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Butterfly Tenergy 05

Butterfly Tenergy 05 ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 39 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 200 times)

There are 154 users using the Butterfly Tenergy 05.
From community:
Speed   9.3
Spin   9.4
Control   8.3
Tackiness   2.3 - Slightly tacky
Throw Angle   7.3 - High
Weight   6.9 - Medium-heavy
Sponge Hardness   6.4 - Medium-hard
Gears   8.9 - Many gears
Durability   8.0 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   9.4
Overall   9.3 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 13.0 / 0
Spin 11.5 / 0
Tensor   No

Description of Butterfly Tenergy 05

Tenergy 05

Tenergy 05 / High Performance for a Topspin Attacking Strategy
"Spring Sponge" is the latest innovation from BUTTERFLY. It is the sponge of the coming era. The well-known High Tension technology of BUTTERFLY is now combined with "Spring Sponge" to produce a new rubber family: TENERGY.

Tenergy 05 is the first family member; the special feature being in the original shape of the pimples. The product carries our development code No. 05 and merges High Tension technology with the characteristics of a highly tacky rubber.

TENERGY 05 has already been evaluated by a large number of leading players, as well as by scientific measurement, as the best rubber for spinning the ball, both when serving and during a rally.

Do you look for a high quality rubber for your topspin and attack strategy? Then TENERGY 05 is the right answer

Density: 36
Reglue Effect: Medium

It is recommended that you do not use speed glue with the Butterfly Tenergy 05. It is widely believed that this is a Tensor rubber, which it is not.

Reviews of the Butterfly Tenergy 05

Review dalamchops said this on April 28, 2008:

I was sold the moment i had my first hit with this rubber. The rubber has an incredible feeling of sucking the ball and then catapulting it out at great speed, much more so than the softer Solcion.

Strangely, Tenergy gives out a much shorter arc in distance compared to other rubbers I've used in the past, making it much more forgiving when I go for a kill shot over the table.

Although this is not a tensor, it certainly is fast enough to play like one, but Tenergy has a much better short game. Overall, it is not the fastest rubber there is, but definitely one more the easiest one to play with in its speed class.
Review DeathAngel said this on June 12, 2008:

This rubber is fast, spinny, and perfect for a looping and attacking style game. It has only 1 thing that is not very big, but it sometimes pops the ball a little high if you are not careful with your chops, but who would be choping with this rubber.

No problems blocking, smashing, looping, or any attack possible. If u use slower rubbers unglued like sriver etc, it will be a little fast at first and you will have to adjust throw angle and stroke a bit.

Over all great rubber for my attacking style, though a little heavy. Ide recommend it to any one once the price lowers a slight bit.
Review ibupro said this on November 20, 2008:

Tenergy 05 did not perform well for me on the T-4 so I transplanted it to a Donic Chuan Senso Carbon.
Oh Yeah!! This is one great sheet o' rubber for top spin play, more for aggressive play than all around I think. It has at least as many gears as I am capable of asking it for and gives solid performance at any distance from the table.

05 excels at over the table loops and fast loops taken at the top of the bounce.
Good blocking and short game, smashing was good as far as I tested it, didn't do anything really challenging though.

Compared to Boost TC on the T-4, Tenergy 05 on the Chuan feels harder of course, and seems to be less controllable when under pressure and struggling to remain in the point. I liked the Tenergy/ Chuan combo better for close to the table attack and the T-4/TC combo better from mid distance. Both set-ups are good for either distance but the Tenergy gave a more positive feeling at the table while the TC was truly explosive from mid-distance, incredible speed and spin!

Update: After more time spent with the Tenergy/Chuan combo I am getting as good or better speed from mid-court as with the T-4/Boost combo.
The difference is now down to the "wilder" bounce with the Boost; side spin takes more effect with the Boost making for less predictable bounces. The Tenergy tends to have a straighter, more forward going bounce.
Review Dzierzhanowski said this on November 23, 2008:

Its great feeling with powerfull, incredible spin.
Its a very easy to unspin any topspin. This rubber have good control and feeling.
Great durability and friends with water glue.
Its my choise.
Review greg said this on December 14, 2008:

Speed is good, controllable, slower than high speed rubbers. Spin is not bad. So far it's been impossible for something to be really spinny and really fast at the same time. Tacky rubbers have the spin, euro/japanese rubbers have the speed.
Tenergy 05 tries to put these two together. The spin does not match tacky stuff and it's not very fast, but it's close. Currently it's the best or at least, one of best rubbers at combining spin and speed.
The sponge is rated 36, touching it with your finger it feels medium. However, when you're hitting/looping it feels very soft, like playing with a 33 degree sponge. Touch shots are easy to control and keep low. This rubber has gears!
Overall, I would like more spin and a harder sponge, but I shouldn't ask for too much. It's currently one of the best rubbers available on the market. I rate it 10/10.
Review tb_zlc said this on January 30, 2009:

Very good rubber with high speed,unbelievable spin and good control,worth the money! Just buy it!
Review AndySmith said this on February 27, 2009:

Get the cons out of the way first - heavy, expensive.

