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DHS Hurricane 3 (H3)

DHS Hurricane 3 (H3) ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 17 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 82 times)

There are 31 users using the DHS Hurricane 3 (H3).
From community:
Speed   8.1
Spin   8.9
Control   8.7
Tackiness   7.9 - Tacky
Throw Angle   5.6 - Medium-high
Weight   7.3 - Heavy
Sponge Hardness   8.6 - Hard
Gears   7.1 - Above average gears
Durability   7.6 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   6.0
Overall   8.5 10
From manufacturer:
Speed 12.0 / 12
Spin 11.0 / 12
Control 11.0 / 12
Tensor   No

Description of DHS Hurricane 3 (H3)

"Hurricane III" was designed for the players who mainly adopt control method or have relatively weak attack power when playing 40mm ball. The rubber can reduce a feeling of ponderousness when you strengthen power and create a long arc, which benefits the ball control and exerts fast attack and loop drive at near table.

Reviews of the DHS Hurricane 3 (H3)

Review tommyzai said this on February 29, 2008:

The H3 is one of the most used rubbers in the world . . . it's an industry standard; yet, I think most ratings are way off. For example, it's not that fast, it has good control, and it blocks and chops well. Most would agree it's excellent with spin, which makes for some tricky serves. All in all it's hard to ignore the fact that it's too heavy, the sponge is too hard, and each sheet seems different. Many of the negatives can be remedied by buying the H3-Provincial, which is a nice rubber . . . but still too heavy!
Review tsding said this on March 25, 2008:

I too have the provincial. This is a nice control/spin rubber. Speed is moderate. The one thing I dont like about this rubber is it being heavy. It would be nicer if it is lighther.
Review Halibass said this on March 28, 2008:

I use the Provincial H3, CTE tuned. It's a very good FH rubber. Great for spinny serves, able to loop heavy backspin. Blocks tend to kick higher because of the tacky rubber, but easily controlled.
Review skyline said this on April 9, 2008:

This is like a slightly slower version of hurricane2 with a higher throw and better control. Great for driving.
Review greg said this on November 1, 2008:

The h3 commercial version, is not very tacky. 729 sp, is a lot tackier and softer feeling. It's a slow rubber, that is ONLY for short game. Even a few steps back from the table, might get you in trouble.
Speed glue can make this rubber very nice, but without speed glue it's a rock with no power, and average spin.
H3 commercial unglued, I recommend to a beginner close to table penhold player. But these days, there are lots of rubbers with built in effects, so think twice about getting this, or at least get provincial version.
Review porrotu said this on November 11, 2008:

This rubber is the best thing to hit my blade. If looping is your game you will love this rubber. It has excelent control, great spin and speed is out of this world its a perfect 10
Review JonathanJ said this on January 2, 2009:

The Hurricane 3 is in some ways similar to the Hurricane 2, but in many more ways different. First of all, H3 has MUCH less spin than the H2. Nevertheless, H3 still has very good spin. The beauty of H3 lies in its control. which is significantly greater than that of H2. This was how H3 was designed. It was intended to imitate the play of the H2 but with a control-based playing style in mind. My personal experience reflects that H3 has a greater smashing ability but a slighty lower looping ablity than H2. Obviously this is due to the H3's lower spin factor. I do feel that H3 bas a great deflection for blocking and counterdriving. H3 should be played close to the table.

This was the very first DHS rubber I used. Even now after having explored several rubbers - a great portion of which came from DHS - I still think very highly of this rubber and would recommend it to anybody regardless of skill level.

UPDATE: Great control for a hard rubber
Review sensuisam said this on April 11, 2009:

I love this fantastic rubber.
good for loops and chops
Review metallikviper said this on May 17, 2009:

I am using this rubber in Red 2.2mm sponge for my forehand with Friendship 755 1.0mm sponge LP on a slower Butterfly blade. I am using a slightly used rubber my friend gave me. Applied a little bit of Kinetix Rubber Revitalizer (Amazing Stuff!!!) spray before playing to bring back some tack.

