Donic Baracuda

Donic Baracuda Rubber
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User Ratings (146)

Speed 8.8
Spin 9.6
Control 8.5
Tackiness 2.4   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.5   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 4.7   
Gears 7.9   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 7.1   
Consistency 8.9
Durability 7.7   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 91 / 100
Spin 98 / 100
Control 71 / 100
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 50 users using the Donic Baracuda.
The rubber with vicious spin.

The new FORMULA DONIC BARACUDA rubber with inbuilt speed glue effect produces fantastic spin. With DONIC BARACUDA the ball leaves the blade in a conspicuously higher arc, giving considerably more spin. The increased rotation of the ball stabilises the flight and increases speed. The results are convincing after a few hours of training to become used to this modern rubber. Accuracy of placement is visibly improved even for top players.

DONIC BARACUDA offers that extra margin of safety even in the tightest situation, and not only when engaged in a high risk top spin game. DONIC BARACUDA's top rubber surface has been newly constructed to minimise abrasion and damage to the edges. The happy result: more playing hours with a surface that remains intact without noticeable damage.

Reviews (63)

firetack  7 months ago

We`re all looking for extra grip/spin with the polyball and this one has it although the pace is a bit slow on my Defplay Senso,4 layers of Falco booster and it plays like a dream with more pace than my usual Tenergy 05 and equal if not better spin,I think this is a reasonably priced solution for me ...I didn`t put a speed spin control rating due to the booster where I would put my rating for that at 9.5,9.5,8
msilhanek  on 2/2/2015

I had a test bat (carbon OFF blade) with red Donic Baracuda and black Xiom Vega Europe. Baracuda is not very fast but it is still an attack rubber. It generates more spin than Xiom, controll is pretty nice in both cases. EDIT: I'm using Baracuda on my BH side atm. I usually choose a chinese tacky rubber on my FH and this combination works well. Good spin, speed, controll = good rubber. EDIT2 (Jan 2015): After more than 2 years with Baracuda I feel like I need to update my review. Baracuda is excellent. It's among the best rubbers from the performance/price point of view. Not very fast but still powerful enough to play far from the table. The comfortable zone is close to the table anyway. The topsheet is tacky (not very tacky like traditional chinese rubbers but it can lift up a ball) and due to this the rubber is spin sensitive, especially against incoming top spin (higher throw angle doesn't help much, it makes it actually even worse). You need some time to handle this. On the other hand it means really great spin potential, especially if you brush the ball. I just miss little bit more catapult effect to call it an ultimate loopers choice. If you prefer spin a precision, go for it.
danlaabraten  on 5/21/2014

Among the best! Speed is just right. Control awesome. Spin brutal. A must try.
DOMINATE98  1 weeks ago

Ok. So on my quest to find the best slow spiny looping rubber, this was the last one I was trying. I have tried a bunch of rubbers, including T05, and while it is just as spinny, the hard rubber does not help for slow spinny looping. The medium/soft sponge of this rubber allows for spins of all flavors! And I've NEVER seen a rubber that does it like Baracuda. All my opponents were surprised by the spins, and if I had any amount of time, my loops were unreturnable for the most part. Even if they were returned, it was weak, and loop driven or smashed. Which was another surprise. It smashed better than I thought for a soft sponge, but I had it on a stiff 729 V-6 blade, which pared great! Smashes were just powerful enough, and spins were sick. This is my new rubber for forehand, and my next test is to put it on my Jun Mitsutani blade, which should be a perfect pairing. It chops, blocks, spins (no better rubber for lifting backspin), serves super spinny, and pushes great. Probably a great backhand rubber too...
alex99  2 months ago

Very good ruber both for bh and forehand . if u like to be agresive on bh u can go with max. for forehand max is much better then 2.0 . i will compare with with tenergy 05 a rubber that i used alot. First of all, baracuda is more durable, especialy the topsheet . speed is slower, but spin is more. on a blade like T Boll ALC the speed is more then enough At service baracuda is MUCH better compared to tenergy and also much better at push over the table, u can generate much more backspin with it. Actualy close to table i find baracuda better then tenergy Keep in mind, many people make the mistake and buy baracuda 2.0 but u should use it in MAX. just like tenergy u use it in 2.1( max) Conclusion. This rubber is a MUST to try it . is not very expensive. its actualy half the price of tenergy.

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