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Butterfly Bryce

Butterfly Bryce ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 35 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 29 times)

There are 7 users using the Butterfly Bryce.
From community:
Speed   9.0
Spin   7.6
Control   6.8
Tackiness   2.1 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   3.0 - Medium-low
Weight   5.0 - Average
Sponge Hardness   5.5 - Medium
Gears   5.4 - Above average gears
Durability   6.1 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   7.6
Overall   7.8 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 12.0 / 15
Spin 9.5 / 15
Tensor   No

Reviews of the Butterfly Bryce

Review cegouveia said this on September 15, 2008:

I have this in combination with a Butterfly Boll Tricarbon blade, which is very fast to begin with. This combination is by far the fastest i have ever played with, yet has decent control. I find that the sponge on this rubber may be slightly too dense and i am going to try the FX next. I have been very happy, and if you have a soft or medium hardness blade, i reccomend this rubber greatly. It has a very nice feel, although it is a tad heavy. I also really enjoy the high tension technology from butterfly as itdoes give an extra kick to the ball.
Review DeVoured said this on August 11, 2009:

if this rubber is untuned, it plays like a quite fast classical rubber, just a bit less spinny. if you tune it with lampoil, this baby becomes a weapon, incredibly fast, spinny and loud. however control suffers a lot from tuning, as it gets very bouncy and soft. my rating is for this rubber in untuned state though
Review Frogger said this on November 12, 2009:

Plays like Sriver but faster with more spin. Surprising control for a fast rubber. Same low throw. Nice feeling for the ball. Expensive but should last longer than average. If you like Sriver you will love Bryce. Relooping is very easy. Short game is good. Step it up! Counters are very fast with great directional stability. Not for beginners. 1.9mm for close table play, 2.1 for mid and away from table loopers and power smack downs.
Review chadr7 said this on November 23, 2009:

got timo boll tri carbon bryce on bh bryce speed fh feel pretty much the same speed has a better snapping sound but love the combo great rubber
Review jmluat said this on September 6, 2010:

The good:
For the established player, it adds the speed you have been looking for. (especially on FH and BH loops and loop drives)
The Bad:
It is not very cheap. Bryce is GREATLY affected by your opponents spin. If you have a weakness on recognizing spin during your opponents service, then this weakness will be magnified and exploited very easily. Adding spin can be fairly difficult with Bryce because it is not very tacky.

Overall, If you have your basic strokes down (fh and bh loops, drives, and chops) and you feel that you need to add more speed to your game, then Bryce is probably the answer for you.
Review Anonymous said this on October 2, 2010:

some times fast, some times slow; sometimes spiny, some times no spin. It depends on the blade. Do not put this rubber on a stiff blade, it will be terrible; it will not have spin, but extreme quick bounce. Bryce is good with butterfly blades or medium to soft blades of the other brands.
Review wen_huang said this on November 12, 2010:

after playing with Sriver for years, i changed to 729 Cream Transcend. For a brief period of time I played with Bryce. Its speed improvement is very noticeable but the control factor is too low. I would say if you are comfortable with Sriver then you do NOT need this rubber. Suitable for advanced players only as it requires very good technique to keep the ball on the table. this rubber gave me shot of the day but i lost the game.
Review wind_comm said this on December 5, 2010:

I've had a few different sheets of Bryce. in contrast to the FX version, I very much enjoyed using it.

I had one unglued on a Yasaka Gaiten Offensive. it wasn't reglued for nearly 4 years. it was still very, very quick and spinny, but the feel degraded to the point where I gave up and started speed gluing it.

another one went on my Schlager Carbon with speed glue, and stayed as my forehand for a long time until I tried smashing a ball, missed, and hit the corner of an aluminium-edged table. not a pretty ending.

overall a great rubber, but without speed glue and of late its been overshadowed completely.
Review Anonymous said this on February 25, 2011:

Very nice rubber and super fast!!! missing that heavy spin that everybody loves but good enough the control is a bit lost during fast exchanges... But great if you are the only one attcking all in all... Very nice rubber

(borrrowed it from my traning partner for a few hours)....
Review nobody said this on March 5, 2011:

THIS rubber sucks! very very much can lose control easily take it from me drives and power loops always go out of the table!
Review msilhanek said this on March 17, 2011:

It is an excellent rubber for agressive attackers. If you don't wanna play highly rotated top spins and prefer speed + power, you should try Bryce. On the other hand it's lifetime is really short what is really not good combined with the prize.
Review Anonymous said this on June 14, 2011:

this rubber is amazing.today i buy my bryce with my technique,but i use butterfly michael maze blade, in carbon blades bryce is very spinny and fast but have control a lot.
Review Comelli said this on June 26, 2011:

Bryce was great with speedglue and that's it. the problem it holds is that it lacks the spin and power needed to win games. Using a Butterfly Viscaria light it does not work. the soft feel of the viscaria feel destroys the speed and makes a dead hitting sound. stay away from this rubber and get a tensor for the same price. the tensor may not be as durable, but you would ratehr have a rubber that would spin off the table than a durable rubber
Review powerlefty said this on October 10, 2011:

With speed glue amazing. W/o speedglue, it is not a good rubber period.
Review Pat McC said this on May 30, 2012:

By far the best rubber I've ever used, though I've never tried the newer Speed or Speed FX versions. I tried Tenergy 05 on a stiga graphite wood blade a few years ago and it was awful. Switched back to Bryce and the difference was immediate. I currently play with 1.9 Bryce on both FH and BH on a classic Stiga Super Carbon (Alser, 1980s) and it plays great - control with power as I need it.
Review benxx said this on January 28, 2013:

I used this rubber to get more speed on the kill smashes with my FH. And for that it is great. My opponents wondered where the sudden acceleration from the ball came from. One even described it as "the ball exploded from your blade". Other than the great speed the rubber feels hard and heavy without too much control or spin. I've replaced it with a Bluefire M3 for more control and spin. But for raw speed you can't go wrong with this one.
Review Aryan said this on February 20, 2014:

a good rubber for forehand and backhand i used mark 5 on my forehand and bryce for backhand when the first time i hit a high shot it went very fast i ordered bryce speed FX when saw the review i think bryce is the best rubber of butterfly
Review danlaabraten said this on May 18, 2014:

Horrible balance between spin and speed. Low throw.


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