Friendship/729 755

Friendship/729 755 Pips
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Speed 6.0
Spin 4.4
Control 7.5
Deception 7.3
Reversal 6.1
Weight 2.7   
Sponge Hardness 3.9   
Medium soft
Consistency 6.9   
Occasional variations
Durability 6.0   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 5.0 / 10
Spin 6.0 / 10
Control 7.0 / 10
Deception 8.5 / 10
Type Long pips
There are 4 users using the Friendship/729 755.
R.I.T.C. 755 is a king of long rubber developed and produced by Tianjin Rubber Industry Research Institute which has accumulated many years of experience. It has the despun property and the following characteristics: batting and lowering, strong toughness and drift return route, having the function of guarding against loop drive, If used together with 729, it will generate strong power to make the opponent feel puzzled. It has long been called magic idiozome and was once used by Ms.Deng Yaping, the world champion.

Reviews (14)

CottonEyeJoe  3 weeks ago

Tried ox and on two blades. On the stiff all+ blade, I found it really good for blocks and attacks. Blocks would always trick my opponents, and attacks sent receives into the net. On a more flexible blade, 755 can also chop! Chops can be played away from table, but ox lacks in spin. Overall great rubber, but maybe too fast for a defensive style. Would recommend ox for blockers and thin sponge for defenders.
pippy  on 8/4/2015

OMG it is spin sensitive as well!!!! Usually very dependable against my typical lower level opponents I have confirmed that the shorter 1.5 - 1.8 mm pips, smooth, relatively spaced-out, can not take high spin loops. They will shoot up even on a solid blocking blade like my R2. It returned so well, so many spinny serves, and blocked with good depth, and even has a good wobbly effect, and attacking properties, but as I have a new training partner, I can now go through all my pips with a fine comb, er blade rather. It's good as a starter but later on you will need a better pip to keep the blocks low and on the table. Rats! If you are set on using it because it is still effective to use, a slower blade is the better option vs the good loopers and make sure there is a heavier fh rubber for stability. Just 2 more cents: It's easy to use and control in ave. rallies and has lower friction than pogo/837/talon so better for returning bs serves even though it concedes to high amounts of top spin.
swordeye  on 4/17/2015

In contrast its lack of attack capabilities, This Long Pips rubber requires more upper body bending and follow-through strokes in order to get the ball the bullet effect on its offensive attacks at the same time timed reversal. Slow but still manageable to increase its terminal velocity by adjusting its handle. Effective defender if the user would rather choose to direct the ball rather randomly throw it. Used as OX on a stiga carbon blade as both FH and BH.
Silk  on 11/14/2013

Novemeber 14th, 2013 Thursday 9:55pm I've used the black version of this rubber in 1.0 sponge, 0.6 sponge, and OX. Out of all of them, OX will offer the best performance. I don't recommend sponge because of terrible consistency. 1.0 SPONGE * Advantages -- Most weird compared to the rest -- Chopping will absorb fast flat serve and slow spinny loops -- Performs best at long range chopping * Disadvantages -- Rubber delivers worst performance when close to the table -- Attacking is simply unreliable -- Becomes a huge liability when returning serves -- Difficulty returning heavy backspin -- Almost useless against flat kill from opponent -- Blocking requires super human reflex and can't be done while moving 0.6 SPONGE * Advantages -- More consistency -- Effective range is a little closer to the table -- Catch blocking is reliable as long as you don't move -- Inherits less disadvantages from thicker sponge * Disadvantages -- Less weird -- Mistakes are easy to make when returning different serves OX SPONGE (without sponge) * Advantages -- Strokes are much more reliable and consistent -- Smashing on lobs is effective and will destroy a lobber -- Blocking can be done if you have to move -- Less bothered by heavy backspin * Disadvantages -- Least weird compared to the rest -- Vulnerable against fast flat serve CONCLUSION Each sponge thickness has a specific serve weakness. Thick sponge likes fast serve, but detests spin; and OX likes spin, but can't deal with fast serve.
lpips  on 7/14/2013

This is my first LP rubber, have it in Red 1mm sponge. Equipped with Tibhar stratus power defense Its Difficult to master. Full swing is required for a wobble effect, it's definitely faster than any pips rubber that I know of.. Excellent for deception and Possible to hit flat with BH and be assured that you won't get a return :D Cheers!!

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