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DHS NEO Skyline 3 TG3

DHS NEO Skyline 3 TG3 ping pong rubber
Approx. $ 17 USD
Price $

Ratings  (rated 57 times)

There are 22 users using the DHS NEO Skyline 3 TG3.
From community:
Speed   8.4
Spin   8.9
Control   8.6
Tackiness   7.4 - Tacky
Throw Angle   5.3 - Medium
Weight   6.1 - Medium-heavy
Sponge Hardness   7.5 - Medium-hard
Gears   8.5 - Many gears
Durability   7.9 - Lasts longer than average
Consistency   8.0
Overall   8.9 10
From manufacturer:
Speed /
Spin /
Tensor   No

Reviews of the DHS NEO Skyline 3 TG3

Review AndySmith said this on October 16, 2009:

I switched to this on the b/hand after trying out a H3 Neo for a month or too, and it suited me much better. Found it easier to develop slower loops - surprising for such a hard sponge.

Reasonable pace, nice tack, great serving and general spin generation potential, cheaper than Euro/Jap rubbers. Nowhere near as fast as recent glue-effect rubbers though. Not sure about durability yet...
Review Anonymous said this on November 4, 2009:

I use this for my forhand and hurricane 3 neo's for my back hand. This rubber does whatever i want it to and the best part about it is you don't have to glue it.
Review Anonymous said this on December 17, 2009:

DHS NEO TG3 is a massive improvement from the old TG3. is not as fast as other tension/pre-glue rubber. compared to previous TG3 alot faster, WAY more CONTROL, MORE SPIN, if previous TG3 has failed you THIS ONE WILL IMPRESS YOU
Review Saif said this on May 25, 2010:

This is an ideal chinese style rubber for mid distance looping. Compared to H3 neo it is a lot faster, less control and have more direct feeling away from the table.
It's definitely heavy. I recommend it to people who have well developed stroke.
Review Paulo said this on August 16, 2010:

Before I tried the Skyline III, I tried some of the butterfly falimy such as Bryce Speed and Tenergy 25. I always tought that there was something missing in both, one was good in control but limited in speed ou fast but not enough speed, etc... I was getting tired of both and decided to change to a Skyline III... It was a very great surprise! It has all that lacks in the previous I tried! I'm still having trouble in controling it because it is very fast in returns, both close and far from the table, but the angle is great. Returning hits that would go down to the net are passing back and much faster now. It a rubber worth trying, a great experience for those who like fast and controled playing. And the price is very affordable, half of the butterfly with a better result!!
Review konnichwakid said this on January 11, 2011:

This is the stuff. You will have more fun and win more with this rubber then with Tenergy. Control and power is all there. There is really nothing wrong with it. Great for blocking and looping. I had problems killing the ball with it at first, but who needs a kill with a loop that is this good.
Review kl5599204 said this on January 26, 2011:

good rubber and easy to make topspin
Review Anonymous said this on January 28, 2011:

very impressive. no need for fancy strokes. just hit the ball and the rubber magically turns it into a deadly shot. awesome serving potential. could use more speed.
Review Anonymous said this on February 13, 2011:

This rubber was very impressive..even if its sponge was hard..more speed, more control and more spin..
Review siulunglee said this on June 14, 2011:

My fore hand rubber. One of the coach said it is too bouncy, but I found it has a lot of gears when you hit (it is fast) and good power absorption power for blocking (when you doesn't move the blade.)

I agree that it is a good mid-range table loop rubber because I can do mid range loop easily with this.

Price is wonderful compare to Japanese and European rubber.
Review msilhanek said this on September 2, 2011:

Plays very simillar to TG2 Neo. Speed and controll is imo almost the same, spin slightly lower but still great. Another awesome rubber from DHS, I recommend it.

EDIT (September 2011): After some time I have to change my ratings. It is a good rubber but I don't understand it's description from the manufacturer. I use this on my BH (black, max) and it feels slower (this rubber is decribed "speed and controll"). Skyline 2 TG2 Neo is decribed as "spin and controll" but is faster than this one. I've bought 2 sheets of each rubber and I can confirm that Skline 3 Neo is really slower. Kinda weird but I don't care, my setup containing these 2 rubbers is awesome (the best setup so far after more than 15 years in the TT world).
Review M said this on September 11, 2011:

Great rubber for those with a budget, i brought this for the backhand and a palio drunken dragon for the forehand. Definitely would recommend it over a european rubber as i brought a geospin tacky and a joola drum neither of which compare to the chinese rubbers.
Review E said this on September 14, 2011:

Skyline 3 neo has a lot of spin it makes countering chop with ease.The speed is bit slower than the Skyline 3 (blue sponge).The rubber is quite heavy so i prefer people who have develop strokes.
Review Henry said this on October 17, 2011:

