OSP Virtuoso OFF-

OSP Virtuoso OFF- Blade
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Speed 8.0
Control 9.2
Stiffness 4.1   
Hardness 4.4   
Consistency 10.0   
Always identical
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Weight 87g +/- 2g
Plies 5
Thickness 5.7mm
There are 5 users using the OSP Virtuoso OFF-.
Our 5-ply controlled offensive, mid balanced racket also known as 'offensive minus' style. Due to the layer structure and special building process it collaborates well with rubbers from the new era.

We recommend Virtuoso for players who emphasize spin in their offensive game besides variety of other strokes. Good handling, easy swinging, high amount of spin.

The optimal playing distance is mid distance but you will not feel lack of power from further.

It highly bites the ball and throws it in a fine arc to ensure smooth placing. Provides controlled flexibility meanwhile delivers as much information as you need into your palm to let you react well.

Reviews (12)

zzz  on 11/26/2011

Absolutely great blade. It feels solid but not hard at all. Feeling is a little muted and hollow like the old Stiga blades from the 70/80s. There are no unpleasant vibrations. The feedback is superb. Virtuoso is less bouncy than the Expert. Well-balanced blade. Looping, blocking, hitting, short game: all strokes are powerful with a lot of control. You can do all offensive strokes with it very well. A real off-minus blade with strong properties. First class craftmanship. This is definitely MY blade, that I was searching for. Playing it since 10 months and there is still no desire to look for another blade.
icontek  on 2/28/2011

More than 6 months in and I'm sticking with this blade. Incredibly versatile blade. In the past I played blades that either A) hit well or B) looped well. This does both. Flex is medium so hitting and smashing are very predictable. Loops have a good long arc to the baseline allowing you to pressure blockers and counterhitters who play close. The softness provides great feel and dwell, and the blade "loads" really well to give you enough topspin to loopkill close to the table. Blade has enough pace to take out to mid distance and still pressure your opponents. And the feedback on the blade is absolutely perfect, your hand knows where the ball will land at the moment of contact.[ TL;DR Report: Faster than Stiga Offensive Classic Control rivals Stiga Allround
Tarsmot  4 months ago

Mine is 88grams with a square straight handle. Head size is m. The plys are the same as my Primorac both 5.7 the handle almost similar to Butterfly's own straight used on the Timo Boll. However the head shape differs and the head joins the handle higher up so some adjustment in grip is necessary. Compared to the Primorac the blade has a deeper tone in play more gravitas. A little slower, slightly lower throw, but more feel and control in short play and blocking.
antonio2016  4 months ago

I practice this blade on the club practice nice control, consistent as well not yet play league match but put medium hard rubber on it or can used soft rubber fast rubber it work great to me, but not slow rubber will not be good for this blade. Would say nice great blade.
jovega  on 5/29/2016

Lovely quality and craftsmanship. Handle chosen was SQST. Speed chosen was OFF-. I chose this blade to give me more control and it certainly did that. First used this with Yasaka Mark V HPS 2.0mm rubbers on BH and FH. For my style of playing (ALL+, aspiring to OFF+!) it was comfortable, good for defending with as much control as I expected. However, I just could not get that killer smash and speed. Opponents were returning smashes that with other blades I could put away. I then switched to Joola Maxxx500 max on BH and FH. Suddenly it is my heaviest "blade and rubbers" combination at 197g. The change in rubbers solved the "killer smash" issue but now I find it just that bit too heavy so I will try another set of rubbers, possibly Rakza 9 on the BH or the new Gewo Hype XT Pro 40. It is possible that the OFF+ version may also have done the trick. My comparison blades, all with max rubbers, include Joola Rossi Carbon (Rakza9 BH, Joola RhyzmP FH, 191g), Andro Kinetic Record OFF+ (Gewo Flexxon FH, Gewo Hype EL Pro 40 BH, 178g), Andro Ligna OFF+ (Victas V>01 FH, Joola RhyzmP BH, 195g) and most recently the OSP musk OFF+ (the only 7-ply in the mix so far - Rakza9 FH, Victas V>15 Limber BH, 194g). As a reference point for this review, I have returned to TT after decades away from the sport at school. I play regularly at my club and our club coach wants me to play Division 2 (then Div 1 and finally Premier Division, where the coach plays and wins). I have awarded Speed 8, Control 9, Stiffness Average, Hardness Medium Hard, Consistency no rating due to lack of sufficient info/data.

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