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Xiom Hayabusa ZXi

Xiom Hayabusa ZXi ping pong blade
Approx. $ 180 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 22 times)

There are 8 users using the Xiom Hayabusa ZXi.
From community:
Speed   9.7
Control   8.6
Stiffness   7.2 - Stiff
Hardness   7.4 - Medium hard
Consistency   9.4 - Always identical
Overall   9.2 10
Plies   7
Materials   Koto outer plies-Zephylium Carbon-Ayous-Kiri
Head Thickness   5.7mm
Head Dimensions   158x152mm
From manufacturer:
Speed 99.0 / 100
Control 88.0 / 100
Weight 85g

Description of Xiom Hayabusa ZXi

Amazing synergy of wood and composite material from new construction. Zephylium Carbon towards the center made ZXi feel more solid but very genuine. Spin loading was leveraged by new construction and became easier to perform. Accurate and powerful ball control makes the player keep up and win over the longer rally. Control phase of the game improves along with the winning opportunities. New paradigm defines Hayabusa optimizing controversial properties to make the unprecedented table tennis weapon.


animish  3 months ago

It is a fast blade but has lots of vibrations. i would persnally prefer any of the butterfly zlc than this.
manu44  3 months ago

He usado esta madera por 1 año y medio. Hace 9 años entreno tenis de mesa y es una madera excelente para atacar de media o larga distancia, tiene un control muy bueno en comparación con la velocidad que alcanza, yo la he usado con tenergy 80 FH y tenergy 64 BH... Y es excelente combinación de poder y precisión.
tuyetvu79  5 months ago

I love Hayabusa ZXi + Vega Pro ! .....The best choice for attack and control
Killerspint  6 months ago

Awesome blade. Compared to TB-ZLC (same blade composition), the Zxi has a bigger sweet spot (biggest i have tested so far, have not tried the super ZLC from butterfly). But the blade offers more flex, more feeling for the same speed than the TB-zlc. The biggest sweet spot gives more control, more consistency. The blade offers the speed of TB-zlc with the feeling of Arylate carbon blades like viscaria, TBS, TB-ALC so i recommend this blade for "Viscaria like" users wanting more speed, or for the TB-zlc users wanting more feeling, same power and ever bigger sweet spot with higher throw angle. Top quality blade, i'm thinking about letting my beloved TB-ALC for this blade, i have the feeling of more power for same control with better consistency thx to the incredible sweet spot. Tested with many Vega/Omega rubbers, T64, Barracuda, sinus alpha & Razka7.
igszoctan  10 months ago

First impressions are great. I guess I have found my ultimate blade. Love at first touch. Huge power, speed and control. You will be surprised. A bit head heavy but not disturbing especially after my wrb. I'll update later :) Now 05Fx and Aurus Sound but planning to stick M2 and M3 (2mm) on it to tame the beast a bit :D 1st Update: A bit sharp around the neck so it was sandpapered a lil bit and now it is cool. Full size sweetpot can be felt :) 2nd Update: Everything works excellent after a few training sessions. The blade is simply perfect for me. Tremendous power, spinny balls and control. Anyway, one may find it heavy because mine is 102g with two layers of sealant and the handgrip on it according to my kitchen scales. Sorry guys, I forgot to weigh it right after out of pocket :( 3rd update: I am NOT a Pro TT player so U should take my opinion with a pinch o' salt :) Well, I have been using ZXi only for a couple of weeks but I must tell U I am very satisfied with it. Technically all kinds of strokes can be carried out with it efficiently but its main stregth lies in spinny powerful strokes. Short spinny or no-spin serves can be carried out easily as well. Used TBS for a year as my main blade which is similar to ALC (?) . ZXi is more powerful and has huge capacity of spin and control. Anyway, TBS is also an excellent blade but I miss the ZIP of Hayabusa. Moreover , I'd say it is a cannon supported by a skynet-sattelite-system :D ...so you will have the control and power far away from the table too. By the way, it weighs 198 gramms with M2-M3 and grip so those with weak muscles and joints keep their distance please :)


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