After playing it for a 6 months, rubber is in a good performance. I don't see a drop of performance yet. This rubber can do spin and smash with good control and precise. Not a very fast rubber though. Usually play it as FH rubber but I think it also makes that into BH rubber except a bit heavier.
Review John Raumati said this on December 16, 2011:

TG3 neo Skyline is the best tabletennis rubber I have used.
Being Chinese it was designed to go on an ultra fast blade, as that is the typical Chinese way to play.
I play almost every technique.
TG3 Neo has combined with years of my competition play, to bring new levels of solid consistency and accuracy, close to or away from the table, in defence or when taking the initiative.
Never before has looping been so easy or direct. Great for loop and smash, or serve and smash, or loop all day long(you get the idea).
I use this on a speed 10 thin ultra light Yin-He T-11 Carbon 2) 70g.
Use new the day of a competition and win.
Developed a champions game around the equipment deserving of champion.
Review bacolod spin said this on December 22, 2011:

this rubber puzzles me, its hard but slow, its forward thrusts lacks distance. but it is very good for blocks and serve returns. its perfect though for my BH and it can lift heavy underspins easily.
Review topplayerrr said this on May 16, 2012:

I have tried so many rubbers this year, donic coppa platin, donic x1 turbo platin, stiga magna, stiga neos, tibhar sinus and genius, h3 neo and more... on Mazunov blade.

I'm not from the US but a friend who lives there told me i'm something like 2150-2300 rating there.
I'm very offensive player.

I find the TG3 neo very very unique rubber, it has low throw angle, low speed but when hit on the sweet spot the rubber opens up.

Most of my club mates who tried this rubber didn't like it because it's hard and slow comparing to euro rubbers.
What i found out was that if you have good technique you will learn to love it because you have real and not "fake" swing in order for the ball to hit in the table it's not forgiving as euro rubbers thus make you hit the ball the right way. I really liked it and i'm going to adapt it and make it my primary FH rubber. What i really liked was that slow is slow and when you need high speed and know how to hit the ball right it's there.

If you order it, don't give up on it after one practice, give it some time maybe 1-2 weeks before you decide whether to keep it or not it's a completely different beast from what we are use to (those who play euro rubbers) and i honestly think this rubber can take my game to a higher level.
Review Anonymous said this on June 3, 2012:

Nice rubber with a budget, i use this one in my backhand and it suits me well..Good job DHS..
Review Anonymous said this on June 3, 2012:

not really an upgrade from skyline2neo, less tack though...
Review Hozze said this on July 19, 2012:

A/B'd this against Neo Hurricane 3 commercial and Provincial as a FH rubber on a Stiga Hybrid Wood Chinese penhold blade over the course of a month.

Slowest, heaviest (about the same as the commercial H3 though) and hardest of the three, but also very tacky and spinny. Excellent control, great for brush loops and blocking, lacking some power on drives and powerloops, but the control and spin compensates somewhat. Seems to work well at most distances, although a well developed swing is needed to keep the speed up away from the table.

If you favor control over speed and don't mind a hard and heavy rubber this could be for you. I felt it was a little too heavy on the Stiga, which is also heavy on it's own (mine's 93g).
Review slashattack said this on October 14, 2012:

Hits and loops very well. In my opinion, feels better than NEO Hurricane 3 in every aspect.
Review cookierobber said this on December 8, 2012:

I just bought this rubber a few days ago. Tried going on a drill using it and my first impression was that it felt so odd and different from other jap/euro rubbers i've tried before. When you touch the topsheet, it doesn't feel tacky but when u start hitting the ball with it back and forth it feels as if there is so much surface tack. Medhigh throw angle. Soo many gears. Serves, pushes, chops are all so excellent. Whats more surprising is that it doesn't feel like a fast rubber when your not hitting hard. But once you start to really give it more effort then it just turns into a beast
Review reef said this on January 21, 2013:

(39deg. black max) spin, speed, control is all there. more linear and also have more medium gears (allround features) than H3Neo. feels maybe little bit less spinny than H3Neo overall, but you do not have to smack the ball all the time like with H3Neo. after 3 month of intense training, rubber looks nice and durable.
Review misterewan said this on February 25, 2013:

I use this on my for hand for more control and spinny top spins loops..

very accurate, throws as expected and will not let you down..

very good for Medium/Short Table Aggre-Def players..
Review Talal said this on April 16, 2013:

I like this rubber...coming from tenergy 05 fx on FH....this rubber has higher spin potential on serve and top spin and chopping....I feel it fast good feeling of the ball .i am using this with light weight hard and stiff carbon blade CCT PRO TOUR CARBON FLEX only 82 gram
Review Bchan said this on May 4, 2013:

