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Stiga Sense 7.6

Stiga Sense 7.6 ping pong blade
Approx. $ 112 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 3 times)

From community:
Speed   9.5
Control   8.3
Stiffness   8.5 - Very stiff
Hardness   8.4 - Hard
Consistency   7.5 - Always identical
Overall   9.0 10
Plies   13
Materials   6 plies of Carbon
From manufacturer:
Speed 98.0 / 100
Control 57.0 / 100
Weight 87g

Description of Stiga Sense 7.6

The beautiful STIGA Sense 7.6 is built with a special outer veneer produced through a very long drying process. The result is a fast offensive blade with fantastic feeling and sound that helps the offensive player to retain the upper hand in fast rallies. Sense 7.6, with 7 wood and 6 carbon layers, is based on the very popular and world-famous offensive blade, STIGA Carbo 7.6.


Gani_Agung  on 8/20/2013

Very powerful blade .. fast ,controlable and spinny . It has a very good touch for player who want to play fast topspins and flat hits. this blade is essentially similiar to the Jun Mijutani Blade, which is much cheaper ..
swombi  on 7/12/2013

Good blade,well composed,poor manufacture quality


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