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Butterfly Tackiness Chop

Butterfly Tackiness Chop ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 37 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 27 times)

There are 4 users using the Butterfly Tackiness Chop.
From community:
Speed   5.5
Spin   9.1
Control   8.6
Tackiness   5.9 - Medium tacky
Throw Angle   6.4 - Medium-high
Weight   3.8 - Average
Sponge Hardness   2.1 - Medium-soft
Gears   6.3 - Above average gears
Durability   7.2 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   9.5
Overall   8.6 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 6.5 / 15
Spin 10.0 / 15
Tensor   No


firetack  3 weeks ago

Thin sponged version 1.1 makes more backspin than thicker sponge version,if you want more topspin ability take a 1.3-1.5 and still retains good chiselling properties provided you clean it regularly to retain the tack.Too reactive to spin on serve return as you go up the levels and lp is a better option for backhand...I still like this though and revisit every once in a while
pippy  on 8/10/2014

Here is my re-review of my fav inverted rubber. Just a disclaimer but I am a 80% bh lp player so I only use it for serve receive, serves, smashes, chops, quick blocks, hits, fishing and only if I am forced. If I need to keep the ball in play, this rubber allows me to do that well although the 804 has some similar properties too. The 1.5 sponge is the key as it slows the pace compared to other def. rubbers I have. It is not as spinny as a newer sheet of flextra and the tacky sst.
Josh20  on 5/29/2014

Good for serve return, block and chop however do not choose less than 1.8mm sponge thickness because it's too slow and can set up opponent for an attack. And its terrible away from the table for any kind on attacking shot and the throw angle is too low. Overall Average rubber good for club player, only use on backhand.
guusvansoer  on 7/29/2013

The best rubber for chopper. I use this rubber in my first 3 years learning to play table tennis. I have a lot of good memories with this rubber. I recommend this rubber for beginner player to find a good concept of play and learning basic strokes.
crag_hack  on 9/15/2012

great for chopping, lots of backspin, but note that durability is bad, rubber wears out very quickly - it may claim a gold medal in a contest of undurable defensive rubbers


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