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Friendship/729 Faster 3 (Fenghun 3)

Friendship/729 Faster 3 (Fenghun 3) ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 14 USD
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Ratings  (rated 14 times)

There are 2 users using the Friendship/729 Faster 3 (Fenghun 3).
From community:
Speed   9.0
Spin   9.0
Control   8.9
Tackiness   6.6 - Medium tacky
Throw Angle   6.3 - Medium-high
Weight   4.7 - Average
Sponge Hardness   4.6 - Medium
Gears   6.5 - Above average gears
Durability   8.0 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   8.0
Overall   9.2 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 12.0 / 12
Spin 12.0 / 12
Control 12.0 / 12
Tensor   No

Description of Friendship/729 Faster 3 (Fenghun 3)

Adopting the Sensor technique, the product is an optimal combination of good rubber and nice sponge. It is ideal for aggressive table tennis players. When driving a 40mm ball, the product can make it laborsaving. It makes driving the ball at middle-table and distant-table swift and violent and producing super-low arc available. So it is an ideal choice for aggressive table tennis players.

On White German sponge.


McPat715  on 3/21/2014

Very good soft rubber with very good control
Anonymous  on 6/7/2012

Very good rubber, using it with DHS PG7 blade and playing with speed and quick attack style. As I am not a good looper, with the assistance of this amazing speedy but loopy rubber, it definitely helped me a lot by generating more spins. Gonna buy more of them again when i go back to China.
msilhanek  on 12/20/2011

I've bought it for a test. My 1st impression was "hmm, it looks like a high quality product". My rubber is black 2.2mm thick sponge. When I unpacked it, I sayd "pretty heavy". And it really is. After that I noticed the sponge is kinda hard (should be 38°). But chinese rubbers usually are harder so I wasn't thinking about it. I didn't know if it is supposed to be used with a water based glue (I noticed there is an inscription "2008" on the lower part of the rubber rubber so I thought it is). After that I glued it on my blade with a water based glue and tryed to play. It had no speed at all, it was very, very slow for an attack rubber. Additionaly it's throw angle was very low. After that I tryed it with a classical speed glue. Now I know this is a speed glue rubber (if you don't have the speed glue, you need to use a tuner). It was very very different and much better. It had a good speed, nice spin, lower throw. Speed glue softened the sponge so it's feeling was softer and better. Pretty nice rubber after all but you have to use the old speed glue or any kind of tuning. If you like chinese style rubbers and use proper tuning, you'll like it. EDIT: You have to use it with a chinese style blade (for example Yasaka Extra Offensive or Avalox P700. I tested both and it was excellent). It didn't work well with european style off carbons for me.
IK  on 9/5/2010

Among 729 rubbers this one performs most like euro-jap. German sponge should do something with it. This is quality rubber. Do not expect high speed since sponge is slower than sriver, but it is not slow either. Good of the table, performs well in many ways. Recomended.
little hope for greatness  on 6/12/2010

Very happy with this rubber. Great control, with good speed and spin. Tacky surface allows for spin on soft plays. Using Xiom Athena RSM Platinum (J-pen) blade with balance of defensive/offensive style. Prefer F3 to Butterfly Tackifire Special Soft. Have yet to try Tackifire C soft.


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