Top sheet is pretty tacky and helps a lot with serves and close to table pushes and chops with good backspin. Had a pretty decent hitting efficiency slightly affected by opponents spin. Brush looping was very effective and loop driving was very easy away from the table. Counter looping was amazing away from the table with a lot of spin and speed. A very good all around rubber which excels at almost everything.
Review livabetes said this on December 9, 2009:

great for control and defensive shots...i use on my backhand
Review Jethrock said this on January 26, 2010:

DHS Hurricane 3 for me is the best rubber for defense. It is very reliable when it comes to blocking and chopping the ball.
Speed is also excellent that you can easily control the ball.
I will recommend this rubber to my brother as well as my friends in Ginatilan.
Review Larry said this on March 13, 2010:

I find the DHS Hurricane 3 (H3) very slow when smashing compared to the other rubbers in the DHS family. The spin in the rubber is slightly more than average rubbers because it is more tacky which also makes the throw angle slightly higher too. The rubber thus lets you give more spin to your serve and loops. This hard rubber is real heavy but still manageable if playing for around an hour. This rubber is not recommended for beginners still learning how to loop as I find the rubber more tacky than the normal rubbers you can find i the market.
Review Anonymous said this on June 16, 2010:

Starts out slow, then gets faster
Review Anonymous said this on June 17, 2010:

DHS H3 is a fast, controllable rubber with quite a lot of spin. I'd think of it as all-round. Lots of speed, coupled with the spin and control, makes it a good rubber to use on all-round/offensive blades.
Review yevon said this on June 21, 2010:

great rubber to use in backhand. it is fast, very controlable(for a hard sponge rubber) and has a lot of spin.
Review Darren Rapacchi said this on July 10, 2010:

I have this is black 2.2mm on a Yinhe T-8 Off blade.
I have read many reports saying that this is a FH short close to the table rubber "RUBBISH" I play a mid distance game & this rubber performs very well. I hit chop and block on my BH and this rubber does it all. I can play short at the table chops & blocks with the added control I can also play fast topspins or loops.
I would like to see this rubber in a 1.8mm version. Does it exist ?
I have had mine for around 2 years, I clean it regular and it still has it's tacky, lifts the balls around 2 feet before dropping.
The rubber topsheet still looks like new very hard to mark, by far the best DHS rubber I have used no faults.....I am looking to try this in other forms.
Review Grel Louie said this on July 24, 2010:

I had just buyied this rubber last week without knowing the rubber But I found out that hurricane 3 is very well good for offensive player like me because I needed a rubber that has great control but even my smashes are not likely very strong but I can manage controlling the ball however my rival hits back a smash I can still hit back because of it's control while doing blocking or even chop.I'am lucky to have this rubber because I have a great time with it.for me it's more than unusual than other rubbers.So people think about it.If you try it you'll love it.nobody can deny.
Review Anonymous said this on August 30, 2010:

Very good rubber, blocking is a little weak could be my balde's issue. A lot of spin and good control.
Review jmluat said this on September 6, 2010:

I used DHS H3 for about 1.5yrs.
The good: It is tacky and very good for putting heavy spins during service. Its not very expensive and it lasts a long time if you can keep the rubber surface clean.
The bad: It takes a lot of effort from you when you want to power loop or loop drive with a lot of speed; which can lead to becoming fatigue in later stages of longer rallies and longer matches.
Review FiReSTaRT said this on September 13, 2010:

Extremely heavy, so you should use them with a lighter blade. Speed didn't suffer. I was experiencing some minor control issues, but that's coming off a very forgiving blade/rubber combination, so I think they will go away as I get to play with H3 a bit more.
Update: I've put in some significant hours of play with it, and it's still maintaining its durability. The only maintenance that I've done was wipe it down with a slightly damp microfiber rag, at least between play sessions, and once or twice within a play session when I go to a very dusty gym. While I'm VERY satisfied with the characteristics (great for developing all around play), I'll probably switch to something lighter when the time comes to replace my H3's.
Review Forest Ping said this on September 29, 2010:

It is the most popular rubber use here in Brunei Darussalam. Very good performance when use in the FH. My students won a lot of match here in Brunei with it. Overall it's a very good rubber if you are looking for a good game.
Review Anonymous said this on January 3, 2011:

this rubber overall sucks on serves.
Review DHS Hurricane (H3) said this on March 3, 2011:

BS98 says: I use a DHS H3 before and it is rather heavy. It has moderate speed, good control and quite "OK" spin. Its sponge is quite heavy too.
Review Anonymous said this on March 14, 2011:

The sponge is like a rock :(
Review Anonymous said this on May 9, 2011:

Fast!! but it's a little bit hard to control.. as the result I haven't pull out my fullest power just to make sure the ball is in play.. but overall satisfaction is the word and it met my expectation also...
Review That Guy said this on May 30, 2011:

Hurricane 3 I think is one of the best rubbers in the world. It's very tacky (but not as tacky as H2) and also has a balance of control and speed. I use this rubber for my backhand on my butterfly vsg twist 2.

