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DHS 652

DHS 652 ping pong pips
Approx. $ 21 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 7 times)

From community:
Speed   7.5
Spin   5.2
Control   8.0
Deception   4.8
Weight   3.6 - Average
Sponge Hardness   4.0 - Medium-soft
Consistency   10.0 - Always identical
Overall   8.1 10
From manufacturer:
Type Short Pips
Speed 11.0 / 12
Spin 10.0 / 12
Control 9.0 / 12
Deception / 12

Description of DHS 652

Specially strengthens friction of rubber. Fitted with quick-attack sponge. The rubber can bring beat power through blade and make speed and spin.

652, brings breakthrough for near-table-attack play.

Operation/Storage precautions

Rubber products should avoid heat-prone area.

Rubber products should keep away from oil and organic liquid.

You'd better not taste or smell the rubber products.

Fitted Play: Quick Attack / Spin

Characteristic: Speed + Spin

Hardness: Soft


Anonymous  on 5/2/2012

It's a very consistent pimple. I'm playing with 2.0 mm now, going to try 2.2 mm (a little bit faster and more spin predictably). You need a good technique to play with them - passive blocks and pushes are not as effective as smashes and topspins. Technique is pretty similar to inverted. The main clue playing with these short pimples is try to attack every ball with them - smash higher balls and topspin low balls. If You play defensive style, try to find another pimples, these are suitable only for close table attacking play, as it is written on a package. By the way, DHS 652 could feel pretty slow at first - the're no tensors or any other modern technologies. It's essential to use Your power of wrist and body, combined with proper touch, timing and technique, to get most from these nice pimples.
aladroque  on 3/2/2010

the best short pips if you come from inverted
The_Coach  on 2/25/2010

A nice rubber, easy to hit with and very predictable. If you want to hit "through" your opponents spin, It's a good rubber to use
gekogark1212  on 11/23/2008

Very "predictable" short pimple. Which is a good and a bad thing. Counter-punching and driving produces fairly stable topspins, whilst punch kill off a backspin ball produces a no-spin ball. Most consistent pimple (easy to play with), even compared to Spectol.


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