DHS Cloud and Fog 3

DHS Cloud and Fog 3 Pips
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Speed 6.7
Spin 5.5
Control 7.3
Deception 8.0
Reversal 7.3
Weight 2.6   
Sponge Hardness 5.6   
Consistency 8.6   
Always identical
Durability 10.0   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 8.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips
There are 7 users using the DHS Cloud and Fog 3.

Reviews (16)

chop  on 9/4/2015

DHS Cloud & Fog III are very good pimples! I am using 1.0mm (red) on my Bytterfly Joo Se Hyuk blade with DHS TG2 Syline Neo (max) black rubber on FH side. I totally agree with the manufacture description of this long pips. C&F III are great for chop and attack. You don't have to modify your BH stroke to attack with these pimples. Attack as you would with regular inverted rubber. Also, if you twiddle, it is very easy and effective to attack from FH side with C&F III. You basically, can play any stroke with these pimples with great control (attack, defense, or any modifications of block/push-chop). Of course, it all comes to your playing experience with pimples and the ability to control the ball. (these all comes with experience.) All in all, C&F III 1.0mm is a great ALL-rounder long pips. Practice often and you get good results with it. P.S. A basic advice for beginner players with long pimples: Do not jump from one pimples to another in the sort period of time!!! You will disappoint yourself and probably go back to the regular inverted rubber. Play with one pimples for at least 5-6 months, learn the stroke!!!. before moving to something else. You will not succeed in your quest to find magic long pimples with great control and great deception at the same time. Pips that can win whole game for you. Rather, you will most likely lover your self-esteem and spend a lot of money to eventually came to understanding that proper strategy and technique of your stroke is much more important than the brand of long pips you are using. Remember, that long pips are just your tool to victory, no other way around!!! Hope it was helpful. Peace.
Patchie00  on 4/16/2012

Updated Review. After using this rubber for two thirds of a season, one word wow! I use this long pips to hit & drive balls, play close to the table blocks & blocks. Service return is great, I can return any service with ease. Blocks do give a sort of knuckle effect, when returning side spin I hit/drive the ball which sends the ball back in an "S" motion as it returns over the net. I am a mid distance player and have this long pimpled out rubber in red 1.0mm on the bh of a Yinhe/Galaxy LQ-2 Def+ blade, which is more like ALL/All+. I hit drives with my BH from close to around 6 feet back with a great deal of accuracy and hardly had to modify my bh stroke to do so. Thus this confuses opponents as ball tends to skid off there end of the table. I get asked repeatedly what pimples am I using. My FH rubber is DHS G888 2.2mm black. A very good combo as my FH is mainly loop. If you play a very active all game on your BH with long pimples I recommend these. I will not be trying any other long pimples these are perfect.
Anonymous  on 6/20/2010

I'm using this rubber for last 4 month im usually not fan of Dhs rubber they are heavy on blades But Dhs Cloud and Fog 3 is really dangerous rubber for your Backhand after hours practise in Robot and game play i used to it and it help me to take point in opponent service and out of table control is really good any pimple out rubber but im done little more on this rubber im take out sponge and glue it again with joola Speed glue and using Carbon Blade its really hard to control but i enjoy really when opponent hit on net again and again !!!!!!!!!!!!
gopens8771  on 7/23/2015

OK rubber. Lacks a bit of control, but is good to attack ocasionally.
madchoper  on 12/24/2014

This rubber seems to be misunderstood here. If you are looking for a replacement for frictionless-look elsewhere-you will not be happy, if you are looking to cover up a flaw with a dead rubber-you wont be happy! If you do like to play modern defense, use strokes, attack with your long pips, you will be very, very happy! This long pip is for an active defender-not for an at the table push-chop blocker.

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