Other than that, it's an exceptional piece of equipment. The sponge isn't quite like anything else on the market. It's controlled on slower touch shots, but really lets rip with anything harder. Feels hardish to the touch, but behaves far softer.

And the spin potential is massive - much more than the non-tacky surface would suggest. So you get some of the advantages of traditional chinese tacky rubbers (easy spin on serves and loops), but with great blocking and driving ability.

One word of warning - it's fast. Not as fast as a heavily glued Sriver, but certainly faster than most vanilla non-glued rubbers. If you're not used to glueing up, some adjustment is required. And the throw angle is quite high.
Review kelvlee said this on May 10, 2009:

One of the better built-in speed glue rubbers that I have used so far. Amazing for looping, counterlooping and counter rallies. Blocking was also amazing with this rubber. It's a lot more forgiving than I thought it would be. The only problem is the rubber's short game. I expected it to be a little more similar to chinese rubbers and have a better short game, but that was not the case. I was able to get good spin on serves as well. Overall, it's very good for serves, rallies, loops and blocks but lacks the short game.
Review eelric92 said this on May 11, 2009:

A great rubber! I put it on my Butterfly Ishlion, which is a very light blade, and it makes a decent combination. After using DONIC Desto F1, comparing it with this one, Tenergy 05 is faster and more controllable, but makes less spin and is much heavier. Very good rubber, though! Expensive!
Review loki said this on June 15, 2009:

T05 is an excellent rubber. Here is what I have found to be true of this rubber. One, it is not as heavy as others make it out to be. I think the weight it manageable. Two, although the price is high, it is well worth the money. Just make sure you take care of it and it will last a long time. Compared to the T25 the T05 has a slightly softer topsheet and the pimples are smaller. The result is that it is better for a mid-distance game b/c the rubber is springier. Also the T05 is more spiny that the T25 but only slightly. T05 throws the ball higher while T25 has medium-low throw. When I hit and looped with the T05 I had to pulled back just a little and concentrate more on controlling my swing otherwise the ball would go long and off the table. However, loops with T05 are faster than anything I've ever played with. I say this b/c when I was doing a looping drill with my coach the ball was coming back to so fast that I almost didn't have enough time to get ready for the second or third shot. The pace T05 puts on the ball was so dramatic it forced me to be quicker in returning to the ready position. Blocks with T05 are stable and fast. Serves are spiny but the T25 is better for serves and for serve return b/c the low throw angle. Still the spin on the T05 is remarkable and gets the job done just fine. Pushing is also very easy and my pushes have a lower trajectory as well as consistency they did not have before. In my opinion, the T05 is better for backhand b/c it allows you to spin and loop very well as well as block and drives with speed and accuracy. On the forehand it is incredibly powerful but you do have to dial your own personal power down ever so slightly to keep the ball on the table. T25 will give you the same power but better control and placement on the forehand and you can put your all into a shot and 9 times out of 10 it will land. T05. Great rubber. I'm sticking with it.
Review Peter said this on August 14, 2009:

I'm currently using this on a butterfly balsa X5 blade and am impressed.
Fast loops are easily executed with precision and quite a lot of spin. 10/10
Chopping is managable. 7/10
Pushes/Smashes: 9/10
Blocks will almost automatically be agressive due to the catapult effect. 9/10

Highly recommended for offensive loopers!
Review Anonymous said this on October 1, 2009:

Hi there i just boughtDonic Appelgren Allplay Senso V1 with Butterfly Tengegy 05 for a FH and and Donic Quattro A'conda Soft for a BH... I have to say this rubber is perfect, simply love it... i have to admit that have have only used it to training once, just got it yesterday same day as training...

here is my view.
normally i have some serius trubles with returning the ball when the opponent serves but with this BH i can just like that... the Fh tengegy 05 i can loop even a real good backspin serve if it comes long. another thing i saw with this new bat and rubbers was that my loops with my old bat where very slow and the opponent could block em og loop back with really no stuggles... with this rubber in my FH my loops just gets A LOT of speed and most times the opponent dont take em... really this is a serius rubber...

all i can say is a super rubber a super compination.. and i have only play for a litlle more than a year... still im playing with a team and goes pretty good.
Review GBtabletennis said this on October 19, 2009:

Tenergy 05 is a fast rubber. But great for All-rounders and offensive players. The high arc loops are incredible, you will feel the catapult effect. It's one of the best durable rubbers.

