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Butterfly Solcion

Butterfly Solcion ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 53 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 21 times)

There are 7 users using the Butterfly Solcion.
From community:
Speed   8.0
Spin   8.4
Control   9.1
Tackiness   1.5 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   6.0 - Medium-high
Weight   2.8 - Light
Sponge Hardness   0.2 - Soft
Gears   8.1 - Many gears
Durability   7.9 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   9.7
Overall   9.1 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 10.5 / 12
Spin 8.5 / 12
Tensor   No

Description of Butterfly Solcion

The Thrill of the Rally

SOLCION is the softest of the Butterfly High Tension racket coverings. "The Thrill of the Rally". It is at the heart of table tennis. It is sheer enjoyment. The High Tension technology of SOLCION gives the same feeling for the ball and the same sound as if speed glue has been used. If you require good control in your High Tension rubber, the answer is SOLCION

20-degree sponge


reedguy  6 months ago

Gives me the most speed I can handle, and lots of spin. Chosen after trying half a dozen Butterfly rubbers on either side of it for speed versus spin. Loaded it on all my "guest" rackets and liked by all. I've paired it with the Stiga Offensive Classic Carbon.
Amigo  on 8/31/2014

Good overall rubber for all-round play. Physical: Very soft rubber, one of the softest BTW rubbers around. Sponge is light with some kick in it. Top sheet looks grippy and it has no tack what so ever. Rubber does not weigh a lot (measured in hand only), and it comes nicely packed as most BTW rubbers. Spin: Very good close to the table. You can deform sponge with ease producing mad rotation. Openers or slow spinney loops are very effective. If you back away from the table then at higher speeds ball penetrates too much so you can lose some spin. Speed: Not a very bouncy rubber, speed from normal distance 1-2m is ok and ok only. Openers can be very fast if you can swing that hard. Far from the table one can notice significant drop in speed... Rubber will be loud also at harder swings. At the higher level of play it gets sort of hard to out nuke your opponent from distance. Recommendation: Recommended to control players at all levels, well maybe not for higher levels. If you like to outlast your opponents then give this rubber a go, but if you are more of a physical player then it may be better to go for something else. Price, as with all BTW products, is an issue. There are a lot of rubber at 15$ which play very similar to this rubber so€¦ Best of all felaz and enjoy TT.
GenElectric  on 6/15/2014

I have used this rubber at a 2.1 thickness on stiga all round classic. Great overall performance, lacks power due to softness but provides excellent control. , it's almost impossible to make a mistake with this rubber if you are using the Correct strokes. A high price to pay for a easy to play rubber that's great for beginners. If price is lower I would recommend every beginners to use it. Lacks power for attack and performs well for chop, block and lobs. Recommended for defensive players on the forehand. It should work better on a fast hard blade so it would Compensate for the speed
golandaz_mi  on 1/31/2014

Very nice rubber feel. Certainly forgiving. Due to high dwell time I get crazy underspins which my opponents were not able to loop. Great for close to the table and mid distance. Did not try far distance as I thought it will not be as good due to rubber being too soft. Not very good for smash, but I only smash maybe once or twice in a game, so it you are not a smasher then this will be a great pick.
Anonymous  on 8/22/2011

for me, this one is good for BH, amazing controll..


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