DHS Hurricane Long 5

DHS Hurricane Long 5 Blade
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User Ratings (35)

Speed 9.8
Control 9.4
Stiffness 5.5   
Hardness 6.5   
Medium hard
Consistency 9.7   
Always identical
Overall 9.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 92
Plies 5
Materials Aromatic carbon [aromatic carbon / Kevlar Carbon]
Thickness 5.7mm
There are 15 users using the DHS Hurricane Long 5.

Reviews (16)

adi1024  on 11/28/2015

I m using this blade with Nittaku Fastarc G-1 on FH and tibhar 5Q+ (power update) on BH.... And this blade is truly bringing out great spin/speed potential of both these rubbers.... It is fast but has excellent control in blocks, pushes.... Appropriate amount of flexibility and stiffness makes strokes over the table and away easy to execute.... Power is unleashed when you hit hard .... You can enjoy touch play and pushes at extreme angles..... Excellent for looping/driving .... I m even able to hit good B/H topspins/counter from mid/far..... Moreover, it has a thin handle that very well suits my small palm size Compared to my previous choice (carbonado 190), this blade is not overly stiff, which helps in over the table B/H loops/flicks, but stiff enough for good blocking..... Also, it is not a low throw blde unlike carbonado 190, so ball clears the net safely The carbon layer in the blade is not close to the surface, and hence control in soft touches, blocks, pushes is always maintained..... power is unleashed when you drive through the ball Highly recommended for ppl who attack more and use block defence in between to maintain the rally and then again go for attacking strokes !!
BeON4ik  3 months ago

Fantastic blade that plays exellent in short game and has very hight catapult effect far of the table. Underspin balls and counterloops are domination aspect of Hurricane long V. I recommend only hard chinese tacky rubber( I use H3NEO 40 degree) to FH and soft rubber to BH(yinhe moon soft).
BMB  on 9/29/2016

If you're a looper THEN THIS IS THE BEST BLADE FOR YOU! I'm currently using Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial blue sponge in forehand and Tenergy 64 in the backhand. I really love this setup and this is my common setup for any blade. I know you are wondering why I'm using T64 in an off++ blade. HL5 is definitely a super fast blade but it has a soft touch that gives a huge amount of control in every contact. I was using Viscaria for the past years and I really love it but after using this HL5, my whole game improves a lot! I sell my Viscaria and stick to this one. It's a beast in all aspects! You just need to learn the proper stroke of the rubber that you will put on it because for sure it will act different in different kinds of rubber. It takes time to learn how to properly use this but it will be all worth it!
kayuhkuat  3 days ago

92g. 6.0mm. 5w + 2c. Head heavy. Thin handle. Soft wood surface, easy to splinter. Need to seal. Good quality packaging box with ma long signature card. With dhs double zip bag. This is not ma long w977 blade. It was hl5. Just same appearance. Never try w977, so dont know the characteristic. Performance.. Need some break in priod, maybe 1 week, depend. Some flex. Soft top layer, hard center layer. Faster than pg7. Faster than yeo7. If u play like ma long then u should try this blade. If u not play like ma long also u can try this blade, just get the experience. This is a powerful blade if u have fast strong hand. Weak hand feel nothing. A blade for heavy looper. Beginner need proper training to maximize the potential of this blade. Good quality. Heavy price tag. Give it a try, u will like the performance or u hate the price then share ur experience here. Good luck.
TTfan2013  2 weeks ago

Have several HL 5, but have not really developed to like either one. Maybe this blade is for the 2200+ level players. Under 2000 players might not appreciate this blade. Updated: used rasanter R47 on HL5 and love it instantly.

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