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Features 3.3   
Fewer features
Jam Resistance 3.9   
Occasionally gets jammed
Durability 4.5   
Expected robot life
Ease Of Use 8.6   
Very easy to figure out. No manual needed!
Overall 7.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Programmable No
Adjustable Height No
Continuous Feed No
Wheels 2
Oscillates Yes
Mount Sits on Table
The IPONG Pro combines everything you love about the original IPONG with a new and exciting oscillation feature! This quality table tennis practice partner comes in a radiant red color and provides a world-class workout.

With the wired remote, players can set their own pace, from a casual to blistering ball-feed without having to leave his or her side of the table! In addition, players can control the oscillation of the unit's core for ball placement on the table and even adjust the balls anywhere between backspin and topspin.

There's no more waiting for a practice partner. This compact machine is more like a live opponent rather than a playback feature, and it can continuously shoot more than 100 balls before reloading. To sweeten the appeal, it assembles in seconds with only three essential pieces to put together! No tools or equipment necessary. Simply snap in the pieces, plug in the power, and enjoy your IPONG!

The IPONG line has undergone a complete makeover from the 2010 and 2009 models! IPONG now offers three versions - IPONG Topspin, IPONG Original, and IPONG Pro. Features vary with each model to cater to different playing levels. The base model, IPONG Topspin, shoots out adjustable topspin balls for beginners who are just starting out, the Original model adds customizable backspin to the mix, while the Pro offers a combination of variable spin and oscillation.

Across the board, every model has been subjected to material and technological upgrades:

Motor - A top-of-the-line gearbox that can match your intensity during practice!
Projection Wheels - Instead of foam wheels that weren't always the same shape and began to deteriorate after about 50,000 revolutions, the new models use long-lasting rubber wheels that are consistent in shape and size.
Plastic - In addition to being thicker, the new IPONG line features a matted surface that resists unwanted fingerprints and dust. Furthermore, the material upgrades and improved design make the parts easy to put together.
Logo Plate - IPONG introduced a stylish logo plate with a designated spot on the front of each robot. The result is a clean and classy new look!
Colors - To help customers differentiate between the models, IPING have introduced two new colors to the mix. The IPONG Topspin comes in a bright and energetic green, the IPONG Pro comes in a deep red, while the Original model remains black.
Oscilliation Plate - This plate has been reinforced so that it can transition smoothly and better accommodate the weight of the balls.
Remote - The size of the remote has been reduced so that it is now thinner and lighter.
Warranty - Every IPONG comes with a one year warranty issued by the manufacturer.
Packaging - The boxes have all been redesigned to reflect the exciting new changes of the product. In addition, IPONG are joining in efforts to protect the environment - styrofoam packaging material is no longer being used.

Technical Specifications

Adjustable Frequency
Ball Capacity: 100+
Net Weight: 2.5lbs
Spins: Backspin, Topspin, Heavy Topspin
Compatibility: All standard size table tennis tables (9'x5')
Warranty: One year limited manufacturer's warranty
Includes: iPong Robot, Remote Control, A/C Adapter, Setup & Instruction Manual
Designed in USA, Made in China

Reviews (7)

Amilcar  on 2/1/2015

Useful robot ,very well priced.Did not have problems with jamming.Have no problem to recommend it as a good budget buy.I hope my review is helpful.
popcorndinosaur  on 8/19/2014

never use the oscillation feature - it will result in obscenely frequent jams. without oscillation , it jams roughly 1-3 times per 100 balls. there is adjustment of topspin/backspin. but putting backspin without topspin will result in the ball not shooting out(very often) , just spinning in place inside the machine. resulting in a max back-spin combo of minimum topspin + 70% backspin , any higher backspin and the ball will fly out of the table more than half the time. alternative would be to place the machine outside the table. max-allowed backspin is good enough to simulate a good backspin serve by human , but not those hard chops by long pips. lack of adjustable throw height , means its quite hard to simulate counter looping. conclusion - 4/10 for usability 8/10 for price good buy mainly because of its price , decent enough to practice shots and work out a sweat . not good enough for training. good budget robot if you want to get back in your groove after a long long layoff.
Loop  on 4/1/2014

Gets jammed all the time, can't get much spin at all. It feeds the balls in very weird angles that you never get from a real player. In short, it sucks. Don't buy.
dirtyD  on 1/2/2014

At first i was hesitant of the I Pong robots. I heard they had problems with the old line. The price was the main reason i got one, and so far very happy. Top spins good and back spins have an insanely fast spin. I got 144 gambler gold balls and IP pro (actually 2 ip pros. They messed up and shipped out 2 for the price of 1) for $170, you can't beat that. Great robot 4 price
hammer  on 1/1/2013

I had heard some bad things about the oscillation feature of an older version of this robot. It's supposed to be fixed now so I bought one on sale from Megaspin. I was very surprised and disturbed by the robot's tendency to "oscillate" all be itself -- even with the oscillation turned OFF! This thing would shoot balls all over the table, and there was no way to ensure they would even stay on! This was NOT an occasional glitch but a constant annoyance whenever I tried to practice a stroke. It was VERY frustrating! Since the design looked simple enough, before contacting Joola I decided to try fixing it myself without doing anything to void the warranty. First I cleaned the rubber wheels that spin the balls from above and below to see if some dust or other particles were to blame for the erratic behavior. This made no difference. Then I noticed that the top wheel was fashioned with more of a concave surface to keep the ball centered as it's ejected, while the bottom wheel was flatter. Hmmm... I thought about filing down the center of the bottom wheel so it would match the top, when I noticed that the little plastic ramp the balls must roll down to be fed into the spinning wheels was not as solid as it could be. Pressure from the balls above may sometimes move the ramp and the ball at the bottom just prior to ejection, changing the ball's trajectory. So I decided to jam some cardboard between the ramp and the side of the robot to keep it stable, at least in the horizontal plane. And it worked! Now the robot shoots balls only where it's aimed and is very usable! This does not seem to be the same fix Frank was referring to in his review on September 18, 2011 when he wrote about balls jamming, but I think it reduces jamming too. So I'd say jamming is rare now. I gave this robot an 8 overall because you can't beat it for the price, esp. when it's on sale or part of a package. It has enough spin and speed (but no side spin) and I like the fact that it can be moved to different parts of the table to simulate shots from different directions, left-handed opponents, etc. I have not yet tried the REAL oscillation feature but I can see that it does work. I'm just too traumatized from the initial shock of having practice balls aimed at my forehand go to my backhand instead, and CLEAR OFF THE TABLE on both sides at random intervals! That's enough "oscillation" to last me for a while. ;)

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