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Butterfly Viscaria

Butterfly Viscaria ping pong blade
Approx. $ 122 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 42 times)

There are 25 users using the Butterfly Viscaria.
From community:
Speed   9.0
Control   8.1
Stiffness   5.0 - Average
Hardness   5.0 - Medium
Consistency   9.3 - Always identical
Overall   9.2 10
Plies   7
Materials   5 wood plies; 2 Arylate-carbon
From manufacturer:
Speed 8.7 / 12
Control 7.2 / 12
Weight 90g


superspin  3 months ago

The very best of all the alc blade out there. Simply no replacement for this legendary blade. My blade is 85g. I prefer this over my tbs and tb alc. It's just better at everything by a small margin, just got that edge. Very crisp on all shots .has slight softer feel but still medium hard. definitely more precise feel of catching the ball on every loop. Hence high dwell. Throw is also medium to high similar to tbs may be better. Tb alc has slightly lower throw than viscaria and tbs with the same rubber test. Only advantage tb alc is it has better balance of weight. Viscaria for me is worth every penny.Must try blade , I have over 30 top end blade and this is simply the best along side with xiom vega pro blade, yes unknown but true (xiom)
kurokami  5 months ago

pro: koto top plies allow for soft touch shots, inner plies allow for speeds > ALC < MJ soft feel and absorption allows easy reloop for blocks and counters easy to setup short-long combination cons: wide gear range is difficult to manage when applying power medium dwell summary: soft, very wide gear range, between tb alc and mizutani suits topspin attacker
hallman432  5 months ago

It took a bit of time to get adjusted to the handle because my previous blades had what seem to be rounder handles. After the adjustment was made I can tell you that it is the best blade I've used so far.
Frogger  5 months ago

Compared Viscaria to my Timo Boll Spirit. Viscaria has slightly larger FL handle and was 3 gr. heavier. More direct feeling with a pinch more stiffness and power. Looping close to table sent the ball longer than TBS. so stroke adjustment is needed. Very suitable for mid distance looping and hitting. Good touch for the short game pushing and chopping. Blocking on BH was brilliant with Viscaria. I felt TBS was better for looping mid and close to table while Viscaria was better further away from table Counter hits where very fast with Viscaria. A bit head heavy with Tenergy rubbers. A great blade for mid and advanced players. These are getting easier to find now.
saifulyazans  9 months ago

Viscaria is the best blade for attacker player


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