A medium hard sponge, which is good for practically anything, and helps if you have a weak hit. Ideal for looping, chopping and blocking. The bad thing about this rubber is that the grip wears off pretty fast if not taken care of, this is why i suggest buying the provincial one. Overall this is excellent.
Review santilohi said this on June 26, 2011:

ventajas , precio y efecto con control , desventajas que es pesada y no muy rapida , ponerla con hoja ligera y rapida. Particularmente ,prefiero otras ,mas rapidas ,sobre todo de derecha las friedship 729 oem de 2,10 mm o 729-5 y 729-8 ,globe 999 nacional roja de derecha y Reactor .- Espero probar ,prontol as hurricane 3 Provincial ,haber si hay mucha diferencia .,que no creo ,aparte de la calidad.
Review powerlefty said this on October 10, 2011:

Good to learn the basic chinese stroke with. I would switch to one of the neo rubbers for more speed one good technique is established though because of lack of speed (i.e. way to much effort).
Review Klaudio said this on January 23, 2012:

I agree with some reviews that this rubber is slower than advertised, however all the spin makes up for it. The sheet is very tacky and it just picks up the ball. Serving with it will make a lot of problems to your opponnent. I play penhold, chinese with RPB. Only thing i didnt like about this rubber is when i move to half distance to start looping, it seems that it looses power.
I think its because of the sponge which is btw REALLY hard. Top players who use H3 definitely dont play on this sponge, they play on provincial (blue) sponge..
All in all, good rubber for 3rd ball atacks and opening loops, also , very good for choping. Control is amazing with this rubber. IF you like close to the, spin over speed oriented game, this rubber is for you then
Review seguso said this on January 28, 2012:

in short: a cheap, high throw rubber, slow, very hard, with good spin, very unforgiving, with low dwell time and few gears, only usable on very flexible blades.

In detail:

- Throw: medium-high. The throw is a bit lower than Vega Pro and like Acuda S1 (just tested on Stiga Offensive Wood NCT). Also a bit lower than T05. However, the throw is high for a Chinese rubber. Chinese rubbers with higher throw are: Galaxy Mercury II 37, Palio CJ8000; but these are much slower than H3. One Chinese rubber which has higher throw than H3 and is faster is Sanwei T88-I, but it is factory tuned.

- speed: this rubber is fastest on very flexible blades like stiga offensive classic or stiga offensive cr. On stiff blades, it is very slow. much slower than Vega Pro, Acuda S1, Sanwei T88-I, T05. Faster than Globe999; slower than MercuryII 37. The slow speed makes opening loops easy if you can wrist-brush, but you might lack the power to finish the point.

- hardness: very hard. this makes the rubber unforgiving, because when you are opening loop you have to brush perfectly. if you hesitate and brush a little less, the rubber punishes you.

- spin: very good on power loops, good on opening loops and very good on pushes. MercuryII 37 black has more spin on opening loops, much less on power loops. Vega pro has more spin in everything (opening loops, pushes) except maybe power loops.

- dwell time: very low. this is due to hardness, and makes the rubber very unforgiving and difficult to use. You have to keep your body relaxed throughout the swing, and provide the amortization yourself. In training this is easy to do, but in official matches it is much more difficult because you are more tense. So this is only for experienced players.