Tenergy 05 is a best at short-game, cause isn't the fast rubber. The fast short-game make Tenergy 05 still controlled to play.

Tenergy 05 works fine on almost every blade. On the Michael Maze blade your blocks are amazing. Counterloops are incredible.
On TBS looping is amazing, it's slightly better than the Michael Maze.
Review Anonymous said this on November 25, 2009:

good rubber not the most spin and not the most speedy of rubbers but can do every offensive style well. it is like a euro and chinese fused together (made in japan). i used this rubber for quit some time, which i usually don't do w/most rubbers, but it kept me satisfied longer than most rubbers.
Review Andrew said this on December 7, 2009:

the tenergy 05 is one of the fastest , spinniest, and most powerful rubber i have used. it is very bounce though. when i used my bryce fx after using tenergy 05, it felt like the weakest rubber ever! it would just go to the net.
Review j.c. said this on January 29, 2010:

Very good for flat attackers or near the table, but also for those who want a fast and spinny rubber.
Review Anonymous said this on January 29, 2010:

The Tenergy 05 is a great rubber. The best that I tested until now. Take a time to get used to control it, but, finally, I can loop with heavy spin in my forehand and my backhand has an aggressive topspin.
Review alvarezjd6 said this on January 29, 2010:

the tenergy 05 is by far the best rubber i have ever used its fast and spinny so the ball goes back with great effect and speed about the control i found it great had no problem at performing any stroke wherever i wanted it in the table im using it with a timo boll tricarbon and i love it is very fast and powerfull about its weight its kinda heavy but its doesnt matter because its perfect. blocking is almost automatic the trow angle is high but so high, i have have both on mi fh and bh tnergy 05 and the catapult effect that they produce is incredible i love it on my bh .
Review zain islam said this on February 10, 2010:

compared to tibhar nimbus its a little bit slow. but has a lot more spin and is 3 times more durable. looping with tibhar nimbus near the table was almost hopeless. with tenergy loops can be done from close and mid-ditance away from the table.

great rubber
Review The_Coach said this on February 23, 2010:

I use this on both sides of my Donic Persson Power Carbon Senso blade. It's a fast combination and you don't get much dwell time but that's a compromise I'm willing to take.
Tenergy 05 is a very good near to the table to mid distance rubber. The first 2-3 months I really had to struggle to make my blocks and pushes to work. Now i block fast with accuracy and my pushes work as they always did before. It's fairly easy to control your game with Tenergy 05 but it's not recommendable for beginners!
Review chadr7 said this on February 28, 2010:

I wish i could blend this rubber with boost tc to make some super rubber boost is faster but less spin boost throw angle way lower or straight wich make the other player left chasing the ball tenergy good for close boost mid got ten 05 on a viscaria fh
Review juanalpha said this on March 6, 2010:

After all the comparisons of this rubber, I had HIGH expectations for this stuff. I was NOT disappointed! I use a Persson Dotec OFF blade. The combination is a force to be reckoned with. The rubber has very good response to spin.

I am a pinhold player, so I put an anti-spin on the other side of the blade. This combination provides me with the BEST of both offense and defense. I takes awhile to get used to the limited touch required for this rubber, but it performs with a very aggressive "pop" that is super hard for my opponents to return.
Review otakujo said this on April 5, 2010:

I used this rubber on both sides 2.1 mm briefly before switching to joola express one max. It was an excellent rubber and dramatically improved my game. I was able to instantly adjust to it and couldn't find anything bad about it except the price of course. If you have the money to spend, you will not regret using this rubber. 10/10
Review AspitDemon said this on April 15, 2010:

Cons - Expensive. Big time.
I don't mind the weight, but my personal feel.

Pros - Goes fast if you want it to go fast. Slows down for you if you want it to. It doesn't have much of a crispy feel not like T25, but the overall feel is great. The control is manageable, and if you wield this weapon correctly, it would improve your game. You would be able to loop most of the spin given by your opponent, and the feel during smashing/drives are fantastic. No cons except the price. Could go down a notch.
Review MarcelLainez said this on May 13, 2010:

If you're into loops and spins, this is the rubber for you! Awesome counter looping and really good even distant from the table. The high angle carries the ball over the net even away from the table.
This has the highest throw angle non-tacky rubber I've used, everything else feels mid throw compared to this one. No tensor compares to this.
Review Richy Wan said this on June 21, 2010:

I use this on both my forehand and backhand and it's lovely to play with, perfect for my style. However i do find it difficult to stick the odd chop in there if i want to change it up, but then i guess its not directed at that style of play. Playing against chop however is delightful. Smashing good. Blocking great...basically buy one and be impressed and never go back!
Review DeVoured said this on June 27, 2010:

right now it is the fastest speed glue effect rubber when looping. as long as you don't have a proper technique, you should choose another rubber. otherwise you won't have a chance to play effectively with it.
Review goncas12 said this on August 29, 2010:

