Donic Bluefire M3

Donic Bluefire M3 Rubber
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User Ratings (32)

Speed 8.4
Spin 9.1
Control 8.9
Tackiness 1.6   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.6   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 3.0   
Medium soft
Gears 8.2   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 7.4   
Consistency 8.8
Durability 7.9   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 90
Spin 107
Control 77
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 34 users using the Donic Bluefire M3.
The blue miracle

Donic's new Bluefire is a completely new rubber development offering top speed. A new high-tech generation of rubbers in the proven Formula FD3-technology has been developed as a result of the perfect combination of the large pored blue sponge with an extremely spinny top surface rubber. The top rubber with its small, long pimpled-in structure lends the rubber the best possible flexibility and sensational feeling. Above all, the Bluefire is unbelievably fast with a characteristic high arc when top-spinning that enables maximum spin and increased speed.

Reviews (20)

AndySmith  on 9/24/2012

The BF series is the first tensor I've used with a massive range of gears. The topsheet is also the grippiest I've used in this type of rubber. It's not overly bouncy like old-gen tensors, and behaves very well in the short game. Service spin is excellent. The combination of topsheet and sponge give a real sense of "dwell" when you hit the ball, whereas previous tensors (Acuda, Coppa, etc) just fire the ball out. Accordingly, blocking does feel a little indirect at first, and it's not as fast as previous tensors when hitting flat. But it's looping where this rubber shines. It's a loop monster. The arc is massive, spin huge, which gives you an enormous window to work with. This is a special rubber.
waterboyd  2 months ago

changes from Tenergy05 I'm able to play M3 without problem, awesome rubber from Donic :) not over price. I will stick with Bluefire series.
zaid32  4 months ago

Overall a very good rubber. Using it on my FH and BH in max. My blade is andro kinetic explorer OFF+. It works pretty darn well. Serves come a little long but spinny nonetheless. Short game and touch play are pretty good but sometimes the ball goes long. It Looping mid-distance is really easy as the throw angle is high and my blade is quite fast so yeah loops are real good. However, looping underspin requires a relatively high angle and not a very fast stroke as the rubber has a high dwell time. Blocking is really easy as long as you read the spin carefully. Flicks work well but sometimes go long. Works well if you play not too passive or aggressive.
eduardo  on 2/7/2016

On a very fast one ply j-pen. I practiced four hours w/ it trying to do my game: Block and drive. Over all, I liked the rubber. But I will have to adapt to it somewhat. I would say it's for an all-around spinney game w/ a good speed in storage. It's one of those rubbers that "asks for spin". It will easily fly off the board if you just drive the ball, you have to topspin if you want something that looks like a drive. The blocks are interesting and surprising. Even though is not the ideal rubber for blocks because of the grip you can control it pretty well because of the huge dwell time. I will update.
chickenboy408  on 11/15/2015

M3's sponge is harder than the acudas blue p1, which was funny to me because p1 is supposed to be the hardest sponge on the blue series. Both topsheets seems very grippy (semi-tacky). Havent played with it yet, but those are my first impressions.

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