Friendship/729 802-40

Friendship/729 802-40 Pips
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User Ratings (41)

Speed 8.3
Spin 7.6
Control 8.6
Deception 3.6
Weight 2.7   
Sponge Hardness 2.3   
Medium soft
Consistency 8.4   
Always identical
Durability 9.3   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 12 / 12
Spin 8.0 / 12
Control 11 / 12
Deception 0.0 / 12
Type Short pips
There are 9 users using the Friendship/729 802-40.
High speed

Supports aggressive style

Special 35deg Pro Sponge

Powerful conical shaped pips

Give your opponent no opportunity to play their game. 802 40 gives the ability to attack pushes and service that traditional rubbers cannot. Maximize your attack off the bounce. Crush your opponents "Best Shots".

Reviews (29)

ronakvyas86  on 10/3/2016

I got this rubber, on my Yasaka Extra Offensive blade, for the purpose of experimenting with short pips after reading a couple of reviews. I'm a penholder and I was previously using Evolution MX-P for FH on Joola Rossi Emotion Cpen blade. So, I thought I might have some difficulty adjusting my FH to a rubber like this. To my suprise, this rubber is so much more easier to play with than I thought. Yes, the looping from forehand is not even close to what I could do with my old rubber (MX-P) and all the other tensors I've used before (Nimbus, Acuda S1 Turbo), but other than that everything else is much better. Pushing, chopping, hitting, driving, placing, all are terrific. Overall, I think I'm playing much better than this one on my FH rather than all the other tensors that I've used. I still manage to play offensively with much less errors. Serves are quite spinny too. I guess I'm gonna stick with this one for a long time.
Nakata  5 months ago

I own a 802-40 since 2013 (4 years already) but never had used it. I found it too hard compared to my previous short pips, Yasaka Rakza PO. Maybe I didn´t like this particular characteristics at that time. But recently I met a penhold player (just like myself) using a F´Ship 802, which is even harder than 802-40. And he blocks so well, giving opponents a very hard time. So I decided to give my 802-40 one more try... and I can barely explain how much amazed I am now. This rubber is a beast! Fast, actually incredibly fast when hard-hit. My initial impressions of a hard feeling remains, but I can win points with it without giving any chance for my opponent to return the ball. When the smash hits table the point is over. It is unforgiving, you can´t fix the stroke in the middle of swing but with a well-executed motion it rewards with winners.
xvpltabletennis  5 months ago

I used on BH with sponge 1.8 mm and able to smash very well and my FH is Rakza 7 not soft. The rubber grip pretty well. I notice when I served fast loose ball or push down the ball sink down when it hit the opponent's rubber, it seemed to have under spin when served like that. It forces the opponent to push the ball up a lot. I able to place the ball even better than Rakza 7. Very good control for chop and push, I almost never lose a point when push the ball. It can push very solid. Deception is OK not for those who want deception as weapon in the game. The rubber is cheap and it is great for offensive players who want more control. I would recommend this rubber but get it with the sponge not without.
Burn  7 months ago

good short pips, then easy to play with it, good to kill spin
soper79  7 months ago

This SP is everything it is billed to be. Great speed. Honestly when you drive & smash opponents will have a hard time getting it back on the table given the speed and relative lack of spin they're used to. Great control and touch (compared to inverted), spiny (relative to other short pips) if that's what you are looking for. If you are coming form Inverted, this will be the best transition for you. It will be less spiny than any inverted (and that's a good thing. Otherwise you wouldn't be looking at SP) but not so much to where you can't adapt. I really like the balance this rubber brings for me in terms of ability to attack, blocking, touch & control. Great rubber. Great price. Well worth trying it out. I have the 802-40 in 2.0 sponge 35 degrees.

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