(No Brand) Blade Reviews

Blade Name Speed Control Material Overall Price No. of Ratings
(No Brand) 2 Faced Grinder--Wood-$ 0.000
(No Brand) Agilite Balsa Texalium Blade--Composite-$ 52.000
(No Brand) ALPEN WOOD BLADE (Dingo + Swiss)--Wood-$ 94.000
(No Brand) ARTTE Nuvola6.59.5Wood9.8$ 120.001
(No Brand) Borneo Beast Diamond Carbon Signanture Series10.010.0Composite10.0$ 999.991
(No Brand) Brodmann Blades--Wood-$ 69.000
(No Brand) D.Tector5.09.0Wood-$ 45.001
(No Brand) Dimanka Hurricane 510.08.8Composite9.9$ 80.001
(No Brand) Gold Cup9.09.0Wood9.0$ 5.001
(No Brand) GuoYueHua Low Carbon Life--Composite-$ 13.000
(No Brand) Hermoso--Wood-$ 0.000
(No Brand) Jaguar--Composite-$ 20.000
(No Brand) Kosaka Carbon7.08.0Composite7.3$ 13.001
(No Brand) L-2--Composite-$ 0.000
(No Brand) Leoviz Liberty7.59.9Wood9.5$ 32.001
(No Brand) Levi OFF---Wood-$ 40.000
(No Brand) Maestro-Lithuania9.09.0Wood9.5$ 25.001
(No Brand) N8 TT Dragon L18.09.0Wood8.0$ 50.001
(No Brand) Nimatsu7.810.0Wood-$ 0.001
(No Brand) Orina Gagak 019.08.5Composite8.9$ 20.001
(No Brand) Palatinus Custom--Wood-$ 120.000
(No Brand) Radius Carbon--Composite-$ 32.000
(No Brand) Rapscallion (Ross Leidy)9.89.0Wood10.0$ 140.002
(No Brand) Razer L-28.38.4Composite8.4$ 15.002
(No Brand) Razer L9--Wood-$ 45.000
(No Brand) Reach C-1 (Carbon)--Composite-$ 10.000
(No Brand) REACH E-58.07.0Wood-$ 45.001
(No Brand) Red+Black Kazak Combi--Composite-$ 210.000
(No Brand) Rosen10.08.0Wood9.8$ 70.001
(No Brand) Ross Leidy Custom10.010.0Wood10.0$ 0.001
(No Brand) Siam Pingpong Handmade8.59.5Wood9.0$ 0.001
(No Brand) Uberpong Blade5.55.0Wood3.5$ 30.002
(No Brand) Victas Quartet Speed--Composite-$ 150.000
(No Brand) XXX Black Mix8.58.0Composite8.0$ 42.902
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