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Galaxy T-8

Galaxy T-8 ping pong blade
Approx. $ 40 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 27 times)

There are 6 users using the Galaxy T-8.
From community:
Speed   9.3
Control   8.6
Stiffness   6.3 - Stiff
Hardness   6.5 - Medium hard
Consistency   8.6 - Always identical
Overall   9.3 10
Plies   5
Materials   2 plies of Carbon, 3 plies of wood
Head Thickness   6.8±0.2mm
From manufacturer:
Speed 10.0
Control 8.0
Weight 86±3g

Description of Galaxy T-8

Type: OFF

Reviews of the Galaxy T-8

Review bartek4443 said this on April 30, 2009:

best blade i have ever bought. it is arylate carbon for the price of toy paddle. plays much better than my timo boll spirit which i recommend too but this blade is very consistent, comfortable, and is light and powerful. only 20 bucks on ebay
Review Anonymous said this on July 26, 2009:

I played the Spirit and Level 91 as well. Both are very good blades but i think the T-8 is a touch better. It is faster and assisted a fast playing game near at the table and half distance. It is harder than the Spirit and softer than the Level 91. Because of that the throwing angle of the ball is a little bit lower than with the Spirit. In short short play it is also very controlled and has a great feeling.
Review williammohr said this on October 5, 2009:

I have played with the spirit with sriver EL, a set that cost me $150 US. The T-8 with Banda sigma in 2.0mm on both sides is not only better but only $55 total - 30 including shipping for blade on ebay and $25 for both sides of sigma from dandoy-sports. Just glued it today with regular glue, but it feels speed glued. The combination felt better than spirit for 1/3 the price.
Review Anonymous said this on December 30, 2009:

Very nice blade for the money. Great speed but still has great dwell on the ball. This is my favorite blade since the glue ban. Fast blade, but not too fast.
Review Darren Rapacchi said this on July 10, 2010:

I rate this as one of my best blades along with my T-4.
I play a mid distance offensive game where I attack on both wings.
I have 2.1 (Max) red Donic JO Platain Soft with Hurricane 3 black 2.2mm on my BH.
I play loop & topspin from any distance on both wings but like to sidespin loop and topspin from my FH.
This blade has fantastic control when playing with fast rubbers, but I can still BH chop & block. I have also had 729 Higher 2 on both sides in 2.2mm that played well. I do tend to alternate between blades depending on who I am playing against. Great price from Ebay at under £21.00 including shipping. My father has also bought one at £18.00. Beat that Butterfly!!!!
Review JimT said this on October 26, 2010:

One of the best OFF blades on the market. Instead of spending 180 dollars on Amultart buy this one for $35 or less. Does everything very confidently (especially if you find the right rubbers for it); excels in blocking, kill shots, general flat game and power looping. Best control of almost all T-series blades. It's not as crazy fast and carbon-ping-y and zero-dwell time-y as T-1, T-2, T-4. Great blade for a fast attacker who sometimes wonders into OFF- style, or for the one who cannot control his favorite rubbers on T-4 or even faster blades.
Review Anonymous said this on November 24, 2010:

Love it. Plays extremely well from virtually anywhere. Lots of power with a surprising amount of touch.
Review Marvel64 said this on January 18, 2011:

It seems to be a toy paddle for the price of toy paddle. Plays much worse than TBS and Maze; absolutely not comparable with Joola Fever and Markovic. Decent control, but poor speed far from the table and really soft. I'm agree with Seguso: it's not a serious paddle.
Review DOMINATOR said this on February 16, 2011:

This blade is great. Since the quality control at Galaxy is not close to Butterfly's, however, you might receive an occasional defects, which might explain the blatantly negative reviews on this blade. I recommend buying 2 of these blades and playing with the better one. Also, if you can, ask the store to send you blade with exactly 86g weight. Great dwell time for such as fast blade and no vibration.
Review Ardi wu said this on July 29, 2011:

I have 2 blade, DHS wind CWD, & Butterfly Fire hand. I just bought galaxy T8,i play lopp, its very awesome, the blade can generate heavy spin, smash. this blade be my favourite now. I love it>
Review Phot0n said this on February 13, 2012:

A fabulous blade and I've consistently received Galaxy blades in great manufacturing shape. This blade is slightly smaller than my T-4 with a similar comfortable handle. The slightly smaller head resulted in lighter weight set-ups. The blade itself was light, 83g, and well made. It's a fast blade. It says "OFF" but it's very much an OFF+ to me. By thickness alone (6.8mm) it's stiff and the Arylate still gives good control. It takes some getting used to, but when you hit it right, there is a wonderful sweet-spot feel.
Review Anonymous said this on February 22, 2012:

I was looking for a blade with speed and great control (tried around 20 from different brands BTFly, Andro, Donic, DHS, Galaxy) and this one together with Stiga TUBE carbon are at the top of the list. This blade has it all, I have two with Donic turbo X1 (FH), Donic Sonex Gold (BH), and Auda2 (BH) with XIOM Omega4 (FH). Buy it if your stile is mid-distance hard strokes...
Review Kwok said this on March 13, 2012:

This is an Arylate-carbon blade with Hinoki at the outer ply , a fast blade with a good control , it is good for block , smash and topspin. the sound is very crispy : ping ...ping every time you do smash
Review emelo said this on February 7, 2013:

83g, 6.2mm (?? not 6.8)
5 plies of wood (?? not 3) + 2 arylate-carbon layer

T-8 is better for me than t-7:
similar control, lower spin sensitivity, same spin, but higher throw, and slightly higher top-speed.
Powerful fast loop or short high arc can be generated easily.
Review brianyosua said this on March 2, 2013:

hey guys, i think this is a great blade for all loopers. cause the price are cheap. If it is compared to spirit, this blade is more faster. so keep making good blades :)
Review BlackQueen said this on March 2, 2013:

Fast blade with a good control, good for block, smash, topspin and push. Really nice blade, ordered another one. mine is much thinner though 6.1-6.2mm not 6.8 as indicated in description. This blade is very good with many different rubbers, therefore suit different stiles from ALL to OFF+. Update: have to lower down the overall rating (initial control was 9 and overall 9.5), after getting the second blade... this time its 6.8mm in thickness, heavier, and plays completely different to one that I have. Speed is there, may be, even faster, but no much feeling, meaning hard to control with not much feedback. So not much consistency in blades production... need to give an average rating between the two.
Review seguso said this on March 11, 2013:

very stiff, very bouncy blade, without a good top gear, with poor touch.

cypress outer ply.

carbon-arylate, which gives it a soft feeling, but it is actually a hard blade.

it seems to have few gears: close to the table, it can be too fast (as it is very springy). Far from the table, it can be too slow.

The blade is light.

Some compare this blade with the dawei wavestone, which is more powerful far from the table, and has better touch close to the table. However, wavestone is worse for brushing, and has less power close to the table.
Review sto4i07 said this on September 6, 2013:

This blade is much,much better than some of the expensive blades
Review sipokoyto said this on January 16, 2014:

This blade is fast and the feedback is great. I cant believe that they are selling something like this at this price. With DHS Tin Arc 3 at the forehand and Haifu Whale 2 at the backhand. I hate to say this, it out perform my Zhang Jike blade.
Review vanjr said this on August 28, 2014:

This is a very fast, very hard blade. Good quality. Did I mention how fast it is? If you are used to max rubbers with hard sponge on some other blades you may want to rethink your choice for this blade. It hits pretty well. I need a softer sponge to loop with it because the ball just jumps off this blade.
Update-tried with some new rubbers. Still great for put away, but my game as a whole suffers. I think this blade would work well for a hitter and/or someone who puts a lot of hours in. You can do some crazy shots with this if you handle it correctly.
Review ex_hai05 said this on December 23, 2014:

Good blade, easy to play. Type Off is right, but fast offensive blade. 7 plies including 2 plies of ALC. Thickness ~ 6mm. My weight is about 85gr


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