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Yasaka Extra 3D Soft Carbon

Yasaka Extra 3D Soft Carbon ping pong blade
Approx. $ 60 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 4 times)

There are 2 users using the Yasaka Extra 3D Soft Carbon.
From community:
Speed   8.2
Control   8.2
Stiffness   4.5 - Average
Hardness   7.1 - Medium hard
Consistency   10.0 - Always identical
Overall   8.4 10
Plies   7
Materials   Carbon, plywood
From manufacturer:
Speed 18.0 / 20
Control 15.0 / 20
Weight 89g +/- 5g

Description of Yasaka Extra 3D Soft Carbon

A new blade in the very successful "family EXTRA". With EXTRA 3D Soft Carbon Yasaka adds speed and power to the famous EXTRA characteristics.

Thanks to the specification to the carbon material, the position in the plywood composition and the gluing method EXTRA Soft Carbon keeps the balance and the good ball feel.
5 wooden veneers + 2 carbon veneers.


Anonymous  on 11/28/2009

Nice design and feel for the straight handle. It's a really nice blade. It is quite hard but has a tiny bit vibration which gives it a perfect feel for both beginners and pros. It's pretty powerful (I'd say about OFF) so it allows for powerful smashes and loops. It's control is really good to so chopping is not a problem. I'd recommend it to anybody except maybe anti-spin users. The only minor problem is that compared to an OFF+ blade, you may need swing a bit bigger when topspinning backspin. I'd rate it 9.4/10 overall. Seriously it's that good.
hbelton  on 10/14/2009

Went from a very stiff composit blade to this one using Tenergy 05 and 25. It offers a good blend of power with excellent control at mid and close to the table distances. I will be getting another with flared handle and I should be set for quite a while.


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