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Adidas P7

Adidas P7 ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 50 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 51 times)

There are 29 users using the Adidas P7.
From community:
Speed   8.9
Spin   9.6
Control   9.1
Tackiness   2.1 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   6.0 - Medium-high
Weight   4.5 - Average
Sponge Hardness   6.8 - Medium-hard
Gears   9.3 - Many gears
Durability   8.8 - Lasts a long time!
Consistency   9.5
Overall   9.6 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 90.0 /
Spin 110.0 /
Control 93.0 /
Tensor   No

Description of Adidas P7

The adidas P7 possesses an unparalleled ability by any other adidas rubber to generate spin. The combination of a top sheet specifically designed to create optimal spin and a hard sponge for additional force are key elements, resulting in the superior trajectory of every shot. Furthermore, with the rebound of each ball, control, balance, and power are all increased, making this rubber an excellent choice for those looking for an emphasis on touch.


OlleOst  on 4/27/2013

Holy Smoke! Spin is ultimate. A very good rubber, among the best, for all types of play. My services is ridiculous good. The best topspin experience since Rakza 7. Pretty much alike the Rakza actually, not so fast, but even spinnier.
jatienza930  on 9/27/2012

I had the opportunity to test the adidas p7 and as advertised a very spinny rubber. Used on a TB ALC lifting underspin balls is easy, generating spin on serves is really good. I just dont think the sponge is hard enough to generate speed to my liking though the speed is more than enough to finish a point, it does not have the pace like the adidas p5. Control is very good, blocking is easy and service reception is great as the spin does not bite into it as expected. Overall a very good rubber with insane spin, control and adequate speed, not to mention its light weight. I will further test it on a faster blade. Hope this helps
lineup32  3 weeks ago

used this rubber on a one ply cypress 9.0MM, 82 grams weight for two weeks. Very similar to MX-P but maybe slightly softer sponge, both rubbers are outstanding but I prefer the adidas P7 overall. Great control, good blocking, push and short game excellent, fast.
tomjoad  2 months ago

I must agree with the review above. P7 is a very good backhand rubber, because it has so many gears. Topspinning is just as good as short game. However, you should be able to deal with the medium-hard sponge which doesn't allow for lack of training/ mistakes.
matzreenzi  2 months ago

Wow!!!! What a spin master...Tremendous spin is always created with P7...RECOMMENDED for chinese rubber user that want to move on if you find boosting process sometimes troublesome and blue sponge rubber is expensive.


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