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Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon

Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon ping pong blade
Approx. $ 60 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 13 times)

There are 2 users using the Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon.
From community:
Speed   7.7
Control   7.8
Stiffness   5.0 - Average
Hardness   4.0 - Medium soft
Consistency   5.0 - Occasional variations
Overall   8.1 10
Plies   7
Materials   anigree - limba - soft carbon - ayous
From manufacturer:
Speed 92.0 / 100
Control 83.0 / 100
Weight 89

Description of Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon

MA LIN SOFT CARBON has the same outer veneer as the famous EXTRA blade. Its medium soft characteristics is appreciated by players who want increased ball feel.

In SOFT CARBON Yasaka is using a special, very thin Carbon fibre to improve the speed and enlarge the Sweet-spot.

Together with the thicker wooden middle veneer it gives good power.

The combination of the "power part" (carbon+thicker middle veneer) and the softer outer veneer makes Ma Lin SOFT CARBON the perfect choice for power players who need a good ball feel for best performance.

Reviews of the Yasaka Ma Lin Soft Carbon

Review lrahardja said this on September 4, 2009:

This is a good thin, light, medium offensive blade. Due to its thin composition, it's great for on the table looping and blocking heavy loop. The thin carbon and 7 total plies make it feel medium soft while blocking. Definitely more control than Butterfly KLH Special (carbon arylate). Highly recommended. The knock back is some inconsistency in manufacturing, this is supposed to be made in Sweden.
Review kikiz said this on September 12, 2009:

ma lin soft carbon is a very good off- blade which also very comfortable using RPB due to it thin handle.very controlable yet not so slow.

however it isn't very consistency,especially in it's handle pattern.it vibrate a bit but still it perform very well in controlled offensive game.
Review Spidy said this on March 11, 2010:

What a disappointment this was for me. This was my first new blade in 15 years, my old one was Joola Rosskopf Fire. Having tried my mates' blades, I finally decided to invest in some quality equipment. I bought this blade because I wanted more speed and more control than what I had. So I chose a carbon blade, but a Soft Carbon. I thought Yasaka and Ma Lin were supposed to be a guarantee of a good blade. Alas, it was not. For +50 euros, this blade is a very bad buy, there are lots of better choices out there.

The blade has a very poor speed to control ratio. According to Yasaka, the blade is supposed to have an extra-large sweet spot, but still it feels to function properly only when you hit the ball pretty much in the middle of the blade. The blade vibrates unpleasantly and the blade feels sluggish if you don't hit the sweet spot. There is not much dwell-time with this blade, so getting a good spin on the ball is quite difficult unless you have excellent technique and a suitable rubber. Tenergy 64 might be a good fh-choice here, since it adds some dwell time and is fast enough. For the bh, I would have to recommend something very lightweight, otherwise the weight will be too much for comfort. Dawei Inspirit Quattro Ultra Light H35 (SV35) or H40 (UL) 2.0mm or max might work just fine. I tried this rubber also with a soft (H35) attacking pips-out rubber, and it just didn't work, for me at least.

Finally, my blade weighed in at 96 grams, although it was rated at 85 grams. I have contacted Yasaka several times both in Sweden and in Japan about this anomaly, but have got no answer from the emails on their website. Unless I hear back from them pretty soon, I will never ever buy Yasaka products or recommend them to anyone. This blade was supposed to have it all for me, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. I know some top players have used this blade (e.g. Mattias Karlsson, world #361 Dec.2009) but I can't see that they have been using the same blade as this.

-workmanship is fine
-blade comes pre-sealed

-extremely heavy, 11g more than rated
-poor speed/control
-not much dwell-time for a "Soft Carbon"
-smaller sweet spot than expected
-handle is too thin (flared)
-poor customer support from Yasaka
Review Anonymous said this on September 15, 2010:

It is not an off- blade actually. I feel that it is very fast when I hit it hard. It is a little too bouncy for close to table attack, but suitable for mid-distance defense and looping. In order to play well with it, a person has to relax and be able to optimize his wrist.
Review jason said this on January 15, 2011:

i dont mind spend money on blade, but 60 dollars is too much for this one. soft, not enough power, slow.you want soft weak power blade,maybe ok for you.but there are some soft and powerful blade out there , why pick this one. i am sorry too say that, this is a gabarge! thank you for reading.
Review Anonymous said this on April 19, 2011:

Very disapointed blade...
Review speaquinox said this on August 28, 2013:

I handpicked one with 89 gr weight (ST). A Very good controlled offense blade. Glue some of the latest Tensors (eg. Bluefire, Evolution or even Tenergy) and you get a great looping setup. Handle and balance is also very good. Similiar quality to other Yasaka blades.

I don't understand why some reviewers are so dissappointed. It's rated OFF- and it's a very good OFF- blade. One can compare it to Korbel and it is at least as good.
Review rabbit said this on May 17, 2014:

A carbon blade with good control. Hard to add spin to the ball.
Review 13eWa12N said this on December 17, 2014:

Current Setup:

FH: Xiom Sigma I Euro Max Black
BH: Tibhar Norm 1.7 Red

At first, I bought this blade because it is on sales (c. $50) and want to try carbon-fibre OFF- blade which is suitable for my style (2-wings looper) hoping for excelent feeling from carbon-fivre and enlarged sweet spot.

First Glance: I find that the blade weight is not too heavy and not too light (approx 85g). The blade itself has smooth finish at racket face, but it has rough finishing on the handle. When hitting a ball, it has a lot vabration if it does not hit at the center of the racket. I think the racket sweet spot is too small for carbon-fiber blade (IMHO, the sweet spot is less than ordinary wood blade at the same price). The control is ok and the blade itself with Xiom Sigma I Euro is not very fast but still acceptable.

FH Loop: The blade provide needed dwell time to openning loop in close to the table game and generating needed spin in the low arc. In killing loop, it has enough speed to finish the game with enormous spin. IMHO, you will need extra effort to finish point in long-distance looping.

FH Smash/Flick: This is the depart ment where the the flex blade does not excel with. The blade can really smash but it does not produce enough speed without enough effort to killing the game.

BH Loop: With current setup, it does very easy to do opening loop against back spin. However, BH loop is no go to finish the point (Without return error from opponent) for this combination of rubber and blade.

BH Smash/Flick: Since I use RPB for opening loop and positioning, I does not use my BH to finish game.

Chop/Push: This blade can provide good control in short game, even it has some vibration on it, but I think it is a advantage to play low power shot/in the table shot.

In summary, I think this blade is suitable in short-play in the table game. It is a good OFF- blade with considerable price and finishing quality.


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