I use tenergy 05 in my forehand and i love playing with it, tenergy 05 gives me all the speed i need in my offensive game and a lot of spin, still, you need to train a lot to control that spin.
It is great to serve, to block but is slower than tenergy 64.
I think tenergy 05 is a great rubber.
Review jmluat said this on September 6, 2010:

Ahhh! Tenergy 05. In my opinion, Tenergy 05 is a very fast rubber and if your power loops and loop drives are very strong no matter what rubber you use, lookout because Tenergy might end up being just too fast for you. You will end up seeing too many of your shots going out of the table because of the uncontrollable power. If your basic strokes are well established and you would like to add the extra speed and spin to your game, then Tenergy 05 may be your answer. Another thing is that, I don't feel very good about using Tenergy 05 because of the price, its too expensive a rubber to have to keep replacing. It does not last very long even if you clean and cover the topsheet with protectors. If Butterfly were to lower the price to about $30-40 it would be worth it. The price alone for this product is too much of a hassle for how long it does not last.
Review Anonymous said this on September 14, 2010:

Fast but hard to control. Suitable for forehand only. Good for serving, blocking and smashing but hard to loop. Not advice for beginners.
Review AK500 said this on September 25, 2010:

Tenergy is by far the best rubber i have ever played with. But if Butterfly doesn't get their prices under control, they wont be selling anymore. Because who is going to spend $65.00 dollars a sheet, not including shipping. So thats over 130 dollars for both sides to be covered. But if you can find this rubber for the right price. Buy it!!
Review feng maoze said this on November 10, 2010:

I'm using this rubber on my primorac carbon n i find it when i am doing some topspin,it goes out of table. then, i switch to 729 CA Attacking Carbon blade with palio macro pro at my BH and the result is, I find it very very impressive with its speed n spin as well as its control. i manage to make a quick topspin with a low spin on the table but when makin a serves,i found it rather useless coz i couldn't make a short backspin serves n it always goes long to the opp side.anyway, this rubber goods for topspin attacking strategy, not for defensive styles.
Review slamdally said this on December 7, 2010:

$73.99 for one sheet in the usa so even if it is the best rubber out there its not worth it even for the most serious club/tournament player im done with butterfly and i hope other brands benefit from the outrageous prices of not just tenergy but butterfly blades and all rubbers and lets hope it doesnt start getting donic and others to raise there prices!!
Review Khayyal said this on December 27, 2010:

It is most offensive and legend rubber in Butterfly production ever.

most excellent in ( control, spin and speed )

I can't say something else about Butterfly Tenergy 05.

Just buy one and play with it to it talks about itself.
Review Jesse Oostveen said this on January 4, 2011:

Topspin is very very good with this. I think its the best 'half distance' rubber. Best for forehand. If you want something like this but you attack nearly of the table, you can better get yasaka rakza 7.
Review Anonymous said this on January 15, 2011:

This rubber is incredibly fast and capable of doing some lightning shots. The rubber is extremely grippy and not tacky at all. I found that you have to hit the ball quite flat otherwise it's easy to send long off the table. You can really feel a catapult effect and the ball accelerates off the table. Very consistent if struck well and the rubber seems very durable. I have no doubt that this rubber will take my game to the next level, I'm using it on the timo boll spirit blade. I'm not sure whether it's worth it for the price as I haven't tried many other rubbers but believe me when I say it's an awesome rubber for the attacking player. It's ok at pushes etc but can tend to send the ball a bit high so it's definitely for a player that loves to loop and attack fast. I'd say get a sheet of this stuff and try it out because there may be nothing else like this rubber!
Review Bruno said this on February 12, 2011:

This is the best post speedglue ban rubber, for the consistent topspin player. It has an unique mid hardness sponge which is very bouncy and a hard very grippy topsheet. This combination results in extreme explosive topspins when the player use hard strokes to reach the sponge. However the player need some practice to play well with it because of the high spin reaction and the high throw. Unfortunately, this incredible rubber is too overpriced nowadays, then I need to search for alternatives.
Review emm said this on February 15, 2011:

Fast rubber. Best for smash then loop. You have to learn to control it though. The price is prohibitive.
Review Anonymous said this on February 25, 2011:

very fast rubber even with heavy spin cons: Very expensive if your not rich you better buy the faster but less spinnier Tibhar Nianmor!
Review Skippy said this on March 20, 2011:

Lets face it this is the industry standard by which all other rubbers in the world are compared. When it was $45 dollars a sheet I would hold my nose bite the bullet and really enjoy playing with a rubber that was going to have two great months of performance one not so great month then shell out another $45 to replace it. Now that it's $75 per sheet it's out of my tolerance. T05 gets a 7 out of 10 instead of a 10 out of 10 cause I look at all table tennis equipment through the prism of value. There are now better values out there. Way to go Butterfly.
Review Frank_Einstein said this on March 23, 2011:

i've used this rubber, but it doesn't fit in my game.. it's too fast for me and heavy.. and also it's a very expensive rubber, . it's good for offensive players.
Review Speen said this on May 1, 2011:

This rubber was hard to "understand" on the very first time that I tried it. After 2 weeks of training, I realized that the arc of this rubber is damn high!
Review JesseO said this on May 21, 2011:

simply the best rubber ever came out
Review Timo Boll said this on July 29, 2011:

I love this rubber
Review hardi said this on September 6, 2011:

wild rubber crazy speed and spin....
but i find it little hard to control....
and i love the sound of hitting the ball with it ...
but we can only say that T05 is one of the best rubbers in table tennis world today.
Review powerlefty said this on October 10, 2011:

Wow. Just an amazing rubber. Very blade dependent. On some blades it is really slow and uncontrolable. On other it is fast and spinny. I have found the most success with it on the forehand of a TBS and the backhand of the TB ALC. Hated it on all wood blades. Was just terrible for smashing and driving.
Review Anonymous said this on October 11, 2011:

The best thing about T05 is durability. Mine's at least 2 years old and it seems like it's 6 months, and I'm not lying. Sure it's slower and less spinnier, but it does not have a sharp decline in performance.
Review msilhanek said this on November 18, 2011:

I was using it some time ago but I'm going back to the DHS Skyline 2 TG2 Neo. I can compare these 2 rubbers very well now. These rubbers are very close when comparing speed. Tenergy's throw angle is much higher (really high for me). Both rubbers have medium hard sponge but Tenergy's higher throw makes me somehow more difficult to controll it. But it depends on your style, I think many people like that because it is easier to get the ball over the net. Spin - DHS produces more, I'd say about 10-15%. It is not a huge difference but I can feel it. Conclusion - very good rubber, good for beginners and forgives mistakes. On the other hand you can buy much cheaper rubbers with more spin and controll (for example DHS Skyline 2 TG2 Neo). 8/10 (I'd rate it 9/10 if it wasn't so expensive).

EDIT (November 2011): I have to modify my Tenergy review. I originally wrote "it is good for beginners" but it really is not. I was using it for a longer time now and i must say this rubber is fast (but not extra fast), but I can't controll it because I have troubles with it's high throw. Additionally, I can't get a ball over the net so easily like with Rakza. I don't know, this rubber probably doesn't fit to my style.
Review Anonymous said this on November 20, 2011:

un gran caucho exepcional coloca buen spin ala bola es de espuma blanda y caucho duro lo que ace una convinaicion ami gusto exelente vale el precio recomendable 100%
Review seguso said this on December 20, 2011:

Very high throw. Lots of gears. has good mechanical spin.

spin when brushing is less than with medium-hard tacky rubber such as globe 999.

Gears: has a low gear and a very high gear which are absent in (legal) Chinese rubbers.

if you want something similar but less expensive, try Xiom Vega Pro or the even cheaper Sanwei T88-I.
Review Anonymous said this on January 14, 2012:

I was using this rubber for 2 years. Because the incredible price, i searched for a substitute...i tried Xiom Omega Euro but that did not work, i mean, is a too different rubber (not spin-speed)...right now, i had to return to my old T05...if somebody knows a fast, spinny with high throw angle rubber, please. i'll appreciate it.
Review fly said this on February 12, 2012:

The best rubber that I've ever use, I tried this with my stiga rosewood 5,I think the speed is quite fast, and looping so well, no rubber can replace it!

Believe me,try buy one and try it!!!
Review no name said this on March 11, 2012:

i thing donic twingo is better then tenergy 05!
Review Shiner said this on March 16, 2012:

Have arrived at T05 after trying Sriver Hurricane 2, Hurricane 3, 729 Cream, then onto first tensor, the excellent Vega Europe from Xiom.
The biggest change came when moving to the Vega but once the adjustments to stroke had been made, it was a revelation.
the Vega was 2mm on a Boll Spirit, the Tenergy is 2.1 on the same blade.
The 05 is a little harder and bouncier, throw is similar maybe a fraction higher, speed again similar a fraction more, and spin a little more.
I was initially concerned having read other reviews that it may be too much to handle, but it is no harder than making a few minor adjustments, With the correct stroke I can still hit as hard as I'm able and still keep it on the table, it dives back down on counter loops.
Blocking is a piece of cake, serves have good spin but at the moment are bouncing a bit, will improve.
Nice short game, good pushes, flicks, drop shots, but the big surprise is that I can stand 10ft behind the table chopping back topspin loops with great accuracy and lots of spin.
Best bit is its looping ability, it is lifting everything that comes at my forehand, and they are not going long or in the net, they go just where I want them, and land with quite a kick.
Flat hitting & smashes also good.
I have tried it on the backhand and although ok, the softer Vega is better for the backhand.
I have read that it is heavy, well I weighed the uncut sheets of both Vega and T05, and the 05 was 70g to the Vega 66g, however the 05 sheet is physically larger and when cut to fit the TBS, it is only 1gram heavier.
Very pleased overall
Review jbgwtf said this on March 17, 2012:

before tenergy i use donic acuda s2 ... first impresion is that is simular throw angle but tenergy have more control and speed.. to expensive..
Review tinyparrot said this on March 22, 2012:

Used this rubber on forehand and backhand and it is a cracking rubber. Fast and spinny, well worth a buy
Review magic bullet said this on March 24, 2012:

Usaully rubber reviews go along the lines it plays like rubber x but a bit faster etc. Tynergy is the first rubber that plays like nothing that exists on the market. The remarkable quality of this rubber is its gears, short game serves, pushes and flicks are tight spinny and easy to control-no pop ups that are associated with all the other new gen rubbers. Looping is enjoyably fast and the balls are heavily juiced and really kick. Looping off the bounce is difficult with this rubber due to its high throw - needs a very closed blade to execute.
Control: Great , rubber is like a lightly glues sriver not a pocket rocket but fast enough for agressive relooping away from the table.
Price: expensive but is easily the most durable of the new gen rubbers you wont be replacing this very often in a season so it works out only moderatly expensive.
Review burt said this on April 24, 2012:

I do not personally like tenergy but i can tell there is a lot of quality behind it. The reason i dontlike it is because you seem to get shots on without feeling like youve played the right shot, I prefer softer sponges, very fast.
Review allybrown said this on April 24, 2012:

Using Tenergy 05 in 1.7mm on Grubba ALL+ flexible wooden blade. Much better for match play than 2.1mm and still plenty fast enough. In 1.7mm Tenergy 64 can do everything from chop to loop to wristy TSP to counterhit. Most players are chosing 2.1mm and 1.9mm thinking that the 1.7mm will be too slow, but on the Grubba All+ this is not the case!! In fact for the first few sessions it is ultra fast and then settles down to be fast but controlable. My best combo ever for BH and and can twiddle to use on my FH to give different effect to my Tenergy 64 1.7mm FH rubber.
Review Lovish Issar said this on June 7, 2012:

I am admitting that this rubber is amazing but still I dont like playing with as I think that the rubber plays better than me. I am simply able to play any stroke with this rubber but it does not mean I am good at all strokes. What I think is that this rubber has soul of some table tennis legend, who plays far better than I can ever be :-D
Review ptony said this on June 8, 2012:

many people say it all for this rubber.2 negatives for this rubber no so good block and the price.but i love it for fh make the best top spins
Review pingpongplaya said this on July 31, 2012:

Tenergy 05 is a very, and I mean VERY bouncy rubber. Due to its high tension surface it can project the ball at high speeds. I've used this rubber before and found it to be spinny as well as fast. However, I do not recommend this rubber to beginners or players who play a high control game. This rubber would be more suitable for aggressive players who tend to loop a lot. However, the price has become ridiculously high. I remember when it used to be only $55.00. Overall 8/10
Review amr_tareef said this on September 28, 2012:

OMG ... Best rubber you can get for offensive style . Fall in love in it with the first topspin shot.

My setup is Tibhar xeon sensetic and Tenergy 05 for both BH & FH.

Best for looping , smashing and blocking

Very good spin and easely can generate a heavy spin serve .

More than perfect in topspin for both BH or FH

By the way , very nice feeling and high control indeed. And nice click sound.

Conclusion : a must bought rubber for offensive players.
Review GCATT said this on December 19, 2012:

One of the best rubbers around

Too Pricey Though!

£100 if wanting two sides

Table tennis rubbers and their price these days :/
Review santilohi said this on January 31, 2013:

SI bien la he probado en el derecho y reves de 2,10mm y de 1,9 mm ,es una de las gomas que adquieren mas efecto y rapidez . pero en custion de control las hay de mejores Muy bien en los saques y en el Top Spin ,pero no va tan bien para cortar y bloquear ,es para realizar un juego muy ofensivo Para mi juego de mas control y contrataque prefiera mas la Brice Speed Fx ,mas ligera y mas control- Las SRIVER o por otras gomas chinas mas baratas y duraderas , Descarto esta goma por el precio es carisima y por la poca duracion y por su peso,muy pesada. Por eso no la doy mas puntuacion.
Review starkey said this on February 21, 2013:

Recently switched to Tenergy05 after I was recommended to put it on my child's racket. I ended up putting it onto my racket too after having a go. The rubber is very nice to play with. Speed is excellent over my previous rubbers (H3N, H2N, Sriver). The ball was a lot faster and I was putting in half the effort compared to my old rubber.

