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JOOLA Express Ultra

JOOLA Express Ultra ping pong pips
Approx. $ 55 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 6 times)

There are 2 users using the JOOLA Express Ultra.
From community:
Speed   9.8
Spin   8.3
Control   8.8
Deception   8.5
Weight   4.3 - Average
Sponge Hardness   6.4 - Medium-hard
Consistency   10.0 - Always identical
Overall   9.7 10
From manufacturer:
Type Short Pips
Speed /
Spin /
Control /
Deception /

Description of JOOLA Express Ultra

The short pimple designed for professionals and ambitious offensive players.

Speed glueing became popular with short pimple users a long time ago. The time is now right to introduce EXPRESS Ultra, the pimples out version with incorporated speed glue effect--the short pimple designed for professionals and ambitious offensive players.

Strategy: DEF extreme / OFF extreme
Speed: Extreme
Spin: Medium
Control: Extra High
Hardness: 40°

Reviews of the JOOLA Express Ultra

Review Anonymous said this on August 10, 2010:

Really great short pips. It has the Express One sponge so its EXTREMELY fast, feels like speed glued pips, but you can still chop, block, and punch with it. Lots of gears.
Review dokannon said this on September 14, 2010:

It's a short pimple that is very easy to use, with a lot of power. Power blocking and power hitting is very easy.
Review Anonymous said this on February 9, 2012:

The best Pips I have tried!! good spin.. good block.. and good returning serves!!
Review destodave said this on June 7, 2012:

One of the best SPs I've played with. It has good spin for a SP, it's fast, blocks well, and has a med - high throw. It's very easy to attack underspin with. I've played with Bty Raystorm, Flarestorm, TSP Spectol, Spinpips, Tyranno, and prefer this to all of them.
Review Elegant_Player said this on November 10, 2013:

I tried a lot of pimples out(Xiom zava, Spectol out Spped Sponge,dhs 652, Spped Spin, Flarestorm) And this is the fastest of all, you can use this inclusive far of the table.
Perfect for power play , good block and push. You can easily do mini top spins.
The only problem is that rubber don't have very decptive shot as other Rubbers.
The Best Rubber i tried, perfect in many points


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