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Darker Hinoki Tanpan

Darker Hinoki Tanpan ping pong blade
Approx. $ 160 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 3 times)

There are 1 users using the Darker Hinoki Tanpan.
From community:
Speed   8.5
Control   8.8
Stiffness   6.0 - Average
Hardness   3.7 - Medium soft
Consistency   5.0 - Occasional variations
Overall   9.0 10
Plies   1
Materials   Hinoki
Head Thickness   9mm
Head Dimensions   155mm x 150mm
Handle Dimensions   103mm x 23mm
From manufacturer:
Weight 90


JimT  on 2/4/2010

This blade is very similar to perennial favorite Speed 90 but it is a bit thinner. As a result it is somewhat slower (OFF-) than DS 90 and calls for the closer-to-the-table play. Control, blocking, flat game are excellent... for the rest see DS 90 review.
dimitris  on 4/25/2009

This is the first 1-ply hinoki blade I use, so cannot really compare with other similar blades. But in general, to me this is a solid, somewhat stiff and medium soft blade, with a unique different feeling from most others. Combined with medium hard rubbers it is excellent for pushes and blocks, good for loops and average for smashes. For its speed it has great control and gives confidence and stability away from the table. It has little vibration, except if hit directly in the middle of the face, where it vibrates more. Overall a great versatile and linear blade. Compared to the tanpan, many other blades seem flimsy and inconsistent, difficult to let go of this one after getting used to it.


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