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Tibhar Grass

Tibhar Grass ping pong pips
Approx. $ 44 USD
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There are 1 users using the Tibhar Grass.
From community:
Speed   4.0
Spin   6.0
Control   7.0
Deception   6.0
Reversal   6.5
Weight   3.0 - Light
Sponge Hardness   3.0 - Medium-soft
Consistency   10.0 - Always identical
Overall   8.5 10
From manufacturer:
Type Long Pips
Speed 12.0 /
Spin /
Control 84.0 /
Deception 67.0 /

Description of Tibhar Grass

The wave of these longest Japanese long pips at bat and ball contact, is similar to the waving grass in the wind. The DEF version with soft sponge is a dangerous but yet very easy defensive rubber to play with, the OFF version with hard sponge is best suited for an active combination game aiming to trouble the opponent's game.

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Reviews of the Tibhar Grass

Review pantherviech said this on October 18, 2010:

Grass is the long pimple with the best ability to return topspins with heavy backspin. Close to the table you can decide to chop without or with significantly more backspin, than other pips heave. The attacking facilities are not that good, those of Chinese pimples are, but better as with almost all other Japanese pips. The pips are close to the allowed aspect ratio, smooth and soft. Significantly longer than Extra Long. Control and breaking effects are good enough for using ALL blades, but for heavy backspin and good chopping control WITH sponge, a defensive blade should be used. The rubber is one of the slowest pimples. It has not that much reversal, when returning chops, but from every distance one could produce deception by manipulating the spin. The rubber exists since about 25 years and was the further development of Feint. Butterfly countered with the Feint Long, that now isn´t allowed anymore.
Review matsugiotis said this on March 21, 2014:

I used this rubber for 3 years . My playing style is chopper from mid and long distance. Grass is the ideal rubber for this style , good control , medium speed , pips very soft and flexible , great ability to reverse the incoming spin. Chops return low and speedy . Not so effective for playing close at the table. I used the version ox and this is one of my favourite long pips .


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