Donic Pips Reviews

Type Pips Name Speed Spin Overall Price No. of Ratings
Short PipsDonic Akkadi K18.06.09.0$ 40.001
Short PipsDonic Baxster D256.83.98.8$ 42.004
Short PipsDonic Baxter LB7.87.58.6$ 38.003
Medium PipsDonic Akkadi K2---$ 40.000
Medium PipsDonic Twister 40---$ 43.000
Medium PipsDonic Twister LB8.08.47.8$ 37.003
Long PipsDonic Akkadi L15.05.08.5$ 40.002
Long PipsDonic Akkadi L26.96.98.4$ 26.009
Long PipsDonic Alligator---$ 41.000
Long PipsDonic Alligator DEF3.75.59.2$ 43.005
Long PipsDonic Alligator Soft2.02.09.2$ 41.002
Long PipsDonic Baxster F1-A8.02.58.3$ 45.002
Long PipsDonic Piranja Formula Tec4.63.99.1$ 45.0012
Long PipsDonic Spike P15.04.08.3$ 38.001
Long PipsDonic Spike P25.06.89.5$ 38.004
Long PipsDonic Zicco---$ 21.000
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