Butterfly Tenergy 25 FX

Butterfly Tenergy 25 FX Rubber
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User Ratings (24)

Speed 9.1
Spin 9.2
Control 8.9
Tackiness 3.6   
Medium tacky
Weight 4.1   
Sponge Hardness 3.7   
Medium soft
Gears 9.1   
Many gears
Throw Angle 4.8   
Consistency 9.7
Durability 7.7   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor Yes
Anti No
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Reviews (11)

Magnus  on 9/25/2013

This rubber is amazingly fast when you hit the ball and reach the sponge due to impact. I already played with different rubbers from DHS H2, DHS H3 prov, DHS TG2 neo & TG3 neo, TinArc3, 729 higher & faster, 729-05 & 729-08, Rakza 7, Rasant, Hexer HD, Tenergy 05 & Nittaku H2 pro. So far this is the fastest rubber that I have used. Spin is also great but not as great as T-05. The topsheet is so bouncy so ball placement will be difficult if you're just a beginner. Your swing angle should be at around 45' to make a consistency on rallies. Soft feel blades such as ALC, AL or all-wood blades are the perfect combination with this butterfly rubber. If you use a hard/stiff & fast blades such as pure carbon blades, your ball throw will be bouncy thus, control will be a bit difficult.
borisrozensvaig  on 7/15/2013

Very Good Rubber! Best suit for hard blades! The dwell time is too long on medium hard/soft blades. After tried this rubber on my friend blade (which is very hard, don't remember the name) i really liked this rubber but when put it on my TBS blade (both sides) i a little bit disappointed because the ball staying to much time on blade and need to get use to it! After month switched the FH to Tenergy 80 ( which is a lit bit harder) Overall
ejb  on 1/18/2013

A new year, a new bat; well new TT rubbers at least. I had been using Acuda S1 (FH) and Acuda S1 Turbo (BH) on a Boll ALC blade for over 12 months, nothing really wrong with either of them, but they needed replacing and I wanted something with a tad more power. After pouring over sites like this I eventually opted for Rasant (2.1 mm FH) and Tenergy 25FX (2.1mm BH) on the same Boll ACL blade (using Andro free glue). After three sessions of play, I am broadly satisfied with my new set up. Rasant has certainly not disappointed, it is noticeably quicker (but not uncontrollably) and my topspins fizz with as much spin as they did with S1. Blocking, touch and flick shots are all great too. In short, it has improved my game. Adjusting to T 25FX on the other hand has been harder. Off the bat it feels (and is) slower than the Rasant & S1 turbo. Shots on I used to put away for winners on my backhand, now find the net. Not surprising perhaps the T 25FX is after all a softer rubber. You need to use your body (hip) rather than just forearm & wrist on the backhand to get the ball to go. But when you do and catapult effect kicks in this rubber is pretty cool, and offers a gear that others don't have. Where it is really exceptional, though, is in blocking. Just as other reviewers have said the control on the block is excellent and I find myself getting a lot more balls back than I used to. Overall, happy with the switch even if I haven't fully adjusted to T 25FX yet. Now if I could just find a better blade...the equipment whoring continues. UPDATE Weeks later Rasant is still great, but I am still struggling to adjust to T25 FX on my BH. Alas this rubber is just not for me. Swapped it for a new sheet of Acuda S1 and noticed an improvement instantly.
summum  on 5/25/2012

it's perfect. I love this rubber.
Anonymous  on 12/18/2011

This rubber is similar to Sriver-EL but with more speed and spin

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