As for durability, a lot of reviews here say it is very durable, I beg to differ though. I put Tenergy05 on my child's racket while at a training camp. After 2 weeks of training (90 hours), the rubber has very visible signs of wear from the ball contacting it and the edges of the rubber chip and break with the slightest bump. At the end of the training camp the rubber looks like it has had mice gnawing around the entire edge of it. This also was the same on the BH side which has Tenergy64.

With my own bat, after I put Tenergy05/64 on it, I am EXTREMELY careful with it and have not hit it on the table edge or anything, yet it has a chip on the edge. Also the same with visible wear. I have only trained with it for about 20 hours, yet it is starting to show wear on the spot where the ball contacts.

This rubber is usually in the $70-$90 range and very pricey for how easily it wears and damages, but I guess that is the property of the rubber and is what you must put up with if you want to use one of the best rubbers out there.
Review Coolguythn said this on March 3, 2013:

This is an excellent rubber. Loop monster and excellent spin, very costly. But prefer Calibra LT sound, much more bang for the buck.
Review Obi said this on March 6, 2013:

I really hate this rubber. It is stone hard, heavy and without feel. Maybe it is good for best world players but not for me definitely (and I'm not beginner). If you hit hard, the ball goes lightning fast. You can also make crazy spin when serving. But that is about everything for me. Control is awful. Slower loops or brushes are hard to perform, blocking and chopping not to mention. My backhand with Rakza7 soft for example is really great and fun to play, but with Tenergy it's disaster. I just do not feel the ball with this rubber. I think there are lots of better choices to spend 80 $ on TT equipment.
Review messerdan said this on April 9, 2013:

Perfect for quick attackers
Review tybritton5 said this on May 1, 2013:

As directly below, I was sold from the first hit, and bought the rubber immidiately after a couple minutes of playing.

Tenergy has also made realize that there are no "best" rubbers," but rather rubbers that suite your style and stroke. The Tibhar Evolution MXP that I used on FH before made my game hard to control and inconsistent. It is probably every bit as good as Tenergy, but not for me.

I am an agressive all round attacker/opening looper at mid distance from the table, and am tall and fairly strong. The medium speed is ideal for my strength and already very fast Xiom Hayabusha. The great spin of Tenergy make it ideal for my playing style (as well as cutting and serving). The soft, light, catipult feel of the rubber hitting the ball feels good for my stroke.

So, considering the wealth of my other reviews, I don't think I need to add any more. It's a top quality rubber and perfect for me.
Review ernesto81 said this on May 24, 2013:

Overrated, an average rubber . Xiom , Tihbar, Andro , Donic, Nittaku, make as good or even better rubbers that cost a lot less!
Review TTmaster1 said this on June 10, 2013:

this rubber is very good for bh i use 2.1mm on a stiga hybrid wood blade it's almost perfect looping is great the 1st topspin is very easy counterlooping and flicking is delightful. This rubber has so much gears you can play very soft or play outrageous quick it's really amazing, there isn't just another rubber that can do this other than this one ;o .overall a very good rubber for people with good technique! i've been playing with this rubber for 8 months now and i can clearly say that there is on the moment not a single rubber that performs better then T05 it's simply the best rubber in the world! After u get used to this rubber u don't need another one, you will hate them because this rubber is the best!
Review Duplik said this on July 23, 2013:

i got mine two days ago, and i can say is a very different rubber for me, than i use to. First of all, is the control and spin, then about the speed i can do slow and fast shots, but that depends on me, i like that. About the throw angle is lower than bluefire m1, but a little higher than acuda s2. For the first time in years i can say that i like a rubber that can do it all, and can generate so much spin. Pretty nice, i have t05 1.9 red, and im gonna get t05 2.1 black in 1 week more.

update :after 3 weeks with this rubber i can say it can do it all, but u need to take care of short game cuz it can have a high throw and u can lose the point like that. Other than that, perfect rubber, currently using it on bh, and my bh improved on somethings
Review Philip99 said this on September 5, 2013:

I started using this rubber with butterfly chuan chih yuan. It is a fast rubber, with good control and awsome spin. T05 is heavy and hard. You have to train a lot to get adapted. This rubber is very good for forehand, because you can do heavy strokes. With T05 you can do very fast and spinny serves. Cut and topsin are incredible. If you are a good player, then this rubber is perfect.
Review Sebu said this on October 2, 2013:

Amazing topspin!
Review Amigo said this on November 5, 2013:

Zillion reviews on this rubber at this point in time.

