Xiom Strato

Xiom Strato Blade
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Speed 9.6
Control 8.7
Stiffness 7.0   
Hardness 6.8   
Medium hard
Consistency 8.9   
Always identical
Overall 9.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99
Weight 88g
Plies 5
Materials 2 plies of Energy Carbon, 3 plies of Kiso Hinoki
Thickness 7.0mm
There are 6 users using the Xiom Strato.
Improved Hinoki-Carbon blade of 7.0 mm thickness.
High power, comfortable feel, and all-round capability.

The basic construction of STRATO is based on that of our classic carbon blades such as SPEED OFF++ and POWER OFF+. But, replacement of older carbon with newly developed ENERGY CARBON realized another level of performance and feel. Improved efficiency of energy due to the lower damping of new material makes more powerful strokes. Further it gives improved control. KISO HINOKI of improved quality is used as top layers, and provides very comfortable and mild feel. This improvement gives STRATO the ability of all-round play though it is very fast blade. Topspin is more stable than players expect, and draws very sharp trajectory with good control. If a player can become accustom to the high speed, he/she will be able to perform every technique with ease.

Reviews (11)

metalone  on 5/18/2008

For the speed rating, this blade has good control. Realy shines from mid to far distances and near for flat drives off of mistakes from you opponent.
HumbleBear  10 months ago

The Xiom Strato is my favorite blades! Fast, good control, spinny & precise. I asked for a light blade and received an ultra light one at 80.3g, 80.9g after 2 light coats of polyurethane. Thickness measured to be 7.1mm. FL grip is wide & flat providing a sure grip. Strato has the same exact design as my Bty Primorac Carbon: Kiso Hinoki+Carbon+Kiso Hinoki(center but I'm not sure if Bty uses Hinoki for the center core). Strato's outer ply of Hinoki is much thicker than the Primorac Carbon but surprisingly it has firmer wood feel than the P/C giving a more precise signal. Power is comparable to P/C; may be slightly slower (but still too fast for most people for competition) with noticeably better control, similar great spin capability and lighter (my copy is 80g vs 90g); to sum up all these attributes are exactly what I was looking for where they were lacking in the P/C. I wonder if the light weight has something to do with the slower speed or maybe the thicker top layer. But to me the speed is just right for just playing rally but a little too fast for competition when on the defense. This blade is a looping monster. It can generate very strong topspin at a medium low and very fast trajectory. It's one of the best OFF+ blades. My rating: speed=9.6; control=8.8; stiffness=9; hardness=6.7; Spin=very good; throw=med low; consistency=9; balance=head heavy; overall=9.5. What an excellent blade Xiom Strato! Update: I originally underrated the speed as 9.4 & corrected to 9.6. I think med soft rubber is the most suitable for this blade. I currently use Fastarc S-1(1.8mm) for FH & Mark V HPS (2.0mm) for BH. I love this blade/rubber combo very much.
Nelsonjack124  on 7/2/2016

I used butterfly gergly tamca5000 but due to the loss of control switched to xiom strato Fh &bh rakza7 soft max 1st was difficult to smash but after lot of accuracy it is dangerous on the table even after tremendous topspin,smash ball is back on the table opponent gets confused descent paddle
bmasterr  on 5/14/2013

I have found out this blade has the excellent speed balance with control and good quality.I will compare with the other hinoki carbon blade.This blade is the softest hinoki carbon blade which i ever used,but not softer than aryl.C or Aramid.Speed is almost equal to Gregerly.Superb control because it has the softer feel.
Kross  on 4/13/2012

This is my favourite blade and I never think to change.I use Sriver G3 FX FH and Yasaka Mark V XS BH.This blade should use the rubber that balance for 2 sides.I compare this with the Sardius (Black Butterfly Plate) It has the same speed but Strato easier to control to the position.Strato has lighter than Sardius you can respond the ball faster.For me BH good to block,flick,and topspin(but I'm usually topspin out of the table because it faster i think i have to adapt it).FH I can defenite ''Perfect'' . It easy to topspin and the ball speed that my please.I think this blade suit for the Offensive player it great to play middle distance and out of the table(For in the the table that depend on the personal).

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