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Sword Scylla

Sword Scylla ping pong pips
Approx. $ 32 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 4 times)

From community:
Speed   6.3
Spin   5.7
Control   7.9
Deception   5.3
Reversal   6.3
Weight   1.0 - Feather-light
Sponge Hardness   3.0 - Medium-soft
Consistency   5.0 - Occasional variations
Overall   8.8 10
From manufacturer:
Type Long Pips
Speed /
Spin /
Control /
Deception /

Description of Sword Scylla

Long soft pimples most suitable for a close-in blocking/pushing game. Low trajectory on blocks and decent reversal.

Reviews of the Sword Scylla

Review cogito said this on February 8, 2013:

One of the most harmless and thus worst LPs which I have ever played.
Review Frutz said this on April 20, 2013:

I like the rubber i can do all with it
Hit, good cuts And a litle of top spin same time i play in ox n
Review OldSouthPaw said this on September 30, 2014:

I thought it was pretty darned good. I totally disagree with cogito's review above. I bought a sheet of 0X. It has good reversal (it should be about 8 vs other rubbers here), which was much better than expected. Its MEANT for "CONTINUOUS ATTACKING" and has much better control attacking than DTecs. I didn't notice lots of wobble=deception. Its slower hitting than DTecs, maybe similar in speed to Talon. It chopped quite well and didn't push or serve badly. A little wrist action helped a lot on blocks.

It is certainly worth its price for someone that wants to both attack or defend with their pips.


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