When it first hit the market (think around 2009 early on...) it had WOW factor to it definitely. It was the best tension rubber by a mile.

Times have changed since those days. Now days we have many rubbers with similar performance and many with better performance.

Most companies can produce high end rubbers now days in there own way and style. Some produce hi speed tensors, some produce hi spin tacky rubbers, mixtures of those two and many other top performers. Today is more of a price question then anything else for me. It is very hard to justify any Tenergy prices at this point. Xiom, Stiga, Tibhar and so on produce just as good or even better rubbers then Tenergy at half of the price. If BTY was not such a huge company i am not sure if those prices would hold at all.

Plz do not get me wrong in regards to Tenergy. This rubber is phenomenal to play with. In a way it is a another classic (Sriver, Mark, Hurricane....).

So to sum it up :

Pros: one of the better performing rubbers on the market (in all aspects).

Cons: you can get better rubber for less money.


I would recommend this rubber to the players that dont have to buy sheets themselves.
I would also recommend this to a time travelers who can go back to 2009 or so and be the first in line to have the playing edge without glue.

Definitely would not recommend this rubber any more to people who actually have to purchase their own sheets.

Enjoy TT and have fun:)
Review revsy333 said this on November 30, 2013:

this rubber is too fast for me always overhitting the ball not really forgiving plus short game need to take care i personally think its over rated for the price
Review lineup32 said this on December 24, 2013:

Expensive but excellent rubber.
Review Andregvigo said this on December 26, 2013:

Just increadible..
Review saifulyazans said this on December 29, 2013:

Awesome for FH
Review mtg6792 said this on April 30, 2014:

Tenergy 05:

Push: The reviews that say short game is difficult with 05 are drunk. This is possibly the best rubber Ive used BH or FH for short pushes; spin and placement were both solid.
Flick: Flicks were impressive.
Banana Flip: Easy to control provided the wrist motion was fast enough. ¦ cant baby hits with this rubber at all.
Counter: I was fairly impressed at close-to-the-table counters with this rubber;
Loop: Possibly the best rubber on the market for looping. Strong mid-distance spin and speed.
Chop: Excellent chop game.
Lift: I didnt even notice backspin.
Serves: Probably the best rubber Ive used for serving as well.

People complain about the price, but it's only about 5 bucks more than any rubber that comes near it on a quality level... lasts a really long time. I doubt I'll switch from this rubber (and I've been a hardcore EJ for about 2.5 years)
Review Gloriana72 said this on May 3, 2014:

Really fast rubber, excellent spin, good control. For skillled offensive players.
Review vir said this on June 6, 2014:

superb rubber :-)
Review Taiwaner said this on July 30, 2014:

Keep improving your control, this wild horse will turn into a lethal weapon. Is it worth for the price? I think it's yes to me, after tried Rakza7/ 7 soft, Fastarc G1/S1, Hurricane 3/ Neo 3, Tenegy 25/ 05FX/ 80...
I will use FH 05/ BH 80 from now on...
Review DreiZ said this on August 12, 2014:

Probably the greatest rubber in post ban glue era.
Review AbinWDHA said this on August 28, 2014:

It is a very good rubber. I have been using it for more than a month and it still feels really new.

This rubber is mostly suited for loopers, giving the rubber very high spin and speed and it also has very good control.

You can also do touch plays without difficulty even though it has a very high speed.
Review TTLOVE said this on August 29, 2014:

Very good for the backhand
Review TTExperience said this on September 13, 2014:

This rubber is probably one of the most talked-about rubbers on the database. Like it or hate it, the debate will continue. After using Tenergy 05 for eight months in 2.1mm, I've made my list of pros and cons. I'll start with the pros: the catapult effect and explosiveness of this rubber are very noticeable and once you learn to control it, you will be dangerous. The short game is made very easy with this rubber. Looping is out of this world, pushing isn't that difficult, and blocking is near automatic. As long as you angle your blade right, 05 will shoot the ball right to your opponent. Now the cons: it is great for looping and blocking, but not much else. Flat hitting and chopping are very unforgiving. When you try driving with it, getting it to stay on the table isn't easy. Having a high spin rating means it will be sensitive to opponents' spin, so serve receive is difficult if you're not sure of what you're doing. If you are player who loops and blocks a lot of the time, go with 05. If you are a looper who also wants the option to push, flat hit, or drive sometimes, I suggest you try Tenergy 64-FX.
Review rizalmustaqim said this on December 7, 2014:

great rubber to make great spin very easy.
Review kayuhkuat said this on January 28, 2015:

Not so much different to rakza 7 but still different.
Review is just for me not for u. Tq.

Loose the game?
Its not the rubber fault, its u...


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