/1.9 - very good control for the backhand.
Flared handle- very good.
Review Anonymous said this on August 8, 2010:

this is a good blade for brush looping and countering. for the price it is worth it. better than i expected but it will not be my choice for tournament use because it lacks power. seems like the high gears are not there but it is fun to play with because it gives the ball a nice second kick. in all, great feeling blade. i bought it because of the price and didn't expect much but i was surprised by its performance. also, this is a very good 5 ply all wood blade.
Review Anonymous said this on October 27, 2010:

more strategical than offensive.
Review Anonymous said this on July 24, 2011:

i didnt get a well built blade. the blade was not glued together properly and the wood plys did not stay together after playing 3 or 4 times. so i broke the blade and to my surprise i found that it had a hollow handle. i wonder if most butterfly blades have a hollow handle? also i remember reading somewhere that the maze also had a hollow handle. the blade has the same wood as the acoustics and is similar in feel in some ways. the acoustic is a bit stiffer though.
Review Anonymous said this on January 5, 2012:

I too got a badly built blade. The wood plys opened up after some months of not very intensive play.
Review Jiminy said this on January 24, 2012:

Good blade. Does lack a bit of power. Also, the balance is very even which takes some getting used to especially if you're used to a head heavy blade.
Review Obi-wan said this on April 6, 2012:

Not off-, no chance.This blade is for beginners. It has no real power or speed, but control is ok.
Review The_Coach said this on September 11, 2012:

I've tested 2 blades with the same rubber setup and they behave very different from each other. A fair blade but there are a lot of better alternatives. Quite slow, I thought it would be faster.
Review vkvkvk said this on January 30, 2013:

Very good allround blade. Better choose this blade for allround game even it's rated off-. Very easy to make loop with, excel in soft touch and block. Sweet spot is wide, and flared handle is very comfort to hold.
Review rpedro said this on February 4, 2013:

Con dos T05 va muy bien de topspin, control y bloqueo. Es divertido jugar con esta combinacion aunque no sea muy rapida
Review aepingpongman said this on May 29, 2014:

The Timo Boll Off- is the one for me. I consider myself a beginner/intermediate player with a rating of 1250. I have learned various techniques because of the versatility of this blade. It is not too fast and not too slow. I first used EKRips soft to learn technique, but a few months later I I put Tenergy 05 and Donic Bluefire JP03 on my backhand. This new combo is awesome and helps me beat the intermediate guys that normally dominate me. I have improved leaps and bounds with this blade and I plan to use it even when I play intermediate levels. Good job, Butterfly makers. I think the Timo Boll Off- is a winner for sure.


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