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Backhand Loop

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The backhand loop is a tricky stroke but a very important one. Due to the view from behind the racket (compared to the side view when looking at your racket in a forehand loop), this stroke can be more difficult.

Having a strong backhand loop can ease your reliance on your forehand, so instead of always "stepping around" to use the forehand you can use the backhand and stay in better position for the next ball.

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Tips for the Backhand Loop Text Section

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Here are some tips for an effective and consistent Backhand Loop:

  1. Feet should be steady.
    The feet should not be moving. Try to get in position early to give time to stabilize yourself before the loop.
  2. Right foot should be slightly ahead of the left.
    Kreanga recommends having your right foot (if right-handed) in front of your left, though parallel feet are fine too.
  3. Dip your playing shoulder for more options.
    When looping from a distance, you can wind up more of your racket shoulder (counter-clockwise for right-handers) so it gives you the option of aiming to both corners of the table. If you don't, you're likely to be limited to aiming at the diagonal corner.

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