Neo Skyline 3 Commercial vs Hurricane 3 National. Both unboosted with water glue.
After using Hurricane 3 National for a while, I tried a sheet of Neo Skyline 3 Commercial 39 degrees in Black. Me and my friends all tried it and think that this rubber is a piece of crap when compared to Hurricane 3 National or more expensive rubbers, because it's unstable and dead.
Table game is good, and surprisingly the rubber is okay on the backhand. If you don't boost or speed glue, look elsewhere. I rate this 6/10 (when it's brand new)

After using this rubber a little more, the sponge has gotten softer and plays more consistent and stable. I now rate this 8/10 (when broken in). If this rubber had some booster or speed glue, it would probably be perfect. In my opinion, TG3 neo commercial is much better than H3 neo commercial. However, it's a close race between H3 National. H3 National's sponge has more strength, spin potential, does not need a break in, has a lighter toxic smell, but it's harder to use/more demanding. TG3 Neo Commercial, is less demanding, easier to use, requires less energy, is very affordable, but has a horrible toxic smell. I highly highly recommend TG3 Neo Commercial, but be sure to slap it hard for a few days to break it in.
Review Amigo said this on August 18, 2013:

O boy !!!
As expected from other reviews some like it some not.
This is my favorite rubber. I use it on FH only. It is a very hard DHS rubber with some tack on it. Quality of the rubber (i use only black) has been great so far. All the sheets were good.
This rubber is very unique. For many people it will be ok spinney close to the table but dead and inconsistent away from the table. Sponge is very hard and there is not much tack on the top sheet to produce super spin when you play close, so reasoning of many players is great. They are correct. Most of the humans don't have fitness level of Ma Long, Ma Lin, Timo and others....
Reason why i am giving such a good grades to this rubber is my physical play away from the table. Basically my whole TT game is based on super heavy (very fast and spinney) loop drives 3 - 5 meter away.
At lower speeds rubber play ok, nothing special basically. Control is good, spin is ok, one can block with it and serve with it good. So this is why i would say Gears = Average. Tack plays some role here but there is no sponge influence (well not much influence to be more precise).
When you go back more then 2 meters and hits become harder deformation will kick in, and tack influence will diminish. Spin will increase significantly and throw angle will be reduced (slightly). Will still remain high but just not as high. To some players this can be a control problem, others will find it good for the pace. So basically faster you go with this rubber better it will play. There is no way to bottom out sponge nor to break the grip at super high speed.

High recommendation for a players who put their whole body in the swing, players that are young and strong, players who have well over 5 years of quality training under their belts and so on... you get the picture.
Not recommended to players who like to defend, control, older players (please do not get this in offensive way, i mean nothing bad), beginners, players with some type of physical disabilities and so on....

I wish you all the best, and i hope this helps. Enjoy your game of TT and have fun :)
Review vvdon03hcmut said this on September 24, 2013:

I'm demurring about choosing a rubber on viscaria. After read all reviews of some rubbers, I decide to select it because its price is very cheep, compare to jap/eu rubber. About speed, spin, control, they are really what I need, I just worry that It is a little heavy, durability is short, I will come back and review about these things in next time after spending with it.
Review raijin said this on October 12, 2013:

I rate this rubber 8/10

It is great in mid distance looping
Very spinny serves
excellent in pushes
but I still can't control it close to the table

very durable, i played it 5 months and still very tacky

it requires specific angle to perform very well

i play chinese style and i like it very much
Review outlaw said this on March 20, 2014:

same as the tg 2 great rubber that can do all u ask,but it takes a few games to adjust yourself to it,after that all is great ,it loves agressive play
Review hops4080 said this on August 23, 2014:

iit´s great sponge for everyone!!!!!
Review TTExperience said this on September 13, 2014:

I bought this rubber for $22 and put it on the forehand of a Kasumi Basic blade in 2.1mm. I know the tackiness is what makes this rubber and other Chinese rubbers so unique and effective, but this might be a bit too tacky. The $22 price is great, but is kind of offset by the fact you have to buy cleaner and a sponge and wash it every 1-2 days. I mean, you can literally swing it around once or twice after you get it or clean it and there will be dust. If you play with it for one session and you will see it covered with dust. But from the moment I hit the ball, I was amazed. This rubber was a very pleasant surprise, considering it costs a third of what Tenergy costs. It is a great alternative to those who either use Tenergy on the forehand (and hate paying $64 a sheet) or want a relatively hard rubber they can loop and attack with. However, you really need good technique to unlock the potential of this rubber. Once you do, you can be unstoppable. The bounce on loops is very significant and you can play short even though this rubber was made to play from mid-distance (which is really easy to play from). Skyline 3 NEO is the rubber for third-ball kill. It will probably work best on forehand because of the high throw. I really can't say enough about Skyline 3; DHS, you made a winner that I will be loyal to for a long time. A $22 rubber that is close to (in my opinion, passes) Tenergy 05? Top this, Butterfly.


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