Galaxy Neptune

Galaxy Neptune Pips
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Price $

User Ratings (24)

Speed 4.8
Spin 5.6
Control 8.8
Deception 7.8
Reversal 7.6
Weight 2.6   
Sponge Hardness 4.3   
Consistency 9.1   
Always identical
Durability 7.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Type Long pips
There are 4 users using the Galaxy Neptune.
A very tricky long pimple rubber with a good braking effect. Good control for a long pimple rubber usefull for blocking and attacking as well as defence. Special computer aided pimple design creates disturbing returns yet relatively easy to use. A classic long pimple with a unpredictable trajectory, great for flat hitting with good reversal. Also good for chopping and counter hitting.

Reviews (18)

Amilcar  on 12/14/2014

Ball bounce low over net with hard dive.Excellent control I was surprised how good it was.Neptune is better more modern, and much better control vs RITC 755.For LP hitting/smashing really good.Black Neptune 0.8mm glued on Yinhe N-9.I hightly recommend it. ritc 755.
Reaper  on 12/24/2016

The quality and performance of this rubber is amazing giving its cheap price! I have it in 0.7mm black and i have to say this is a very versatile rubber that can do everything as long you master how to use it. // The pips are bendy with good quality. It only wobbles weak when you block a strong attack from your opponent which I like, so if you're looking to win points with only dead balls, better find something else. // It's great for chopping vertically when you are away from the table and the ball is at net-high, results in returning a ball with heavy backspin and flat path. If the ball is too low you must chop under the ball and pray it doesn't pop up too high. // Good for slow pushes close to the table, not so good fot attack unless you try smash. // It's not a magic rubber, you need to practice a lot... but it's fun to use it and cheap.
anshparas  on 5/16/2015

best rubber ever used
garbol  on 2/23/2015

more than average spin reversal more than average deception its pretty slow, one of slowest very good control easier to use than tsp p1r and palio ck531a, but less destructive
handswitcher  on 1/15/2015

I've stuck with these pips for 3 months now, which is quite amazing for someone who used to switch equipment every few weeks. They work super well with the defplay senso -- which I also recommend. I use in 0.7mm sponge. These pips are better than the Friendship 837 if you are starting to learn chopping. They are sensitive to low spin, so you cannot just stick out your paddle to receive a serve. You do have to read the spin. However, the pips don't differentiate between medium top-spin and very heavy topspin -- you don't have to chop at a different angle for the same height. Also, they are quite shock absorbing. This makes chopping against powerful loopers under pressure a lot easier. As long as you keep the chop straight and don't have any pushing motion, the ball will land on the table. I can chop close to the table with these. These pips do have some spin variation for chopping. Not a whole lot, but it is certainly there. Because these aren't sensitive to spin, you cannot rely on the incoming topspin to carry the ball back up over the net on a chop. You really have to chop under the ball to help push it up. I found this weird at first. The feel of the ball is great. When I miss, I'm not staring at the pips completely confused, I can usually feel what went wrong. Highly recommended for a chopping game. Not ideal if you want to just block with pips to mess with people -- it has reversal, but not enough for passive blocking. However, they can block and lob just fine if you get stuck in that situation. Be careful not to punch when blocking because the ball will go long. With no punch, the ball always lands. I can handle chop-loop rallies against 2000 level players with these pips, so I think I will be keeping them for a while.

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