Dawei Pips Reviews

Type Pips Name Speed Spin Overall Price No. of Ratings
Short PipsDawei 388B7.57.27.8$ 35.008
Short PipsDawei 388B-$ 13.006
Medium PipsDawei 388C-$ 12.008
Medium PipsDawei 388C-1 King---$ 15.000
Long PipsDawei 388D3.65.07.6$ 8.003
Long PipsDawei 388D-$ 8.0027
Long PipsDawei 388D-1 Quattro Allround7.05.58.8$ 38.008
Long PipsDawei Guai Jiao Huang Special6.05.07.0$ 6.501
Long PipsDawei Saviga V4.24.49.0$ 30.007
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