- gears: few. This is another problem with this rubber. If you choose a blade where you have enough power close to the table and mid distance, you might not have enough power in killing shots. And viceversa.

this rubber lasts forever.
Review Anonymous said this on February 5, 2012:

the rubbers hard but there arnt any power
Review hall said this on February 14, 2012:

its nice* compare with acuda s2 speed 8.7 spin.8.5 control 8.5 throw angle medium high . Huracane is slower 7.7 , but for looping 8.3 its better and counterlooping 9.1 its a lot faster then acuda,and that its strongest spot . . Loops are nice, more control 8.9 . counterhit its weak spot.throw angle medium low . If u whant to use this ruber u must have big swing, chinese stille loop. . Euro loopers will have problem to adopt. .u can also chop , use it with dhs bats like deeper d-02
Review titania said this on February 21, 2012:

very nice rubber its best for conterlooping from the table i usualy block incoming spin, but now i have enough control to counterloop 9/10 before huricane 2/10
sry for bad english
Review jbgwtf said this on March 17, 2012:

for prize very nice!!
Review MaLinn said this on April 5, 2012:

Very good rubber for back hand
Not too much speed and boucens
Review yuke said this on May 14, 2012:

I've tried this rubber with orange sponge 39° 2,2 mm from eacheng. This isn't heavy and this is a perfect balance beetween spin speed control. The most interesting things I've noticed is that it's easy to learn to control this rubber. The other amazing point is that this rubber is super efficient for looping.
Review loopkill said this on June 11, 2012:

You really need the stroke to bring out the power and speed of this rubber. It will not seem fast with just regular looping. This thing is unbeatable at loopdriving or a good loopkill. You have to put in the power, but it is worth it. With its superb control you can swing away and destroy easy balls coming at you.
Review Amilcar said this on November 29, 2012:

I still occasionaly play with H3 Max. very durable and the price of the rubber is reasonable.Like tacky Mark V.
Review GCATT said this on January 15, 2013:

Not a bad rubber... if you wanting to slow loop its quiet a decent rubber but this rubber is way to hard for me...

i was gonna sue this on my fh looking at it
but then i tested it and itsuits my backhand fr drives and blocks.....
and chops short

not a very quality rubber if your wanting to forehand topspin

the rubber is very HARD and solid on my Butterfly Offensive blade:)
Review Aaronnzl said this on January 19, 2013:

more consistant than neo
Review mtg6792 said this on February 17, 2013:

Not the best rubber in the world...

Far slower than T05, T64 and T80

Less spin than all 3 (except on serves.. there it is somewhat equal to T64)

Not bad for looping close to the table, but if you're used to catapulting and not pushing forward, distance loops may seem awkward.

The speed of the rubber is hard to keep consistent because of the gears. If you push to slow on the short game, the ball won't move, but if you push too hard, it may fly off the table.

It's not going to take away much from your game, but if you aren't used to Chinese rubbers, it may take awhile (especially if you're used to Tenergy). It isn't AWFUL. Give it a shot if you aren't into tensors and spring sponge rubbers.
Review SkycB said this on March 30, 2013:

koristim je na Palio TC6 za FH. Ispocetka mi je djelovala dosta umrtvljeno i uzeo sam 40° sto mi se cinilo da bi trebalo biti soft. Medutim spuzva i guma su strahovito tvrde i to mi se ne svida, medutim u igri se ponasa savim drugacije. Guma je relativno brza, ne bas koliko sam ocekivao ali solidno brza. Kontrola je isto OK, ali spin je odlican.
Review ShogunRK said this on April 27, 2013:

Empece jugando en el trabajo con una Sensei 3*. Despues me anote en un club y me compre un madero DHS wind CW-W carbon. Tenia dos DHS H3 en el madero. En un principio me dio resultado, tenia control por el thacky, usaba mucho los cortes de ambos lados y golpes planos fuertes para rematar de drive. Pero a medida que el tiempo pasaba, la goma iba perdiendo sus propiedades. Una vez que se volvia vieja, no es que era mala, era bueno, pero solo me duraba dos partidos y la debia limpiar para volver a tener el thacky. Me costaba mucho topear con esa goma de drive. Aun que tambien haber comprado un madero ofensivo tampoco ayudaba. Despues de un mes de fallar el 80% los tops, me cambie la goma de drive por una Acuda S3, que hizo que si aprenda realmente las tecnicas de rosar. Los top empezaron a salir. Yo tengo brazos largos y tenia que hacer tops con todo el brazo y la S3 a mi me parecio mejor. La H3 es una buena goma y muy barata, pero a mi me costaba muchisimo meter bien las tecnicas. Dificil de usar si no eres un chino que la usa 10 horas al dia.
Review martinw95 said this on June 23, 2013:

i have the commerical version

good spinand very durable does not lose its tackiness for a while. to restore it use some olive oil and brush the rubber and let it soak in. it replenishes it but dont expect it to be brand new
Review briandunleavy said this on June 24, 2013:

tried this rubber on the stiga clipperwood blade.first impressions was that it was very slow and hard to get used to because of the hard sponge.but after and hour or two of training i got used to it.it is a very durable rubber and also extremely tacky.way too heavy for me.it is more suited for loopers or counter-hitters.has a lot of spin and control but lacks speed.lot of effort required.good rubber for the price.
Review Patrickchen101 said this on July 5, 2013:

This is like rock you can't get much power or spin, if your looking for power go for the tenergy series or donic bluefire, for spin I recommend Adidas p7, and the tenergy series
Review suren said this on July 17, 2013:

I suren using this rubber with the combination of yasaka anti-power.
This rubber has outstanding spin. It is good for chopping and blocking. It is very good to control and smash. After using this rubber, I have won gold medal in Indian Veteran Nationals 2013 held at Srinagar.
Review maddrag said this on July 25, 2013:

I play H3 since 2 months and learned a lot with it. I'm a modern defense with chen weixin blade and LP TSP pr1 on the backhand. Short game is very stable. Long, short push at will after good training. It has a lot of gears !Same with the loop. Play more with a closed racket for looping as it has hightrow. Also play more chinese looping style. I also chop and fish far from the table to change my defense return. A very good complement to my LP. I love it !!!
Review nishantkumar19 said this on August 5, 2013:

I have been using this rubber on FH for quite a while now. It has always been amazing at smashing, but I found that its spin slowly decreased over time. After 2 years, there was almost no spin. It's control is reasonable, but again it decreases over time. When I went to the shop, there were 2 identical Hurricane 3 rubbers for sale, but they were of different prices. The shopkeeper said that they were all new, but the quality of one was better than the quality of the other. I was a bit surprised of its inconsistency. But even though you need to change it a lot, it is still an amazing rubber, especially for offensive players on forehand.
Review bowlermj said this on August 20, 2013:

I just received this item over the weekend and have used it a few times since then. Initially the rubber was very tacky, but not nearly as tacky as I had originally anticipated, based upon reviews I had read online. The rubber is very heavy and seems to require a good amount of effort in order to unleash the spin and quickness.

I like to play a heavy topspin and looping game, and this rubber is accommodating that style well. In time there should be a noticeable increase in the amount of speed and spin, as I acclimate to the new rubber.

Overall I would recommend it for anyone with strong, quick topspin/looping shots and game. I will note that it does perform well with pushes and short game shots as well.
Review Sethinator said this on January 5, 2014:

This was a generally good rubber for me (I am a all around offensive player), tacky chinese rubber made it good for spins, yet it still was a decent topspin looper. It could still be better at flat kill shots though. Overall it is a good offensive rubber but there are better ones out there for similar prices.
Review jakas said this on March 10, 2014:

Its good just close to the table for far you need to add a lot of power to get the ball across. Iuse it on my FH and tenergy 05 on the BH.
TACKY and excellent spin
Review Josh20 said this on May 29, 2014:

Good for topspin, counter attacking, serving and smashing. However the top sheet is too hard. Overall good for the price but I would recommend the neo version for more control.
Review master_f said this on December 2, 2014:

It can quickly kill your enemy especially when your service is so tricky and fast.
Review BeGo said this on January 12, 2015:

Just tried today, seeking chop and loop rubber for def alpha, for replacing my tackiness chop 2.

because 1.5 mm one is impossible to find, bought the 2.15 mm, and tried it for couple of game first before shaving it to 1.5 mm later if I am not lazy, sorry. ;)

This initial review is from "wall" training, will update when played a couple of games. :)

This rubber not as fast as I was imagined based on this site, even slower than my Tack 2 1.9 mm, on brushing, but,

On flat hit, there a loud "tink! / tick!" sound and the ball launch a lot faster. ??? I do need some explanation, cause this is new for me.

The spin it generate on chop is less than tack 2. Not much difference with my dr evil.

On loop, the arc are much smaller than tack 2. :)

Overall control is similar with tack 2, but feel mushier.

This is a good chopper rubber in today standard imho. :)


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